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Hybrid loop in the Whites (NH)
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Will Webster
Hybrid loop in the Whites (NH) on 07/23/2010 10:20:45 MDT Print View

My wife and I are heading up to Franconia Notch in a week for a combination backpacking/hut-to-hut trip. We'll be hitting the AT at Mt. Lafayette and heading south to our first night at Liberty Springs. Second night at Franconia Brook tentsite in the Pemi, then we hit the huts: Zealand, Galehead, and Greenleaf. We continue south on the AT from Greenleaf, retracing our starting route from Greenleaf to where the AT drops down into the Notch (this gives us two shots at good weather in the over-treeline portion, and we have alternatives if it looks unsafe). Anyway, here's the proposed pack list:

REI Flash 50, no framesheet 48 oz
compactor bag liner 2.5

Summerlite w/ sack 21
Z-lite 3/4 10
liner socks 0.8

BA Fly Creek 2 complete 45.6
fast fly option -13.8

Clothing (~30 oz):
1 @ socks, undies, T, bandanna 9.5
longsleeve shirt 8.1
zipoff legs 3.7
EB Downlight vest 7.5(?)
Marmot Essence rain/wind jacket 7(?)
rain hat (REI) 2.6
warm hat (acrylic skullcap) 1.8

Emergency kit 8.3
Maratac AAA flashlight 0.8
phone/journalling device 4.6
OR dry bag 1(?)
cash, credit, ins, DL in zl .7
meds .4
car key .8
compass .8

2 repurposed 1L bottles 2.7
Platy 2L 1.3
(Jane carrying Steripen; backup A-M tablets in emergency kit)

BPL bear bag w/ rope & liner 3.3
FBC cozy 1
fuel bottle 0.8
Stove set 7
Caldera cone w/ stove
2 spoons
Dr B's
cozy for caddy
fuel measuring cup
knife (mid-size SAK)

Alcohol fuel 6
1L water 35
2 breakfasts w/ coffee & tea 16
2 lunches ~32
2 dinners ~20

Including the tent body, base weight is 14.5 lb; Starting trail weight 21.2 lb; total starting skin out 22.7 lb

Jane has 47 oz pack (Osprey Aura 35), same sleep system, ~60 oz clothing, Steripen, 11 oz cookset w/ .9L Ti pot & her mug & bowl, & 4 lunches @ ~ 16 oz.
Her base weight is 13 lb, starting trail weight 21.4 lb

A lot of this is based on weights from our last outing (4 days/3 nights on the Black Forest Trail in PA). Some thoughts:

>Lunches are heavy. Last time it was all variations on PBRP (PB & raisins on pita); this time I'm making some alternatives I hope are lighter.

>Yeah, the DSLR is a lot of weight. I could live with the 7 oz P&S for this trip, but there's no way I'll be able to do that when we go to the Grand Canyon in the fall. I'm still on the fence for this trip.

>We've always used a double-wall tent, so I'm a bit leery of leaving the tent body behind this time. Can anyone guess how the bugs will be at the two tentsites? I'm intereste in transitioning to tarping but this may not be the trip to start the process.

>I've been toying with the idea of using one Summerlite as a quilt for two, and carrying a 9 oz liner for the huts. Also considering a Thermal Sheet instead of one of the Summerlites.

>Thinking about leaving the tent and cooking gear with the croo at Zealand and picking it up afterward.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far and I appreciate any comments.

EDIT: I've got a Montbell Thermal Sheet on order; I'll carry it instead of the Summerlite. Still considering 1 bag as 2-person quilt, though.

How do I get tabs or multiple spaces to show up on postings? I had all the weights nicely positioned in a column but they don't show up that way.

Edited by WillWeb on 07/23/2010 10:45:19 MDT.

John Whynot

Locale: Southeast Texas
Re: Hybrid loop in the Whites (NH) on 07/23/2010 10:45:33 MDT Print View

>Second night at Franconia Brook tentsite in the Pemi
Don't know what your planned route is but FYI the suspension bridge, which crosses the East Branch of the Pemigewasset River about a half mile past the Wilderness and Bondcliff Trail junction, has been removed.

Franconia Brook tentsite is just numbered cleared spots in the trees on either side of a woods road. The road is closed to normal traffic.

>Thinking about leaving the tent and cooking gear with the croo at Zealand and picking it up afterward.
I would verify ahead of time that this OK with the croo

Edited by jdw01776 on 07/23/2010 10:53:04 MDT.

Will Webster
Bridge gone on 07/23/2010 10:52:51 MDT Print View

Thanks, John. We figured on using the stepping stones near the tentsite; never been there but the guidebooks say they're useable except at high water and we're hoping that's not the case in August.

As far as checking with the croo, I was going to ask when we get there; if the answer's no then I carry some extra weight the rest of the trip (but I'll be ready if a storm pins us down).

John Whynot

Locale: Southeast Texas
Re: Bridge gone on 07/23/2010 10:58:39 MDT Print View

I'm also assuming your 2 lunches is lunch for the entire trip, as the huts don't provide a trail lunch. They may have soup/baked goods for sale during the day, and energy bars and candy are available for purchase.

Will Webster
lunches on 07/23/2010 11:09:15 MDT Print View

My wife's carrying the other 4 lunches (all meals are for 2 each). I kinda buried it in with her gear.

James Stewart

Locale: New England
Vest&jacket on 07/28/2010 11:25:45 MDT Print View

I noticed the question marks next to the EB vest and your rain jacket, and these are two items that I would definitely not leave behind. It gets chilly in the whites throughout summer and rain gear is definitely a must, the weather out there can change in an instant. Good luck though, if weather prevails your in for a beautiful hike, Franconia Ridge is nothing short of phenomenal.

Will Webster
Re: Vest&jacket on 07/29/2010 07:03:38 MDT Print View

Thanks James. I'll definitely be taking them; the question marks actually refered to the weights - these items were on order when I posted so all I had was mfr weights.

For rain I have the jacket and a brimmed hat (I hate rain on my glasses). I could also bring driducks pants but I'm shying away from that. For warmth I'll also have a light longsleeve T, the down vest, and a Turtle Fur balaclava.

We're driving up tomorrow and hitting the trail at Franconia State park early Saturday. Really looking forward to it.