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Under Quilt
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Chris Peichel

Locale: Eureka
Under Quilt on 09/08/2010 11:24:23 MDT Print View

Even though this post should probably go under MYOG, I thought it might be more appropriate under the hammock section.

1.1oz ripstop w/ DWR from BWDD, 5oz 800fill from Hammockgear.

42"x 58" (not including perimeter seams)
1" baffles
differential cut top and bottom
Hammock side fabric 6" between baffles
Outside fabric 7" between baffles

On the floor it really puffs up with that extra inch of fabric on one side between the baffles, when it is hung in a U-shape it evens out a little but certainly does not compress the down.

Weight - 11.5oz before shock cord, still need to get the suspension set up.MYOG Underquilt

This was a way easier project then I expected it to beMyOG Underquilt

I wanted to avoid using pins so I made lines with a matching color sharpie. You can see the lines just barely if you look close enough, but for the most part the stitching hides my marks. I figured I made it for myself anyway, I like easy and I was going for function.

The 800 fill down from Hammockgear is awesome! With the quilt on the ground, the peak height of the fabric is just over 2.5" of loft.

The 1.1oz ripstop from BWDD is super nice fabric.

Tim Marshall
(MarshLaw303) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Under Quilt on 09/08/2010 11:33:46 MDT Print View

great work! I too like the hammock gear down. I also use lines on the quilt to save from pinning baffles, i use quilter's pencil on my nylons since it makes a very visible mark that doesn't penetrate the fabric like a sharpie does(can't use sharpie on the black i use anyway) I use BIC pens on cuben then sew over the line making it disappear.


Edited by MarshLaw303 on 09/08/2010 11:36:32 MDT.

Javan Dempsey

Locale: The-Stateless-Society
Re: Re: Under Quilt on 09/08/2010 11:41:42 MDT Print View

Looks good Chris. Yep, the BWDD olive 1.1 cant be beat for the price, nor the hammockgear down.

Chris Peichel

Locale: Eureka
Under Quilt on 09/08/2010 12:26:23 MDT Print View

A special thanks to you for your suggestions, and advice.

As soon as I can afford to order more material I am going to have to make a down top quilt.

Thanks to everyone here at BPL, I value and appreciate your opinions. The wealth of knowledge and experience here have proven priceless...or should I say weightless.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Under Quilt on 09/08/2010 19:08:51 MDT Print View

Looks Great Chris! I need to get on to making my top quilt. What method did you use for stuffing the down?

Chris Peichel

Locale: Eureka
Under Quilt on 09/09/2010 18:33:25 MDT Print View

To stuff the down I just put a plastic bucket on my scale, added down to the bucket till I had the amount I needed, then just stuffed by hand. Surprisingly I lost a very, very, tiny amount of down. I was smart enough to do this in the garage.

Next time I think I will try to use a vacuum with a tube and mesh so I can suck up the down into the tube, and then push the down out of the tube into the chamber on the quilt. I was too impatient to find the tube for the vacuum.

Chris Peichel

Locale: Eureka
update on 10/07/2010 22:44:48 MDT Print View

Finally had a chance to use the underquilt. Wow... way better than a ccf pad. Temps dropped to 38-39deg and I was toasty.

Things I could/should have done differently:

If I would have made it 6" longer, it would cover from just above my shoulders to below my heels. As it is my heels get cold if I am stretched out straight (thankfully I rarely sleep like that) I don't like chasing a ccf pad around.

I think I could easily make it 2-4" narrower and still have plenty of coverage.

Not really complaining, just critiquing.

Didn't get any pictures due to: good fishing...set up camp in the dark... single malt consumed while setting up, and started to rain just as I finished my coffee in the am (didn't have tarp set-up)

Chris Peichel

Locale: Eureka
Modified Under Quilt on 10/20/2010 11:19:24 MDT Print View

Well, I got to thinking...because I should have made it 6" longer, with a little more down and a little less differential between layers. Why not make it into a true 2/3 UQ. This would condense the down, prevent shifting, making it warmer. Heck, I can always make a full length UQ.

So...snip, snip, sew, you go.
Now it is 48" long(not including the drawcord channels), still with 5oz down, and toasty to mid 30's. I folded my bpl thinlite ccf pad and put it inside the foot of my sleeping bag.
Modified UQ