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Suunto X9i
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Mike Storesund
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Suunto X9i on 07/07/2006 08:54:07 MDT Print View

Anyone out there have any experience with the Suunto X9i? It looks like it would be a cool gadget, but how is it functionally? (Okay… I AM a gadget junkie!)

I read Alan Dixon’s review and it seems the X9i is predominately designed for a single days use. Can anyone say how well it works for a 3-day weekend trip?

I am starting to believe that for any extended trips, using the Suunto Vector and the Garmin Geko 301 I already have will give me everything the X9i can, allow me to navigate for longer periods, AND it will save me $500.

Thanks :O)

David Bonn
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Locale: North Cascades
Re: Suunto X9i on 07/07/2006 10:36:25 MDT Print View

You can get several weeks of battery life on the trail (or in travel mode) if you don't use the GPS very much.

It is a spendy gadget. I ordered mine primarily for track skiing (where it works great). The first model I got had a bad battery and customer support at Suunto USA was very confused for a couple of days until everyone figured out that I had a bad battery in my watch and had me send it in for battery replacement.

If you are just using the GPS to satisfy curiosity it is a fine gadget. If you actually want to use a GPS for real navigation a Geko or Etrex is probably a better choice, just on straight-up ease of use.

Mike Storesund
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Re: Re: Suunto X9i on 07/07/2006 14:40:25 MDT Print View

Thanks for the feedback David, I can see where it would be good for defining tracks. Did you have any issues with the cover overhead affecting your signal strength?

I primarily use my GPS for periodically verifying bearings, transpose those coordinates to my map and continue on from there. I also use it to mark waypoints that I can later upload to my TOPO map, or use the ‘Go To’ feature.