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Philmont Trekking for Women
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Roger Tate
(rogertate) - F

Locale: North Texas
Philmont Trekking for Women on 07/12/2010 15:14:54 MDT Print View

I'd like to get a thread going to get womens' perspectives on trekking at Philmont. Things such as gear, hiking styles, challenges, etc. I just realized that there are no current threads that address these points.

My personal motivation is that my daughter will be going on Mountain Trek (a 6 night version of the Philmont Trek - usually all female) while I am at the Philmont Training Center. She will be 16 then. She has a slender build and I fear that she will get overloaded with the Philmont issued gear. On some level, as a guy, I will probably overlook something important that she should know.

So how about it ladies? Dish...

Sarah Kuhn
(SCKuhn) - MLife

Locale: Mountainous Ohio
Women at Philmont on 07/13/2010 07:39:46 MDT Print View

Roger -
There really are few differences between men & women on a trek. Gear isn't THAT heavy, yes it's not UL, but it is manageable... just make sure her base weight is low.... no 30#'s to start with... I saw some AWFULLY small kids hitting the trail this year, many looked like they were 11 or 12 years old!!! One of our scouts was maybe 100#'s soaking wet, just watched his carry weight and he did fine.
Women specific issues....if she shaves her legs, have her stop shaving a few days before the trek... lets the hair grow out a bit and avoids ingrown hairs on the trail, if she waxes, wax shortly before she goes and all should be good. Regardless of the timing of the trek and her period, she should take SOME provisions with her... there is NOTHING in the backcountry should the need arise. Stress and exertion also can alter cycles. These items are smellables... one of our crews ended up using their tampon supply for bloody noses... the joy of being a flat lander!
Tried one of the 'Go Girl' products... won't bother with it next time.... just watch the side splash from the rocks... make sure your boots stay dry!
Philmont now sends MANY women into the backcountry everyday... she should have a great time!
IWGBTP - Sarah

Walter Underwood
(wunder) - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Mountain Treks on 07/13/2010 07:55:43 MDT Print View

We met three Mountain Trek crews on our trek, two female and one male.

For some Mountain Trek participants, it is their first time backpacking. About half of one of the female crews were wearing jeans, a total no-no for a backpacker with any experience.

If you can bring the basics, the trek will be better: a pack that fits, shoes or boots that fit (trail runners are fine for Philmont), good raingear. If you can bring a tent that is lighter than the Philtent, it could be worth it.

Each Mountain Trek crew has two rangers. The female Mountain Trek rangers I talked with were really great.

Unlike a regular trek the rangers will carry a lot of the crew gear. They also tend to stop at staffed camps. At Apache Springs, I think one crew slept in the teepee and ate breakfast at the main cabin.

I would trim down the regular Philmont packing list by eliminating duplicates, like the two pair of shorts and two pair of short sleeve shirts. I wore zip off pants and a long-sleeve shirt the whole trek.

Edited by wunder on 08/04/2010 22:47:17 MDT.