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Have at my friends, have at.
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Nobody You Know
(DirtbagLiving) - F

Locale: Colorado
Have at my friends, have at. on 07/15/2010 13:19:42 MDT Print View

3 Season, 4 Day Gear List. (You will notice a lot of Patagonia. I kind of have a hook up.)


Patagonia Cap 1 top – 4.6oz
Patagonia Baggies shorts – 8.1oz
Smartwool PhD Running Lite Micro socks – Unknown (They're socks)
Patagonia Release shoes – 14oz (Heavy but they fit my feet and they last a long time)
Patagonia Bucket hat – 2.2oz (Sometimes I wear this, sometimes I don't)
Gerber Knife – 5 oz.


Mountain Hardwear Phantom 32 – 23oz (No I'm not buying a WM bag)
Thermarest Neo Air Regular – 14oz (At first I was skeptical because it's made of tissue paper, but ohhh so comfortable)
TNF Mica 12 tent – 48oz (Double wall, free standing, bomber, room for me and my stuff)


GoHeavy Pinnacle – 32oz (I found it on sale, and I it took a week, but I like it)

What's Inside and/or Outside Said Pack:

Patagonia NanoPuff HOODED jacket – 13oz (I added an 1.5 ounces to the weight of the NanoPuff jacket because Patagonia doesn't have the hooded jacket on the website yet)
Patagonia Cap 2 bottoms – 5.5oz
Patagonia Houdini wind jacket - 4.3oz (Quite possibly the greatest jacket ever made)
Patagonia Rain Shadow rain jacket - 11.4oz
Smartwood PhD Running socks – Uknown
Patagonia Cap 1 Long Sleeve shirt – 5.4oz
Platypus Soft Bottle 1L (2 of them) – 2.4oz (I like water)
First Aid Kid/Toothpaste, Toothbrush - I have no clue (It fits in a ziplock bag)
SteriPen Traveler Mini – 3.6oz
MSR Pocket Rocket – 3oz (Love this little guy)
GSI Pinnacle Soloist (without dumb spork thing that is included) – 10.8oz
Mountain Hardwear Thin Fleece Gloves- Unknown
MRE spoon – Unknown
REI Stuff sack (for cook stuff) – Unknown
Hefty Compactor Bag – Unknown

Base Weight: 176oz + I'll say an additional 20oz for the stuff I don't know the weight of so 196oz or 12.25lbs. If I added it up right.

Yeah, I could get some lighter stuff, like a GSI Halulite Soloist and a different tent to save some ounces, but I like what I got. If it's not broken, don't fix it right?

Stuff not on there...because I don't take it: Soap. I used freeze dried meals. No need for soap to clean a pot that has only boiled water. Rain pants. Why? Sometimes I'll thrown in my trusty R1 Hoody.

Feel free to comment. :)

Gary Dunckel
(Zia-Grill-Guy) - MLife

Locale: Boulder
No wind/rain pants? on 07/15/2010 13:41:29 MDT Print View

How do you protect your legs from wind and rain? Have you lived in CO for awhile?

Andy F
(AndyF) - M

Locale: Midwest/Midatlantic
Re: Have at my friends, have at. on 07/15/2010 14:47:01 MDT Print View

Is your Gerber fixed or folding? A Mora #1 fixed blade in plastic sheath is around 3 oz, and a fixed blade is more durable and functional.

I didn't see any emergency items like a mini Bic, compass, whistle, or backup water purification tablets listed.

If you're just heating water or cooking small portions, you might be able to take only the smaller pot (probably around 4 oz) of the GSI kit and use a foil lid. I have an older GSI kit I use parts of sometimes, and the lid alone weighs 2 oz. I'm planning to make and experiment with a Heineken 24 oz beer can pot (around 1.2 oz). Hot meals are a luxury, and I prefer to reserve my luxuries for sleeping because that has more impact on my enjoyment.

Alcohol stoves are lighter and fun to build and play with.

I use a tiny container of baking soda as toothpaste. It's lighter and doesn't have a potentially animal-attracting odor.

Mike Clelland
(mikeclelland) - MLife

Locale: The Tetons (via Idaho)
questions on 07/15/2010 15:31:07 MDT Print View


I am at a loss to accuratley review your list. Where are you going? Are you gunna be alone? Is this your complete list?

I started a thread titled:

- LINK -

And - I would take some soap, the cause of campers diareah is fecal hand contamination, easily solved with hand washing.

