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HOWTO: HTML in Forum Postings
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Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
HTML Tags Allowed in Forum Posts on 12/04/2004 14:09:44 MST Print View

The following HTML tags are allowed in forum posts:


Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Inserting Images on 12/06/2004 17:02:05 MST Print View

We intend to allow image posts into all forums - for now, we are testing this feature in a Forum entitled "Photo Gallery" which is found in the CAMPFIRE Forum Group.

To post an image, use this HTML syntax:

<img src="">

Be sure to use a full URL where your image is located.


Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
image links now available in all forums on 12/11/2004 14:00:39 MST Print View

Please see above for info on how to link to an image. Images can now be included with posts in all forums.

Bob Nunnink
( - F
inserting urls on 01/25/2005 06:42:42 MST Print View

Ok been a while but what is the code for inserting a url into a forum. In the old days this would work

[url=]Name of the site[/url]

am I making a bracket error.

<url=]name of the site[/url>

How to insert urls on 01/25/2005 13:05:47 MST Print View

I haven't tried this myself, but above it says the tag is supported. If that is the case, then to insert a URL, you would use the syntax.

Bob Nunnink
( - F
posting urls on 01/26/2005 08:58:57 MST Print View

a href="">HTML
The answer is to use the a href tag

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
HTML "anchor mark-up" on 03/26/2005 04:01:20 MST Print View

General NOTE: in order to have the actual HTML text of "mark-ups" be visible in Posts, omit the opening "angle-bracket" (so called by computer geeks, "less than" symbol for you math majors and engineers). please be sure to add the appropriate angle-bracket before AND after the HTML begin anchor markup (the letter 'a' - w/o the single -quotes) and end anchor mark-up (ibid) in order to have the mark-up produce its desired effect.

more specifically:

for those not familiar with HTML mark-up syntax, Bob, presumably, left out the beginning/opening angle-bracket of the ANCHOR in order to get the "mark-up" text to display in his Post. otherwise, only the letters "HTML" would have displayed and NOT the mark-up syntax he was trying to communicate/teach.

other neat options are available within the anchor syntax for controlling fonts and color. just search the web for "html tutorial" and you will get hits that will lead you to a complete explanation of the ANCHOR mark-up.

also the "HTML" at the end of Bob's anchor mark-up is the text that is presented to the human in the browser, i.e. what the reader actually sees. so, you can put in whatever you want. if the anchor is a link to a photo of GVP in a SpinnShelter, the "HTML" in Bob's Post would be replaced with "GVP in SpinnShelter".

typically, the anchor mark-up should have an end anchor mark-up after the text that the human can read. so, in Bob's example the mark-up would end with a "less-than" symbol, then the forward slash character, followed by the letter 'a' (w/o the sng-quotes) and finally a greater than symbol. had i actually typed this sequence of four characters, they would NOT have displayed in my Post.

a good way to see this type of mark-up "in action", so to speak, is to select the "View Source" or "View Page Source" menu choice in your browser. then just search the HTML source "code" for the ANCHOR mark-up text. you will then see the actual "mark-up" that produced the effect seen when the web page loads into the browser window.

hope this makes it a little clearer. if i've "muddied the waters" for anyone, my apolgies.

[to BPL staff - feel free to delete this Post if you feel that it adds no value. don't worry, it won't hurt my feelings if you delete it, or edit it to make it clearer to your readers. many thanks, pj]

Edited by pj on 03/26/2005 04:15:20 MST.

Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
html markup on 03/26/2005 07:44:28 MST Print View

The opening bracket does not appear in bob's post above, although he did enter it, because html was not turned on for the forum admin/support forum, and the forum text filtering routing did something weird!

Otherwise, for the rest of the forum, tag syntax should be normal html with both brackets.