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Rideau Trail Section hike gear list
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Mike Hopkins
(hopkinsmi) - F

Locale: Canada
Rideau Trail Section hike gear list on 06/20/2010 08:29:32 MDT Print View

In August I am going to be solo hiking a section of the Rideau trail from my home town of Kingston Ontario, to Westport in four nights, 5 days. It is about 80km total, with very little elevation gain. There is plenty of water sources along the trail. I am expecting hot weather, hopefully not above 30C with the chance of thunder storms, most likely at night. I know my pack is heavy, and my rain jacket probably seems crazy, I would like to replace both those items eventually, probably with a MLD Prophet or ULA conduit eventually and either a jacket from marmot, or a poncho trap. A windshirt with a good DWR coating might be an option as well. Let me know what you think and give suggestions. Thanks

Mikes's Ultralight Gear List
5 days solo on the Rideau Trail

Base Weight Items: Weight (oz)
Packing: 26.6
MEC Alpinelite 30 23.0
Stuff Sack for Shelter 0.6
Mec Sil nylon linear bag 3

Shelter/Sleeping: 25.0
BPlight pro 60 quilt 10
closed cell foam pad cut 2
Myog tarp, guylines, stakes and bug bivy

Cooking: 12
Platypus 1L x 2 1.8
tablets .45
Bear hang kit 1.7
Fuel Bottle 5
Molson Canadian Pot 1.2
Pocket Rocket Stove 0.4
Mini Bic Lighter 0.4
Spork 0.5

Extra Clothes: 20.25
Rain Jacket 12
Pati cap 3 7
Light Hiker Socks 1.25

Miscellaneous: 6.7
Ziplock bag 0.2
Key chain compass .3
Petzl E lite .95
SA knife classic .75
Personal Items (TP, Toothbrush) 2
FAK(Deet,tape,ibprophen,sun screen) 1.4

Total Base Weight (oz) 90.95
Total Base Weight (lbs) 5.67

Chris Gray
(ChrisFol) - F

Locale: Denver, Coloado
Re: Rideau Trail Section hike gear list on 06/20/2010 09:32:53 MDT Print View

-I would nix the liner.

-Your pack is heavy for its capacity. The are much lighter options that would save you at least 10ounces.

-A Pocket Rocket stove weighs in at 3oz (not 0.4oz) without the case. With the case it is 4oz. Either way-- have you thought of an alcohol stove? Most weigh under an ounce and cost very little.

-Rain jacket is heavy.

What are your expected temp lows? Is your standard baselayer top and a Capilene 3 going to be provide enough warmth for the conditions? Is there a need for warm gloves, rain mitts or a fleece hat?

Edited by ChrisFol on 06/20/2010 09:36:02 MDT.

Mike Hopkins
(hopkinsmi) - F

Locale: Canada
re on 06/20/2010 11:17:08 MDT Print View

I didn't even notice the weight of the pocket rocket, haha. That is way off and making it look like I have a lower base weight then I really do, oh well, some much for thinking I was getting close to sub 5. So my actual base weight is a little over 6 lbs. I have been looking into making an alcohol stove, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I agree the pack and rain jacket are stupid heavy compared to the rest of my gear, I just don't have the money to replace them right now. The low temp will be maybe 20C, once it gets closer to the date I will decide if some more insulation is necessary, but I doubt it,with a short sleeve, the cap 3 and my rain jacket I should be fine.

Edited by hopkinsmi on 06/20/2010 11:20:10 MDT.

Robert Cowman
(rcowman) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
pack on 06/20/2010 23:06:30 MDT Print View

If you want to drop a bit of weight get a MEC genie or a Arcteryx Cerziero 35. bot can be gotten at MEC or see if you can find a pack on gear swap.(or return your pack at mec and exchange it for one of those other ones.) then take the scissors to the excess straps you could probably cut another couple of oz off.

Edited by rcowman on 06/20/2010 23:09:52 MDT.

Mike Hopkins
(hopkinsmi) - F

Locale: Canada
Pack on 06/21/2010 04:41:12 MDT Print View

Ya I have had this pack for about 5 or so years, it used to be my day pack when I was a traditional backpacker haha. I have cut the straps down on it, and made two removable water bottle pockets for it. The arcterxy cezro is essentially the same pack at 3 times the price made with a much lighter fabric. I have considered it a few times when browsing threw MEC. I have always decided that for the price I should just save up some more money and order a prophet, burn, or conduit. If I decide to get a pack for this trip, it will be a conduit, simply because 7-8 weeks for an MLD pack will take to long, unless one pops up on the gear swap. Thanks for the suggestions though!