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EOS Review
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Robert Paul
EOS Review on 03/02/2005 17:45:34 MST Print View


Excellent scientifically credible and thorough review for the EOS headlamp. Headlamps as a marketplace category, is experiencing a revolution in technology that is hard to keep up with as a consumer. I appreciate your efforts and I look forward to similar reviews for the Black Diamond Zenix IQ and new Petzl offerings.

Thanks and Peace. dellrazor.

Rick Dreher
(halfturbo) - MLife

Locale: Northernish California
Upcoming Headlamp Reviews on 03/03/2005 14:07:20 MST Print View

Thanks for your kind comments, dellrazor. The Eos was the perfect subject for an in-depth review because it does so many things well, at a very competitive price.

We're testing the Zenix IQ at present, and there should be at least one Petzl review after that. The blizzard of new LED lights is challenging to keep up with!

Section editor
Lighting and navigation systems

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Jim Wood
Not quite 5-stars... on 03/03/2005 20:06:35 MST Print View

My compliments. Your review of the EOS is well very done, and I must say that, having used the EOS extensively for the past couple of months, I agree with virtually all of your conclusions.

I would not, however, be quite inclined to give it a "5-star" rating as did Doug Pribis over at

The failure of PT to build-in some kind of lens diffusion mechanism is a non-trivial issue in my opinion, especially since we see
how easily the problem could have been solved. I'm referring to the new Tikka XP which was unveiled recently at the Outdoor Retail Show that includes a very slick sliding diffusion lens. As a work-around, I've used 2 or 3 kinds of tape over the lens to make it more of a "camp worthy" flood light, but even fairly clear tape cuts light output noticeably. One poster on the candlepower forum (see link below) has, in fact, retrofitted his EOS with an add-on lens (the Surefire E-size Beamshaper) to help disperse the light for close-up use.

I'm sure PT recognizes the issue and I'd bet there's a solution in the works. If they get this problem fixed, the EOS will, IMHO, deserve a 5-star rating as a do-it-all headlamp.

Jim Wood.

Candlepower forum link:

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