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Alpaca Raft vs. Scout Raft
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Gabe P
(Gabe) - MLife
Alpaca Raft vs. Scout Raft on 08/19/2010 08:57:05 MDT Print View

Looking at a few of the Alpaca rafts and I’d love your thoughts on the differences between the Alpaca and the Scout. Have any of you used the Scout? If so, is it true that it’s not safe to use it for mild whitewater rafting? Thanks

David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
alpackas on 08/19/2010 10:08:52 MDT Print View

Gabriel, I think it'd be safe, you'd just get a lot wetter, and be a bit more likely to flip.

Not only are the Scouts tubes smaller, it lacks the rockered bow and spray deck. These make a big difference with stability and wave deflection, and IMO for expedition packrafting the spray deck is essential. It gets cold sitting in a raft (I froze my butt off on the South Fork Flathead this weekend), and an open boat would be even colder.

It really depends on usage of course, but the main line boats and a deck are worth the substantial extra $$.

We're both in Missoula, PM me if you want to take my Yak for a spin some time.

Add.: The seat in the normal rafts also makes a huge difference. It keeps your butt off rocks, and just as importantly provides a buffer and spreads out pressure, thus making the floor less likely to abrade. Both very important things, given how likely you are to use an Alpacka in shallower creeks and rivers.

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Jay C
(spruceboy) - F
I would second looking at a full size packraft on 08/20/2010 12:08:25 MDT Print View

I have never used a scout, but i expect its ok for mild whitewater. However, unless saving the pound and half vs a yak is really important to you, you would probably be a lot happier with a full size pack raft - they are a lot more comfortable for long floats, can handle harder water, and as David says the spray skirt adds quite a bit of warmth.

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peter vacco

Locale: no. california
Hooray ! new ALpacka Scout ! on 04/01/2011 22:54:12 MDT Print View

my new baby just came in. a nice New Alpacka Scout.
3-11.4, so .. a full pound lighter than my Very Yellow Alpacka raft.
i can tell at once that it weighs less. because it FEELS like it's less. and that's a lot of weight.
she's a beaut i tell ya. while the yellow is not so much my preferred school bus yellow but more of a lemon yellow, it's fine.
length and width look great. it packs smaller for sure. the floor and the hull thickness measures the same within a thou or two. so it ought to be bomber tough.
puffed her up and left in the sun took all the wrinkles out.

it seems these days i'm a happy fellow saving weight at the going rate of 32 bucks an ounce.

sherrie and the crew does VERY nice work.