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Victorinox up to 60% below retail
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Unknown abc
(edude) - F
Victorinox up to 60% below retail on 08/13/2010 15:41:44 MDT Print View

Victorinox - up to 60% below retail @ The Clymb. The Clymb specializes in selling high-end gear at deep discounts in special sales for short times only.

Registration is free. If you decide to join, please use this link :)


Edited by edude on 08/13/2010 15:43:35 MDT.

Joseph Ainsworth
(jainsworth123) - F

Locale: Greater LA area
Legit? on 08/13/2010 22:48:22 MDT Print View

Anyone heard of this site before?

Jason Knecht
(distortedaxis) - F

Locale: Earth
I'm a member there. on 08/13/2010 22:49:40 MDT Print View

Yes, I've used it without problems.

Hammock Hanger
(Travelpro) - F
Warning: 'No refunds' policy on 08/14/2010 11:32:21 MDT Print View

Clicked the link but didn't sign up. I notice they will only do Returns as 'store credit'. No refunds.
On the home page click 'Returns' and there's a long list of gear types (including all watches) that are all-sales-final, no returns accepted even for store credit and even if new-unused-in-box-with-tags-and-receipt. Again, no refunds, ever.


Hammock Hanger
(Travelpro) - F
Double Checked. No Refunds, ever. on 08/14/2010 11:51:27 MDT Print View

Checked again to be sure. The site's 'all sales final', no-returns list includes all : gear, accessories, skis, watches, pretty much everything.
Looks like all they will consider accepting back (and only for store credit) is totally unused apparel/footwear, and only then if totally unused, new in box with tags and wraps and receipt, and THEN only if pre-approved by them, and THEN only if physically received back at store within 30 days of their initial ship-out (not even 30 days from your receipt of their shipment). And after all that, only for store credit, no refunds ever.

Nothing personal, but there are so many great companies out there competing for all our business with great refund policies, why accept anything less?

Jason Knecht
(distortedaxis) - F

Locale: Earth
Because on 08/14/2010 12:18:41 MDT Print View

With TheClimb you are purchasing items at anywhere from 50-80% off retail.

This company buys the items in closeout lots and liquidates them. Geartrade operates the same way in the sense that the only way you can get a refund is if the item was no represented properly.

I have no gripe with TheClimb. When I buy somethere there, if it does not work out, 99% of the time I can resell it for exactly what I have in it. I'm not worried...

Marc Kokosky
(mak52580) - F

Locale: Washington, DC Area
I don't know on 08/14/2010 13:46:24 MDT Print View

I don't know if that's necessarily true. I looked at the Victorinox sale they are having right now and many of the prices weren't any different than most other stores or websites.

Maybe if they really were deals that just could not be beat by other stores or websites I'd understand, but they really don't look all that different to me.

Maybe it's just this particular sale.

Hammock Hanger
(Travelpro) - F
Been there, done that on 08/14/2010 15:26:24 MDT Print View

MSRP is meaningless, set at insane levels so every full-price retailer can claim to sell at 50% off MSRP while still charging 100% of the 'real' price.
Basic retail. Fun with compound fractions.

Pick any widely sold big brand name item you like, double its normal price, Google its MSRP and, surprise.

Most big brands are all over the net at 50-60% off MSRP, 24/365. Clymb may have a good sale price or not, but citing some % off MSRP is smoke because MSRP is smoke. It's only there to jumpstart some brain chemicals in the buyer.

'No refunds policy' is the retail version of hiring a limo to take a blind first date to a pricey restaurant. Might work out, but odds aren't good. Trying to cash out a 'buyer's regret' on a forum costs both money and the value of your time and energy.

Everyone's free to do as they please,YMMV. Nothing personal. I'm just saying that a 'no refunds' policy doesn't appeal to me.

Mark Paquin
(markpaquin) - F
Gotta say I disagree on 08/27/2010 00:11:51 MDT Print View

Definitely some brands have meaningless or even inflated MSRPS but I think the better manufacturers are pretty strict. I worked retail in college and most of the brands we sold we EXTREMELY picky about what prices we sold their goods for. Patagonia, Merrell, Arcteryx especially. I dont know about Victorinox though. My $.02