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Stove? Or miniature high output jet engine?
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Brian Ahlers
(bahlers7) - F

Locale: Idaho
Stove? Or miniature high output jet engine? on 08/02/2010 08:58:50 MDT Print View

Check this out:

Richard Seifert
(ZMad2000) - F
Cool on 08/06/2010 09:32:45 MDT Print View

Thats just sick.

Now how to make an easy to assemble version that we could take on the trail and use.

Hikin' Jim
(hikin_jim) - MLife

Locale: Orange County, CA, USA
Re: Stove? Or miniature high output jet engine? on 08/06/2010 16:27:06 MDT Print View

Or miniature bomb. Looks pretty cool, and a faster alcohol stove would be a (generally) good thing, but is it safe? Is a pop can sufficient to stand up to the heat and pressure generated? Is it reliable?

Dunno that I'd jump in too fast although the cool factor is certainly high.


Tim Marshall
(MarshLaw303) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Re: Stove? Or miniature high output jet engine? on 08/06/2010 18:04:46 MDT Print View

the popcan should be fine just like all the other "pepsi" stoves. The thing i like is the alcohol is preheated (and kept boiling) by the small wick stove, but i wonder if a primer pan and side jet would do the same thing allowing a smaller package and less fiddling. The small amount of jets keep the pressure high but the stand is an utter joke. That is an accident waiting to happen. The guy almost knocked it over in the video.

If the concept could be put to practice in a way where 1) the stand where sturdier and B) the pot wouldn't have to be 18" off the ground to be 1.5" above the flame then this idea would be cool to see in a practical setup like that. The bad thing is i'm not smart enough with stoves to do it myself.

Is there a reason the vaporized alcohol is being ignited so far away from the boiling alcohol? In most stoves the flame is right above the reservoir. Does this have to do with the *perceived* improvements in performance of this design?


Kevin Beeden
(captain_paranoia) - F

Locale: UK
re: previous discussion on 08/09/2010 12:23:54 MDT Print View

Other comments on this thing can be found here

Edited by captain_paranoia on 08/09/2010 12:24:57 MDT.

Daniel Fosse
(magillagorilla) - F

Locale: Southwest Ohio
clever on 08/09/2010 13:15:08 MDT Print View

Very clever. Just like the white gas stoves only white gas is pre-pressurized by air then super heated by the brass tube over the jet.

Would be interesting to see this design built a little more solid. Like a 1 part deal. The top part looked very wobbly on the stand. I wonder if a tea candle whould make a good bottom burner.

Note: I cannot fabricate anything unless it is to be made from Legos. Too bad they don't make titanium Legos.

I also enjoyed the fact that it was tested indoors on a wood table. (-1)

Edited by magillagorilla on 08/09/2010 13:15:53 MDT.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Stove? Or miniature high output jet engine? on 08/09/2010 16:32:28 MDT Print View

Some of the stoves in that series are a revival of the antique Handy Camper stove - but that one ran on white gas, not alcohol. Made a roar.