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Trip Report; Santiam Pass to Cascade Locks
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terry a thompson
(terry588) - MLife

Locale: West
Trip Report; Santiam Pass to Cascade Locks on 08/29/2010 14:44:50 MDT Print View

This is my first trip report post. It is difficult to tell if it is all going to work. Constructive criticism accepted.
Trail Head
Ed W. age 71 on the left and I (pinhead / trail name) age 64, at the trail head Santiam Pass. I have been trying to finish these 149 miles of Oregon since 2008. Because of a recurring bout with plantar fasciitis in my left heel since 2008 I could not hike at all. This year I have been doing a set of stretching exercises religiously to strengthen the Fascia, it worked.

A few stats;
Santiam Pass - Cascade Locks
Ascent Descent Hiking Time Miles Miles per
Day No. Date Day Ft Ft Hrs Min Hiked Hour
1 11-Aug-2010 Wed 2,474 1,342 5 28 13.9 2.54
2 12-Aug-2010 Thurs 1,772 3,032 6 0 16.1 2.68
3 13-Aug-2010 Fri 2,976 3,071 5 33 16.2 2.92
4 14-Aug-2010 Sat 1,497 3,172 7 5 20.9 2.95
5 15-Aug-2010 Sun 2,060 1,466 7 59 19.8 2.48
6 16-Aug-2010 Mon 3,025 1,158 6 52 13.5 1.97
7 17-Aug-2010 Tues 2,960 4,852 8 9 17.1 2.10
8 18-Aug-2010 Wed 2,148 1,899 7 8 15.1 2.12
9 19-Aug-2010 Thurs 433 4,229 6 53 15.9 2.31
Totals: 19,345 24,221 57 247 148.5

Total Hiking Time Hrs: 61.12
Ave Miles per Hr: 2.43

We started the hike with more water than we needed. The data book did not show water until Rock Pile Lake. Total pack weight including food (seven days) and water (120 oz) 30lbs. The seven days of food was because Olallie Lake had just reopened and we were not sure how much stock was on hand there and they were not set up to take resupply boxes this year but said they would next year. The next resupply would be Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood. This would be the 100 mile mark.
With a fairly late morning start our first campsite would be Rock pile Lake.Three Fingered JackMt. Washington to the south-Rock Pile Lake-
Ed getting ready for the start of the second day. He was carrying the Hubba with fiberplex poles. My tent is homemade and weighs in at 26oz in the bag with ground cloth, stakes and poles. It has an 11 sq. ft. vestibule and the tent is 102” long, 42” wide and 48” high.--
As we continued we got our first view of Mt. Jefferson to the north. The trail continues along the ridge in the foreground and over the saddle to stay on the left side of Jefferson toward the west. Our second night we were camped about a mile south of Russell creek at Jeff creek. We had decided to camp there and make our crossing of Russell early in the morning of August 13th when the creek was low to avoid a wet crossing. Because of the silt in Russell creek, Jeff creek was the best place to pump water.Russell Creek-
Mt. Jefferson looking south. At this point we are in an area called Jefferson ParkFrom Jefferson Park you climb to the saddle and summit at 7010 ft.On the north side of the summit we hit several snow fields on the way down-
We stayed the night of August 13th at Head Lake which is just a little north of Olallie Lake. The store at Olallie was fairly well stocked for backpackers, and of course with ice cream and cold beer. They seem to be working very hard to accommodate the backpackers and hope to be accepting resupply boxes in 2011.First glimpse of Mt. Hood to the northMe with my namesakeOur campsite at Warm Springs August 14thEd in beautiful old growth forest-
Timothy Lake for lunch. We camped that night August 15th at Seeping Springs at mile 2093.8 (PCT). About 9pm (hiker midnight) that evening a couple of thru hikers came into camp and bedded down without a word. In the morning about 5:30am we showed them where the spring was, they thanked us and were off. All total we saw about 8 thru hikers in the 81/2 days we were on the trail.Mt. Hood, can you see Timberline Lodge? August 16th.-View of ski lifts at Mt. Hood, Timberline Lodge.Taking a rest before the 1000 ft. gain in last 2 miles to Mt. Hood in the sand.-Morning of August 17th. Leaving Timberline Lodge.The Paradise Park loop is well worth taking.This is a clear stream just before Sandy Creek, filter water here.Sandy Creek crossing. Very silty avoid filtering water here.Spectacular Ramona Falls. This loop ia also a must.-
We made it to Lolo Pass to camp, the evening of August 17th. The spring however is 4 tenths of a mile north with no real places to camp. We went for water and then came back to the pass to camp. It was getting late and starting to sprinkle.-This is a look at the Eagle Creek Gorge with Mt. St. Helen in the back ground. We are on the ridge south of Indian Springs.Mt. Adams on the right and Mt. Rainier on the left.
When we got to Indian Springs we decided to take the trail to Wahtum Lake to spend the night August 18th. This is a loop trail that comes back to the Eagle creek trail about 2.5 miles north of Indian Springs. You can also continue from the springs on that trail which is a shortcut to the intersection of the Eagle Creek trail.--Ed got a shot of me going down on the first creek crossing of the last day August 19th.-Tunnel Falls a must do!Bridge of the Gods, Cascade Locks.
We made it in time to have lunch (with a couple of beers) before getting a ride back to the Portland area.

Kat ....
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Locale: Pacific Coast
nice on 09/13/2010 11:19:00 MDT Print View

Very nice trip report. Thanks for posting. Keep them coming.

Ike Mouser
(isaac.mouser) - F
thankyou on 09/13/2010 12:00:49 MDT Print View

very nice job

Brad Fisher

Locale: NC/TN/VA Mountains
Re: thankyou on 09/13/2010 12:17:11 MDT Print View

Excellent job guys. Great report and thanks for posting.


Rob Lee
(roblee) - MLife

Locale: Southern High Plains
Re: Re: thankyou on 09/13/2010 23:44:10 MDT Print View

Keep on truckin!

How about more pics and specs on the homemade tent?