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3 season MN list
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Michael Baker

Locale: Minnesota
3 season MN list on 07/03/2010 21:55:30 MDT Print View

Here is my attempt at UL

CCS 8x10 tarp w/ stuff sack 16oz
Guyline 5oz
12 stakes 18g each
Ground cloth 6 1/4oz

REI Sahara down bag 36oz
Dry bag 2 1/4oz
GG torso light 4 3/8oz

cat food can stove 6g
Beer can pot 31g
foil windscreen 3g
Lightmyfire spork 10g
4oz HDPE bottle 16g*
Fire steel 30g
stormproof matches 17g
Food sack 2 1/8oz
tinder 1 1/4oz*

TNF nylon button up shirt 10 1/8oz
1 pair smartwool socks 2 1/2oz*
REI Sahara pants 14 5/8oz
Adidas shoes 31oz
Patagonia boxers 3 1/2oz*
Patagonia capilene2
zip neck 6 1/4oz*
Wool felt hat 6 3/8oz*

Fleece pullover 9 1/2oz
Marmot PreCip 13 7/8oz
cotton bandanna 1 oz
1 pair wool socks 2 1/2oz

Personal care-
pill container 8g*
toothpaste 1oz*
toothbrush 16g*
hand sanitizer 1 5/8oz*
baby wipes 2 1/4oz*

2 platy 1 liter bottles 1oz each
Lifelink teton trekking poles 17oz
Headlamp 3 3/4oz
Bug spray 2 3/4oz
compass 47g
First aid kit 3oz
Gerber knife 2 1/2oz*
GG Virga 21oz
tinder 1 1/4oz*

There is no bear rope because the one I have been using is way too heavy.

Edited by mcpacker on 07/05/2010 19:56:17 MDT.

Michael Baker

Locale: Minnesota
3 season MN list on 07/04/2010 19:12:14 MDT Print View

Let me know what you think of this!

Joe Cangelosi
(JoeFish) - F

Locale: All Over California
Re: 3 season MN list on 07/04/2010 21:11:14 MDT Print View

Hey Michael,

I'm curious what rating your bag is. Sahara had a few models. Reason I ask is REI's big summer sale is on and they've had a lot of bags on sale.

Are you going on long enough trips to need 16 oz of fuel? I have a 4 oz bottle that weighs .25 oz.

Carhart knit caps are plenty warm and weigh in just under 2 oz.

What do you need a leatherman for? You don't have tent poles to unbend or anything. Get a mini swiss-army knife for $5 and 1 oz.

I don't see anything for hygiene- not that I'm making any judgements :-)

Also, are you going to need any other clothes? Something warmer than a 9 oz fleece?

You can pick up some paracord and a keychain biner super cheap to hang your food. Might be lighter than what you're using for guylines, too.

Where you headed?

Dont Wantto
(longhiker) - F
no baselayers? on 07/04/2010 22:03:12 MDT Print View

i don't see any baselayers on there.. though it isn't clear to me if the clothing is packed or worn or a mix.

what does 3 season in MN mean in terms of temperature?

Michael Baker

Locale: Minnesota
bag rating on 07/05/2010 18:02:20 MDT Print View

It is a 30 degree bag.

Michael Baker

Locale: Minnesota
revisions on 07/05/2010 20:11:26 MDT Print View

I changed a few things on my list. I have never actually made a list before so I forgot a few things in the first draft. The things I have changed or added have this(*) symbol after them.

The Leatherman was really just dead weight because I only used the knife on it. I swapped it with a lighter knife that I already had.

I wear the wool felt hat simply because I think it looks cool but it also is good for keeping the sun and rain off my head.

The fuel bottle was overkill so I replaced it with a 4oz bottle.

I forgot the hygiene kit because I never have to pack it. I just replace things when I get home and leave it in my pack.

I did not have a base layer on there because I could not find the shirt I use. I got a new shirt today and some boxers. I already had some briefs but did not like them because they would give me "monkey butt." I have never worn a base layer on my legs even in the winter.

Temperatures can range from 45 degrees to 90 degrees in Minnesota. I'm heading up to the SHT on friday but not sure which section.

Another thing I am going to buy is some small dropper bottles. That way I can put my hand sanitizer and bug spray in a lighter container. I think I will do the same with my toothpaste. I'm also going to cut off most of my toothbrushes handle.

With the baby wipes I pack one for each day. They are kinda thick so I can use one for my whole body. I don't bring deodorant because I think it attracts bugs.
Any other questions or concerns let me know. Thanks!

Edited by mcpacker on 07/05/2010 21:44:09 MDT.

Joe Cangelosi
(JoeFish) - F

Locale: All Over California
Shelter on 07/06/2010 14:09:01 MDT Print View

They all seem like good mods. If you're comfy all day in a wool hat, good on ya :-)

I think too much is made of worn weight, anyhow.

