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Sierra High Route, Aug1-6, 2010
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Daniel Maher
(dfmaher99) - F

Locale: SoCal
Sierra High Route, Aug1-6, 2010 on 08/28/2010 21:42:49 MDT Print View

Jason, Chris and I did segment 1 of Roper's SHR, from Copper Creek TH to Bishop Pass TH. It was an amazing trip but extraordinarily challenging - the combination of nerve wracking talus, insane skeeters and blazing sun at altitude took its toll.

All of Roper's specific route desciptors were right on the mark. I strongly recommend following them.

Skurka's mapset was invaluable.
We used map and compass only , and line of sight without any difficulties.

Looking good at the start

7 miles and 5000' up, Day 1

Frank Deland

Locale: On the AT in VA
SHR Loop? on 08/29/2010 21:36:45 MDT Print View

Was your hike that shown on the maps, p.85 of Roper's book. Not a loop hike, I assume. Dis you leave cars at both ends or was public transportation an option after Bishop Pass? How many miles is that. Seems like you made good time. Did you put in long days? Did you use crampons in Knapsack Pass?

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Daniel Maher
(dfmaher99) - F

Locale: SoCal
SHR on 08/30/2010 16:56:50 MDT Print View

Frank - I had trouble getting my pics and commentary into this Post format, so lots of info left out.
We did a straight shot from Roads End to Bishop Pass TH at South Lake. My wife dropped us off and picked us up (what a gal!). Skurka gives some insight for do it yourself, one way trips.

During our timeframe, Aug 1-6, the only pass with any real snow was Frozen Lake Pass on the east face, and conditions were perfect for glissading, even at 11:00 am.

Total mileage was about 58. We were walking 8-10 hours daily - averaged 1mi/hr. The hike was as challenging as everything I read about it. My sons really wanted to get to Bishop by early afternoon on day 6, so we felt some time pressure everyday.

Route was straight out of Roper's book, and Skurka's maps. Once again, when Roper says "stay to the far left..." you can be assured that is the most pleasant route. And there is no reason to add any additional challenges to this route, unless that's your thing.

Frank Deland

Locale: On the AT in VA
SHR on 08/31/2010 08:48:36 MDT Print View

With my brief experience on the SHR,the days were indeed long since progress is slow. At several moments we were not doing even a 1 mph pace!

Here is a photo from Mather Pass down into the Upper Basin looking south. Maybe Vennacher Needle (12,995') is in the photo to the right.Looking south from Mather Pass
This photo on the JMT in the Upper Basin looking southwest over one of the lakes:
Upper Basin

Near Palisades Lakes along the JMT, I met two hikers doing the SHR. Here is a photo of where they were headed as they hiked north, leaving the JMT.SHR from JMT (Palisades Lake area)

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Daniel Maher
(dfmaher99) - F

Locale: SoCal
SHR, Sect 1, full report on 09/01/2010 22:18:29 MDT Print View

Here is a link to a complete trip report.

Tom Clark
(TomClark) - MLife

Locale: East Coast
Re: Sierra High Route, Aug1-6, 2010 on 09/04/2010 17:19:43 MDT Print View

Looked like a fun trip...too bad about the skeeters.

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: Re: Sierra High Route, Aug1-6, 2010 on 09/04/2010 17:45:26 MDT Print View

Daniel, fantastic photos and narative. Thanks! Funny thing, I was going up Bishop Pass last year and we had a whole group of kayakers heading up the pass to Le Conte Canyon....First time I ever saw kayakers portaging like that. Thanks for sharing