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Aug 19-22; CO: Gore Range
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Sean Griffin
Aug 19-22; CO: Gore Range on 08/03/2010 21:46:42 MDT Print View

Hey guys,

Long time listener, first time gear lister.

My brother and I will be traveling to Colorado (via Indiana) from the 19th-22nd of August. We plan to complete a relatively short loop through the Gore Range including Gore Lake, Snow Lake and Deluge Lake. This loop will be about 15 miles total. We selected a short loop for various reasons:

1) We are not sure how we will handle the altitude change
2) This will be our first time Colorado, so we really want to soak in the scenery

A writeup of the same trip can be found here:

Anyway, here is the list.

I'm mainly concerned with the clothing. I have additional (albeit heavier) layers I could bring a long if I needed too. We have been told that we could expect temperatures down to freezing and some thunderstorms. Some weights are left out (if small) or estimated if I do not have them in my possession yet (Tarptent).

Items I am concerned about:

1) Bear protection. This will be our first time in somewhat bear country. I am not sure if we should bring spray, canisters or Opsacks. I have included 50 feet of line with a biner in order to PCT hang our food sack. However, I was planning on simply using a regular stuff sack and zip lock bags. Good idea? Horrible idea?

2) Gloves. This will be our first time at a decent elevation and I am not sure if I should bring gloves (insulating/wind blocking). Several other lists (in similar areas) have listed rain mitts, but we aren't planning on hiking in the rain so I do not think those will be needed.

3) We will probably only bring one water filter.

4) I know the Neoair, cook system and water filter are all heavy. You can't win them all!

5) I will be adding a small 3-6oz pillow as I am a side sleeper. I'm assuming I won't have much in the way of extra clothing if temperatures drop.

Chris Gray
(ChrisFol) - F

Locale: Denver, Coloado
Re: Aug 19-22; CO: Gore Range on 08/03/2010 22:51:23 MDT Print View

-Firstly, I would say that you have far too many stuff sacks. Together they weigh 3.31oz excluding the stuff sack for the Tarpent and trash bag liner.

I would nix the sack for the clothes, cook set (does it nest together?) and dry-sack (just use a ziplock). I would even nix the stuff sack for the NeoAir since I don't see anything in your gear list that could puncture the pad, except for your stakes, which I would carry on the outside of my pack with my tarp.

-Clothing. Why are you wearing two tops? I would nix one.
- The Icebreaker "LJ" are these bottoms? If not, then you really do not need two 150 tops.
-I don't see any "worn" socks.
-If you do not have any lightweight bottoms, then I would purchase some if you are only bringing shorts.

For layers, I would say that you have enough to take you down to around 30 degrees; although your legs may get a bit chilly with this system at the lower temps. I would definitely add a windshirt to your gear if you have one-- you will be glad that you did! I would also consider some rainpants since you are just wearing shorts. Cold, blowing rain on bare skin is no fun.

-Toiletries. Purchase some Dr. B, repackage it and then nix both the soap and sanitizer.

-I also didn't see any sunscreen listed in your notes, nor a camera.

As for your questions.

1) I have never used a bear canister in Colorado since they are not required except in the RMNP. I simply put my food in OPSacks which go inside a standard stuff sack and then I PCT hang it. I don't bring bear spray either.

2) Colorado has a rather consistent and predictable weather pattern this time of year: blue skies in the morning and thunderstorms/wind/rain in early afternoon. This isn't too much of a problem if you are simply day hiking or doing an overnighter; but I wouldn't spend four days backpacking, in the Colorado high country, in the middle of August without both glove liners and rain mitts.

3) One water filter for two people should be just fine. My wife and I only have one between us.

Edited by ChrisFol on 08/03/2010 22:52:55 MDT.

Sean Griffin
Re: Re: Aug 19-22; CO: Gore Range on 08/05/2010 17:36:11 MDT Print View


Now that you mention it, I definitely agree on the stuff sacks. I plan to make the following changes:

1) Ditch the small dry bag for a zip lock. I will only have my ID and some cash, so it's not a big deal even if it does get wet.
2) Ditch the clothing stuff sack. I used to never use a backpack liner, as we avoided hiking in bad weather, and I honestly overlooked that one. I'm not sure how I will like loose clothing, but I can try some different options of packing before I head out.
3) Ditch the cooking stuff sack. I actually just received a nested kit which will replace my ad-hoc kit.
4) Neoair stuff sack. I agree that there are not many things within the pack that could puncture the pad, but it seems like very fragile material and it makes me a little nervous. I will consider it's removal for now, but I am not sure I will follow through with it.

My notation of "LJ" is short for long johns. I have OCD and had to abbreviate it instead of typing it out (don't ask!)

My "worn" socks are the Injinji mini crew.

The two shirts are for a few reasons. Specifically, I wanted to bring a long sleeve (lighter) insulating upper as my main insulation will be a vest (MB). Without the long sleeve shirt I would have no arm insulation outside of a wind shirt/rain jacket. I guess I could leave the SS shirt at home, but I feel a 200 gm weight LS shirt may be uncomfortable if the days are nice. I also feel much more comfortable sleeping in LS/LJ combo as opposed to a Vest/LJ combo.

I do have a Wind Shirt (Montane Lite Speed). Along with your comment about predictable weather, I plan to make a decision at the trail head whether to bring the wind shirt, rain jacket, or both. The weight of the wind shirt is a few ounces less than the rain jacket, so I didn't mention it (or note it on the list) as the overall weight will not change much.

Another trail head decision will be for shorts or pants. I have some Montane Terra pants and will make an educated decision once I know the weather. Either way, I don't consider weight worn so the +/- weight doesn't bother me.

I am currently trying to sell some items to fund a new Canon S90. If I can do that in time that will be my camera of choice. If not, I will simply borrow and point and shoot.

I believe I will be bringing some OR 150 lightweight gloves. They will wet out fairly easily, but we are only trekking 15 miles in ~2.5 days of hiking. We have planned for much leisure time, so if the rain gets bad enough we will simply stop and set up camp. Hell, if the rain is horrible we wouldn't have a problem camping in the same spot for the entire trip. We will have fun out there either way!

Thanks for all the input. I really appreciate it.

Edited by GriffinS on 08/05/2010 17:45:14 MDT.