Michael Baker

Locale: Minnesota
3 season MN list on 08/06/2010 19:25:37 MDT Print View

I recently picked up an inexpensive summer bag. It is synthetic and rated at 45 degrees. My 30 degree down bag was a bit warm for me in the summer. It is a Mountain Hardware Lamina 45 and weighs 1lb 12oz on my scale at size long. I know I could have got a similar down bag that weighs a lot less but this bag was only $130 and packs down very small.

Chris Gray
(ChrisFol) - F

Locale: Denver, Coloado
Re: 3 season MN list on 08/06/2010 23:56:48 MDT Print View

-Nix the stuff sack for the tarp.
-7oz+ of stakes seams excessive. Save 4oz
-Ground cloth also appears beefy-- have you considerd Tyvek or Polycro? Save 4oz.

-Nix the firesteel and just use a mini-bic. Save 1/4oz and it is less hassle

It appears that you are "wearing" too much clothing!

-I doubt that you hike in both REI pants and Cap 2 bottoms-- except in the shoulder seasons. Why the button up shirt? Just wear one baselayer top-- saves weight and space.

-Wool hat is also heavy
-No liner, fleece or rain gloves? If you have these other items listed, then gloves should also be needed.

-You have 2x tinder on your list.
-I don't see a camera on your list
- No compass
-No maps
-No sunscreen
- No sunglasses
- No sunhat
-No watch
- No water purification or filter

In Minn I would also add a windshirt and rainpants to this list.

Michael Baker

Locale: Minnesota
Reply to Chris on 08/09/2010 21:14:02 MDT Print View

The tarp stuff sack weighs 12 grams. It helps me keep my pack neat and organized so I have no problem carrying it.

The stakes are aluminum "x" shaped stakes made by MSR. I have not gotten around to ordering lighter titanium stakes yet.

Ground cloth IS heavy. It is the footprint to my tent and I keep forgetting to go to the hardware store to pick up a patio door sealing kit. I plan on using the plastic in the kit for a ground cloth.

Good call on the fire steel!

Now on to the clothing. I'm starting to realize I need to go way into detail in order to make it easier for you guys to give me proper advice. I will get on that! Also I don't always bring everything on my list and I understand that that can make it confusing for everyone else.

Good call on the button up shirt. On my last trip it just sat in my pack.

I actually don't wear the REI pants with cap2 bottoms because I don't own cap2 bottoms. The thought of wearing both makes me sweat.

The wool hat is my sun hat. I like it mainly for the look. Currently all the other full brim hats I own are made of cotton. Now that I think of it I usually just stuff it in my pack while hiking. It really is too hot in the summer. I might as well just replace it with my polyester baseball hat since that hat only weighs 2 1/2 oz.

No gloves because I forgot to add them to my list. Now I need to decide if I should bring my fleece gloves or my gore tex insulated snowboarding gloves.

I just realized I put tinder twice.

No camera because I don't know the best way to protect it.

The compass is on the list.

Yes I did forget sunscreen and sunglasses.

My watch is a Luminox SEAL diving watch. It weighs 1 1/2oz. I don't feel I need anything more than what it offers. Never need an alarm because I usually wake up around dawn on my own.

I did not add the water purification because I view it like food and water. How much I bring varies from trip to trip. I know many people would say I'm crazy or foolish but I don't always purify my water. I have never been sick.

The weight of maps also varies from trip to trip. The one constant is the freezer bag I keep maps in.

I understand why rain pants would be good to have but I don't think I would wear them during the summer. I am a very warm person. Plus it can get pretty humid during the summer here.

What would be the benefit of a wind shirt. I just wear my rain jacket if there is a cold wind. I honestly have never thought about getting one.

Thank you for taking the time to critique my list Chris!

David Noll
(dpnoll) - MLife

Locale: Maroon Bells
Mn list on 08/10/2010 10:03:01 MDT Print View

BUGS. What are you using to keep them off you at night?

Sean Brenckman
(SeanBrenckman) - F

Locale: Minnesota
Nice list. on 08/10/2010 10:59:12 MDT Print View

Nice list.

How was the SHT hike? My wife and I just got back from there a few weeks ago.

I think you can save 2lbs for a cost of about $4 and not really give up much in terms of comfort if you do the following:

Set up tarp with just 6 stakes and a minimum of guylines. Saves 6.8oz
Cut ground cloth down to minimum. Saves ~2.5oz
Replace Dry bag with kitchen trash bag. Saves 2.15oz
Use mini bic lighter. Costs $2 and saves 1.3 oz.
Consider leaving either the fleece or the cap2 at home. Saves 6.25oz
Use only one trekking pole. Saves 8.5oz.
Bring less first aid and bug spray. Saves 2oz.
Use derma safe blade. Costs $2 and saves 2.2oz.
Total saved - 31.7oz.

Edited by SeanBrenckman on 08/10/2010 11:03:50 MDT.