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Mike Barney
(eaglemb) - F

Locale: AZ, the Great Southwest!
Blisters: on 07/21/2006 21:29:34 MDT Print View

We had numerous blisters in our recent 75 mile trek, seeing several different solutions, including:

"Blister Strips"
Pop, tape and go
Just tape
Pop and superglue
Moleskin around the blister
Moleskin on the blister

While prevention is clearly best, I'm curious what most people do for them, after the fact, or if there is any learned advice or direction?


Andrew Hedges
(alhedges) - F
duct tape on 07/25/2006 17:48:43 MDT Print View

For hotspots and maybe minor blisters, duct tape. I've never had anything more than a minor blister. And since I began hiking in trail running shoes, I haven't even had a hotspot.

Al Shaver
(Al_T.Tude) - F - M

Locale: High Sierra and CA Central Coast
Blisters on 07/28/2006 03:59:46 MDT Print View

Check out the Injinji Toesocks thread on "The G Spot" forum category.

Patrick Baker
(WildMan) - F
Re: Blisters: on 07/28/2006 05:12:13 MDT Print View

There is a book out called ...

Fixing your Feet

Al Shaver
(Al_T.Tude) - F - M

Locale: High Sierra and CA Central Coast
Fixing Your Feet on 07/28/2006 11:47:28 MDT Print View

It's reviewed and sold on this site.

Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Shoes, Socks, and Blisters on 07/31/2006 10:28:00 MDT Print View

As you review Fixing Your Feet, you'll realize that there are 100 solutions for 100 people.

When I have to treat blisters, I pop them with a sterile needle, drain them, fill them with superglue, coat the entire area with tincture of benzoin, and tape over them leukotape. When I'm in a hurry, draining and superglue alone are usually sufficient.

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Shoes, Socks, and Blisters on 07/31/2006 11:48:04 MDT Print View

Ryan, what do you mean when you say "fill them with superglue"? Are you just sealing the puncture hole from the needle, or are you actually filling the void under the loose skin? Another option is that you removed the loose skin and you are filling the depression that is left with superglue.

Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Re: Re: Shoes, Socks, and Blisters on 07/31/2006 16:22:09 MDT Print View

Eric - I'm inserting the glue container tip into the hole at the side of the blister (the hole I made with the needle) and inserting a drop of glue, then massaging the loose blister skin into the intact skin to create the bond.

Warning: it stings. Bad. Leather strap grade stinging. But that's about the only and last time you'll ever have to deal with that blister again.

I have no idea what the health ramifications are of this, so use at your own risk.

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Re: Re: Shoes, Socks, and Blisters on 07/31/2006 16:46:00 MDT Print View

Thanks for the clarification, Ryan. This leads me to one more question. Is the superglue now a part of you, like a tattoo, or does the top of the blister eventually flake off? I guess the short version of this question is, how does it heal?

Summit CO
(Summit) - F

Locale: 9300ft
Superglue on 07/31/2006 17:40:18 MDT Print View

I would imagine the superglue eventually sheds as new skin grows and dies under it...

I'd be worried about infection with the superglue injection...

Vick Hines
(vickrhines) - F

Locale: Central Texas
Re: Superglue on 07/31/2006 19:22:44 MDT Print View

Superglue gives off lots of cyanide as it cures. Nasty stuff. I sure wouldn't put it in a blister.

Mike Barney
(eaglemb) - F

Locale: AZ, the Great Southwest!
Re: Re: Superglue on 07/31/2006 20:28:13 MDT Print View

My understanding was cyanide may be present in the mfg. of superglue, there was little to -0- cyanide in superglue as it's distributed (,

It has also been approved by the FDA for brain surgery, and Johnson and Johnson sells a superglue based band aid swab that works really well.

I've used it to seal the top of a blister closed, (in the original post above, but not squeezed in as Ryan indicates) and felt it worked better, and with less pain than other methods.


Kevin Sawchuk
(ksawchuk) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Blisters on 08/02/2006 13:39:46 MDT Print View

I use leukopore or Kinesio tape--Leukopore sticks really well (I had someone familiar with it complain that "it would never come off" at Western States when I was medical captain this year) even without benzoin. Kinesio stretches in one direction but not the other which makes it fit well over curved body parts like heels. Get the waterproof version of either tape.

Duct tape doesn't breathe and doesn't stick nearly as well. I've stopped using it.

Chad McClenathen
(cmcclenathen) - F
Tape? on 08/04/2006 14:04:08 MDT Print View

Okay folks. I just went to my local pharmacy and they had no idea what leukotape was and did not sell tincture of benzoin. Where do you get this stuff? Thanks.

Al Shaver
(Al_T.Tude) - F - M

Locale: High Sierra and CA Central Coast
Leukotape on 08/04/2006 22:47:47 MDT Print View

Chad - Tincture of benzoin is available at most drug stores and Leukotape is available at <>.

Kevin - Is the product listed in this link the right stuff? It doesn't make mention of a waterproof option.

David Olsen

Locale: Steptoe Butte
superglue and wounds on 08/05/2006 16:43:08 MDT Print View

My Dentist said there are special superglues for
wounds and dentisty. My wife once replaced a
broken tooth patch with standard superglue and
the Dentist said the cyanide in it will kill the tooth
root, making things much worse.

Both MD's I ski with carry some form of superglue
for would closures in the backcountry.

jeff woods
(jeffwoods55) - F
super glu on 08/14/2006 10:53:55 MDT Print View

if you use superglu and then tape it, you'd best be prepared to leave the blister alone for a while. if you try to remove the tape, you'll likely rip your skin right off your foot and leave an ugly wound