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Help with quilt fabric choice
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Mark Fowler
(KramRelwof) - MLife

Locale: Namadgi
Help with quilt fabric choice on 08/20/2010 01:26:05 MDT Print View

I am planning to make a down quilt for around 25 degrees F (-5C). I will most probably buy the thru-hiker kit (with momentum) but am considering whether to add a more water repellent strip to the base of the outer shell (around 10" wide) to limit problems with picking up condensation and rain spatter. I have some 1.8oz ripstop Epic Malibou polyester from owfinc so I would appreciate any comments on the suitability of the Epic to do the job. Having read through many of the posts on the performance of Epic I remain confused.

The Epic fabric appears to have one side somewhat shinier than the other. Which side should face out?

David Olsen

Locale: Steptoe Butte
epic on 08/20/2010 09:27:06 MDT Print View

Shiny side inside.

Mark Fowler
(KramRelwof) - MLife

Locale: Namadgi
Shiny side on 08/26/2010 05:48:33 MDT Print View

Thanks David.

Does anybody know why there is a shiny side? Normally it reflects either colandering of the fabric or a coating but Epic has the treatment encapsulated in the fibres rather than a surface treatment.

Philip Trivitt
(ptriv) - F
fabric choice shiny side on 08/27/2010 05:09:55 MDT Print View

The shiny side is called "calendering" it's a finishing process where they roll the material between several pairs of heated rollers, to give a shiny surface. This helps make some fabrics downproof.