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Mt. Whitney to Onion Valley
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Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Mt. Whitney to Onion Valley on 07/30/2006 19:15:49 MDT Print View

Hi all, I have never before posted a gear list, but I wanted to throw mine out there and have some feed back. My buddy and I are doing Mt. Whitney to Onion Valley in 4 day and traveling 54.3 miles. Sooooo here is my list:

Backpack GG Mariposa 22 oz.
Sleeping Pad GG Nightlite 3/4 8.2 oz.
Sleeping Bag WM Ultralite 26.oz.
Tarp Tent Virga 27 oz.
GG Ground Cloth 4.4 oz.
BMW Titanium Stakes (6) 1.4 oz
Ursack W/Aluminum Insert 22 oz.
Snowpeak 600 ML Mug 3.4 oz.
Snowpeak Giga Power Stove 3.2 oz.
Snowpeak 110 Cannister (empty) 2 oz.
Toiletry (Trowel & TP) 2.9 oz.
Platypus 1.8 ltr. Res. 1.2 oz.
Platupus 2 ltr. (for hydration system)
Nalgene 32 oz. container with pre-filter 6.4 oz
Steri Pen 7.4 oz. (AM does not do well with me)
Emergency Kit 3.4 oz.
First Aid Kit 6.9 oz.
Toiletry (Toothpaste, etc.) 7.3 oz.
Balaclava 1.4 oz.
Bandana 1 oz.
GG Spin Chaps 1.6 oz.
Integral Designs Sil Poncho 4.9 oz.
Montane Featherlite Smock 3.5 oz.
Montbell Down Inner Jacket 8.8 oz.
Mosquito Headnet .60 oz.
Mountain Hardwear Liner Gloves 1.4 oz.
Cool Max Short Sleeve Shirt 5.9 oz.
Running Shorts 4.8 oz.
Smarwool Beanie 2 oz.
Smartwool Socks 2.4 oz.
Stuff Sack for clothing, that also doubles as a pillow 1.9 oz.

Total Base Weight: 12.46 lbs.


Go Lite C-Thru Long Sleeve 6.8 oz.
North Face Pants 20 oz.
Salomon XA Pro 3-D Shoes 28.40 oz.
OR Goretex Hat 2 oz.
Smartwood Socks 2.4 oz.

Total Weight of Clothing Worn 3.75 lbs.

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Mt. Whitney to Onion Valley on 08/04/2006 15:04:07 MDT Print View

Great list Ken! I've had a hard time trying to figure out what feedback to give. I am guessing that some of your choices are due to having someone else with you. Are you looking for ways to lighten that aren't too radical? I think you are more experienced than I am, so I humbly offer a few ideas that come to mind. My large Smartwool Cycling socks weigh an once less than yours. Is the aluminum insert necessary? I am not sure what to think of the Nalgene container. I assume the SteriPen makes this necessary. I am sure you picked the canister stove for a reason since alcohol and esbit are lighter. Snow Peak shows your mug weighing 2.8oz not 3.4. Removing the handles would reduce the weight further. A Heineken pot would be even lighter. There are a number of things that I think are missing from your list, but I know you are not new to this, and would assume they are part of your toiletry or emergency kit. I hope this is what you were looking for?

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: Re: Mt. Whitney to Onion Valley on 08/04/2006 16:17:05 MDT Print View

yes Eric this is what I am looking for. Thanks for the reply. The insert in my Ursack is mandatory in Yosemite to SEKI so I have to carry it. The Nalgene is there for my Steri Pen. I cannot use AM because of the weird feelings that I get in my stomach, ie bad farts and such. Did not think about removing my handles me an idea! Thanks. I have aluminum as a lid, that is why the weight is listed differently. Thanks for the examples

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: Re: Re: Mt. Whitney to Onion Valley on 08/04/2006 16:18:23 MDT Print View

oh and some of the things that you might find missing are probably in my emergency kit or toiletry and such.

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Re: Re: Mt. Whitney to Onion Valley on 08/04/2006 16:33:56 MDT Print View

I remember from another thread your problems with Aqua Mira. I don't remember if that applied to all chlorine dioxide treatments, but would assume that it does. I am happy to have helped in some small way. Your list was a real challenge!

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: Re: Re: Re: Mt. Whitney to Onion Valley on 08/04/2006 17:44:53 MDT Print View

thank you!

Tim Wilson
(Stargazer) - F
SteriPEN on 08/07/2006 16:06:07 MDT Print View

Just a footnote to say that SteriPEN does not require the Nalgene. You can save weight by using a standard water bottle like a Poland Springs or store brand up to 1 liter. You can also use a surplus cantene, cup of almost any sort, boot, whatever. Happy days in the range of light.

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: SteriPEN on 08/07/2006 16:39:01 MDT Print View

Well the Nalgene comes with a pre filter that screws onto the bottle with a pull thing that lets air come out when it fills up. I agree that the thing is too darn heavy and just might take you up on your suggestion. I do have the little pre filter that the AM from Gossamer Gear sent that might work.

As for my trip? It got changed from Whitney to Onion Valley to Whitney to Miter Basin (cross country) and onwards to New Army Pass and Cottonwood Lakes Th. Should be a trip of a lifetime.

Thanks for the Happy days Tim.

Michael Wands
(walksoftly) - F

Locale: Piney Woods
Re: Re: SteriPEN on 08/08/2006 18:08:59 MDT Print View

I hope that your emergency kit contains some duct tape.

I took out a SteriPEN and got two uses out of it before the plastic brackets on the sides that hold the batteries in place broke on me. This made my water average about $65 a liter to purify.

Sorry, just venting!!!