Hiking Malto
(gg-man) - F
strip the Pinnacle on 07/15/2010 15:50:37 MDT Print View

You can strip off several oz. from your pinnacle. There is a thread in the archives on doing this to a Jam, same concept.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Have at my friends, have at. on 07/15/2010 19:20:05 MDT Print View

No light source? Weight on the tent. Does that include stakes?

Edited by kthompson on 07/15/2010 19:20:55 MDT.

Nobody You Know
(DirtbagLiving) - F

Locale: Colorado
What I forgot to mention... on 07/19/2010 21:24:57 MDT Print View

Ok...I've lived in Colorado for 5 years. I used to live in Telluride, CO and lost 3000 feet of elevation when I moved to Denver.

Tent...yes, that's the weight of the tent with stakes.

For light source, I used a BD Ion. Whistle is on the pack already. Compass...I spent 9 years in the Army as an infantryman/Ranger. I have a good sense of direction and can figure out north many different ways. Thank you advanced land navigation courses.

As for soap, I use alcohol to wipe my hands if needed. I use toilet paper.

As for where I'm going, that's just my basic everyday list. As in spending 3 days in Rocky Mountain National Park. And yes, that's me going by myself.

As stated in another post, I've invited people who live in Colorado to go along, even saying I would ride my bike up to 75 miles to meet them, but had no takers. Which makes me wonder sometimes.

Mike C. I will check out that thread of yours and then edit my list in accordance. But I don't own a scale and will not buy one.

Edited by DirtbagLiving on 07/19/2010 21:26:56 MDT.

Nobody You Know
(DirtbagLiving) - F

Locale: Colorado
Andy and Greg on 07/19/2010 21:30:41 MDT Print View

Andy...I've been thinking about an alcohol stove for awhile. And I've been looking at getting a different pot from GSI. The thing my username the one in parenthesis (which I wonder why it's there), I'm a dirtbag. I try to live a simple life by not buying stuff I don't need. Since the cookset I have now works fine, it'll be awhile before I buy a new one. for stripping off parts of the pinnacle, yeah I'll eventually shorten the straps and cut out the bladder holder, but that's pretty much it.

K Magz
(lapedestrienne) - F

Locale: somewhere without screens
going light on a budget on 07/26/2010 12:49:20 MDT Print View

Kudos on not succumbing to gear-nerd consumerism :) I like to use my gear til it wears out, not just til I find an upgrade that I can't resist (unless I can upgrade for cheap). It can be tough, though, when there's cool new stuff emerging year after year...

The only question I can think of here is food storage. Are you hanging or using a canister? (I guess that depends where you're going.) Do you have an OPsack? Also, I agree that backup water purification is a good idea--take some tabs or drops in case the steripen bombs on you.

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Have at my friends, have at on 07/26/2010 13:27:06 MDT Print View

Random thoughts:

Food storage: If you're going to RMNP, a bear canister is required. Otherwise, you need a bag and some cord for hanging or (if, like me, you can't throw) an Ursack.

If you're going to be at high altitudes, you want something warm and dry on your legs. A lot of nights will be below freezing and it can snow any time. (I grew up in Wyoming and Colorado and have seen plenty of summer snowstorms on trips I've taken back there since then!) Do you really spend a day traversing a 12,000 foot ridge in a snowstorm in only shorts? That NeoAir is going to be pretty darn cold when it's below freezing; consider a piece of CCF pad to go with it.

I never trust manufacturer weights because I've found that they're usually understated, often seriously so. I've returned stuff where the weight was grossly understated! For clothing, the weight listed is probably not for the size you wear. It takes more time to look up weights on manufacturer websites than to weigh the stuff yourself, lol!

As for a scale, it has lots of other uses: postage, cooking from European recipes, measuring food (even if you're not dieting, don't you want to know the approximate calories in what you're taking so you know if you have enough to sustain you?). My spreadsheet of all my gear items is even more useful as a checklist than as a "pack weight control" device. But if you really don't want to go there, at least weigh your pack on the bathroom scale (yours or borrowed) rather than a random guess. I have a strong suspicion that it will be a lot more than your estimate!

Light source--not on your list? Something with which to light your stove? (Don't count on built-in piezo lighters; they tend to malfunction in a year or two.) If you're only boiling water, why such a heavy. kettle? A KMart grease pot, with a piece of wire substituted for the knob on the lid, is 3.6 oz. and $5. Do you at least take a map? A compass can be good to have in a whiteout. How do you use the Steripen with a Platy bottle? Having had a Steripen that was almost useless, I strongly recommend backup chlorine dioxide tablets.

Edited by hikinggranny on 07/26/2010 13:33:48 MDT.