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Base layer suggestions needed
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Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
Base layer suggestions needed on 07/25/2010 21:16:11 MDT Print View

So I still have most of my clothing system worked out. Poly liner and thicker wool socks. Ex Officio boxer briefs. REI Sahara convertible pants. The thing is the tops as a base layer. I use Patagonia SunTech and Wool 2 for anything below 70-75F down to freezing and they work pretty well. The SunTech does stink a bit after awhile but I can alternate them. I can also wear both of them above 75F if there are bugs. Both of them are just too warm above 70-75F though. For those occasions I am using a Terramar Pioneer Crew. It has VisaEndurance which does cut down the stink a bit. Does anyone know of any other options I should be looking at for warm temps or to stretch a cooler shirt into warm temps?

S Long

Locale: Wasatch
Icebreaker on 07/25/2010 21:33:18 MDT Print View

I recommend Icebreaker 150 weight. Wicks remarkably well, doesn't stink, stays as cool as cotton. I wear mine in temps up to 100+. Only thing more comfortable (IMO) might be coolmax mesh or no shirt at all (usually not an option due to bugs, sunburn, etc.).

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
wooly bully on 07/25/2010 21:37:12 MDT Print View

Thanks. I might consider that if Icebreaker made items in sasquatch size but also wool tends to start itching on me and getting very warm the closer I get to 80F. I know some people can get away with it in really hot temps, but that is not me yet.

Nathan Moody
(atomick) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Base layer suggestions needed on 07/25/2010 22:34:11 MDT Print View

I've had good luck with three shirts: A longsleeve button-down Mountain Hardware shirt (Canyon, maybe, light gray in color), a Capilene 2 quarter-zip longsleeve (also a very light gray), and a white Pearl Izumi synthetic long-sleeve tee that's about 2 sizes too large. IMO, keep it light and loose, and it's up to you if additional venting is worth the weight. Worked well for me; I was in the Sierra with the MHW shirt and the Trinity Alps with the Pearl Izumi in temps nearing 100°, and while it was still darn hot, a broad hat and these shirts were probably my best options.

Edited by atomick on 07/25/2010 22:35:06 MDT.

Paul Burke
(elpeebee) - F

Locale: Too far south of the Pyrenees
sahara pants on 07/25/2010 23:09:17 MDT Print View

Not to hijack the thread, but be careful with the belt on the Sahara pants. I wear my hip belt pretty tight, and at the end of my Mt. Whitney hike (Trail Camp to Summit to trailhead on Day 2), I had pretty bad bruising around both hips from where the belt dug in under the hip belt.
Of course, you might have been wearing Sahara's your whole life and never have had bruising, for all I know...

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
shirts on 07/26/2010 07:43:14 MDT Print View

The Patagonia SunTech is similar to a Canyon but has venting on the sides. I use a Wool 2 instead of a Capilene 2. Do you know model of Pearl Izumi?

Stephan Doyle
Re: Base layer suggestions needed on 07/26/2010 23:04:55 MDT Print View

Here's another suggestion for wool. I know you have hesitations, but the really fine weave makes a big difference IME.

I've noticed that a big trend in running clothes the last year or so has been mesh cooling zones. I don't know how well it'd work with bugs––you'd certainly want to treat them with permethin––but something along those lines should be better in the heat.

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
wool on 07/27/2010 09:35:00 MDT Print View

Maybe it is the humidity around here then as to why I don't like wool above 75-80F I can see how it might be better in drier climates. But for some reason it does get a bit itchy to me when it starts creeping above that. If we ever get a dry hot day here I will be more than happy to try the theory out.

But Patagonia Wool 2 is about 165 gram with Icebreakers at 150 gram. Not much difference there that it shoudl really affect me so I think it is just me. And I use the Patagonia stuff because it is actually sized big enough for a person like me while Icebreakers goes for those 5'10" European guys in a XXL for a loose fit.

Andrew Mazibrada
(cohenfain) - F

Locale: UK and Western Europe
Montane Bionic SS T on 07/27/2010 11:27:27 MDT Print View

I really love my Montane Bionic short sleeve base layer. It is a Polyester (77%)/Merino wool (23%) blend and it dries quickly, wicks superbly, feels good, does not smell after several days of use and has a tight fit which is comfortable.

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
thanks on 07/28/2010 19:59:36 MDT Print View

Those are pretty similar to the Merino 1 and 2 items from Patagonia that I still stunk out even though they had more wool. Thanks though.