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Event rain jacket
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M L Ziegler
(mlztrek) - F
Event rain jacket on 09/07/2010 14:36:12 MDT Print View

I want my next rainjacket to have eVent fabric. I am seriously looking at: Integral D Thru hiker, Rab Drillium, Westcomb Specter Lt. I have found as I comparison shopped that many of the online stores have very limited sizes/colors (I need a med.) of each of these jackets. Does anyone know if Rab-Integral Designs (now one entity) is coming out with a new line and that is why there is limited number available? Why is Westcomb Specter hard to find here in the US? Any insight will be appreciated.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
westcomb on 09/07/2010 14:41:30 MDT Print View

they were a bit hard up here to find as well ... vancouver that is ...

anyways i dont use the specter but i do recommend westcomb ... fit and stye are exactly like arcteryx ... but the quality is much better ... even my simple westcomb wool hoody is double stitched in all places and totally bomber

Scott Truong

Locale: Vancouver, BC
Westcomb.. on 09/07/2010 14:54:06 MDT Print View

Hillside (on Broadway block east of MEC) has a wide selection of the specter LT, Valhalla pure does too. Full retail though.

I picked mine up during a sample sale for 60% off, should have bought other stuff too.. you could always go to where they're made, Westcomb itself in East Van off Clark and talk to them.

John McAlpine
(HairlessApe) - M

Locale: PNW
Nylon Lining??? on 09/07/2010 15:17:53 MDT Print View

I never knew of the Westcomb Spector LT. Does the nylon lining effect the breathability of eVent? The jacket looks great at only 11 oz.

I own the REI Shukson at 18.5 oz and love the jacket. I don't have one complaint. However, I'm looking for a lighter one.

Montane is coming out with the Spektr in 2011 and it weighs in at 8 oz.

Rakesh Malik

Locale: Cascadia
Re: Nylon Lining??? on 09/07/2010 15:23:01 MDT Print View

I have an REI Shuksan as well, and also am very happy with it. I definitely find it to be more comfortable than my ArcTeryx GoreTex jacket, and it's also quite a bit lighter.

rexx john
(psychbeat) - F

Locale: SF CA
I was looking at the same jackets but.. on 09/07/2010 15:51:06 MDT Print View

I kind of hate not being able to try them all on
so I just ended up with a 19$ set of driducks ;)

I like that the RAB comes in BLACK!

its a big purchase to go on faith sizing wise tho...

Christopher Chupka

Locale: NTX
Wild Things on 09/07/2010 16:57:55 MDT Print View

Wild Things will be revealing their fall line up before to long. They will be sure to have Event jackets.

Chris Jones
(NightMarcher) - F
Showers Pass on 09/07/2010 17:58:06 MDT Print View

Showers Pass ( makes eVent jackets. They're geared for cyclists, and they seem to have an Acteryx-like fit (slim body, long arms), though I am not certain that this is the case (Does anyone have an SP jacket? Is this the case?)

The only thing is, they don't come with hoods (cycling jacket, so you'd be wearing a cycling helmet), so that's why I've been holding off on purchasing one of my own for hiking purposes.

Incredibly stylish, though...

Ed Tyanich
(runsmtns) - F - M
Westcomb Spector LT on 09/07/2010 19:07:22 MDT Print View

I have a Westcomb Spector LT coming. It should be here sometime this week. I'll post my thoughts when it arrives.

John McAlpine
(HairlessApe) - M

Locale: PNW
Re: Shower Pass on 09/08/2010 11:05:14 MDT Print View

Chris, It's raining here in Seattle this morning and I rode into work wearing my Shower Pass Jacket. They do have long arms. You need it when reaching forward over the bars. Obviuosly they are long in the tail for catching water coming off the back tire. REI now carries Shower Pass jackets. You can try one on there. Shower Pass's eVent jacket is orange in color and does have an athletic fit with no hood.

M L Ziegler
(mlztrek) - F
Re: Westcomb Spector LT on 09/08/2010 11:38:16 MDT Print View

Ed I would be very interested in reading your observations and comments once you receive your jacket. Thanks

Weiyi Wang
(wwyjedi) - M

Locale: mid
Rab Momentum Jacket on 09/08/2010 11:59:51 MDT Print View

Shameless advertising. :P
I am selling one now.
very nice 12 oz jacket.

Chris Jones
(NightMarcher) - F
Showers Pass - Hiking on 09/08/2010 18:41:33 MDT Print View

John, Have you ever used your Showers Pass jacket for hiking? How about as an urban "around town" jacket? I know it's designed for cycling, but I am curious about it's potential for multi-purposing.

Also, I saw on their website that they have an optional hood that can be attached to the jacket by velcro. Do you have one? I wonder how effective it is...

Edited by NightMarcher on 09/08/2010 18:43:11 MDT.

Robert Cowman
(rcowman) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
ID/ westcomb on 09/08/2010 19:10:37 MDT Print View

Westcomb is one of the original guys from Arcteryx that's why they look/fit the same.

Did you try ID directly. They fit small because they are unisex and they have new stuff coming out next season.(pull over)

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
sidebar on 09/09/2010 08:01:09 MDT Print View

No disrespect to the OP but has anyone seen an eVent jacket that has a long torso and arms and made for bigger people?

Weiyi Wang
(wwyjedi) - M

Locale: mid
Re: sidebar on 09/09/2010 08:23:30 MDT Print View

my rab momentum has a very long sleeve for me.
size chart:

John McAlpine
(HairlessApe) - M

Locale: PNW
Shower Pass Around Town on 09/09/2010 09:13:51 MDT Print View


Unfortunately I've never worn my Shower Pass jacket around town or hiking, simply because I have other jackets for that purpose. However, I don't see why it wouldn't serve as a multipurpose jacket around town, hiking or on a bike. I don't have a velcro hood for it......sorry.

Edited by HairlessApe on 09/09/2010 09:17:48 MDT.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
Hmmmm.. on 09/09/2010 23:52:43 MDT Print View

The Integral Designs eVent rain parkas all have (or had) noisy fabric.

I like REI's eVent parkas for their features, reasonable prices and non-shiney, non-noisy fabrics.

Edited by Danepacker on 09/09/2010 23:53:27 MDT.

Tyler Barcelli

Locale: Southeast
Re. on 09/10/2010 15:57:19 MDT Print View

To the OP, has some medium Westcomb Specters for sale in red if you are interested

Edited by youngster on 09/10/2010 15:58:10 MDT.

Perry Hock
(hphock) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Shower Pass Jacket on 12/29/2011 08:18:49 MST Print View

I will admit, I got my first Shower Pass jacket about 18 months ago strickly for cycling and running in the rain while training for triathlons. Now, I use it all the time when cycling or hiking. I do not have a hood, as when hiking, I wear a wide brimmed hat that sheds the water, and the collar seals around my neck. 6 months ago, I got a second shower pass jacket (white) and a slightly larger (I got a large). If its cold out when hiking, I wear my insulation. Otherwise, now all I wear is a shower pass. No soft shell needed based on how the jacket vents. Its quite windproof for obv. reasons, so when the jacket is buttoned up, I stay warm. I do get a little warm with a pack on my back, but I just open the pit zips.

Its not as light as a Golight, but it serves many purposes in my life (more than for hiking).

Just my two cents!