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UK 3 day gear list
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Anthony Green
(antgreen) - F

Locale: Reading - UK
UK 3 day gear list on 06/12/2010 06:20:30 MDT Print View

Hi Guys,

Would like your feedback on this list.

Big 3:
Gregory Z55 - 52.9
Marmot Arroyo - 30.9
Silk Bag Liner - 2.7
Close Cell Foam Pad (20" x 52") - 3.0
Tarptent Contrail - 29.1
Dry Bag - 1.4

Subtotal - 7lb 8oz

Trangia (with tea towel & spork) - 30.8
Extra Fuel - 3.1
Seasoning & Oil - 0.5
Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Whitener - 1.1
Mug - 1.6
Platypus - 1.1

Subtotal - 2lb 6oz

ArcTeryx Theta AR - 19.4
Marmot Precip Pants - 8.7
Patagonia Windpreef - 4.8
Patagonia Fleece - 14.8
Base Layer Shirt - 5.3
Base Layer Pants - 5.3
Zip-Off Bottoms of worn trousers - 5.3
Spare Socks - 2.5
Spare Underpants - 2.5
Waterproof Gloves - 4.9
Glove Liners - 1.2
Warm Hat - 3.5

Subtotal - 4lb 14oz

Bath Towel - 2.8
Penknife - 3.7
Camera - 5.9
Torch - 6.9
Lantern - 0.7
Compass - 1.1
Map - 1.1
Adventure Med. Pocket Survival Kit - 3.7
First Aid Kit - 2.2
Stuff Sack - 0.9
Rubbish Bag - 1.1
Toiletries - 7.1
Water Filter - 2.1
Cell Phone - 4.8
Spare Batteries - 3.2
Small Mallet for Tent Pegs - 5.6
Keys, Cash, Cards etc - 3.5

Subtotal: 3lb 9oz

Base Weight: 18lb 5oz

Food 1lb 2Oz/day
Water: 2 pints carried

I intend to keep the Trangia burner, but use with a Clikstand and Snowpeak 1400 Ti pan set.

I'll replace the Patagonia Fleece and Windproof with a Patagonia Nano Pullover

Those two changes would save 1lb 8oz


Anthony Green
(antgreen) - F

Locale: Reading - UK
also on 06/12/2010 10:28:00 MDT Print View

I should add that I hike in the UK between March and October, and could see any temperature between 0c and 30c, sun, rain, wind, hail at any time during that period.

I also need to use this gear when hiking with my girlfriend, hence the proposed Snowpeak 1400, rather than a 900, and the comfortable pack. As she is very petite, I haul her sleeping bag, pad and food, which a short TNF Kazoo, and the same 3oz pad as me.

I also stated I use 1lb 2oz of food per person per day, but this should have stated 1lb 5oz.

Chris Gray
(ChrisFol) - F

Locale: Denver, Coloado
Re: UK 3 day gear list on 06/19/2010 22:10:11 MDT Print View

-Pack is heavy for weight to capacity ratio. Something like a GG Miniposa, Gorrilla or MLD Exodus would save you 2lbs; even Golite's Jam would save you a full pound.

-Nix the bag liner. Save 2.7oz
-Your kitchen is also very heavy. Nix the tea towel, use a bandana. There are also lighter alcky stove options. Nix the mug-- didn't your Trangia come with a pot?

-What are the zip-off bottoms for? Either wear them or leave them at home. If you leave them at home, then your (hopefully) mid-weight baselayer bottoms and "shorts" should surfice for temps down to freezing.

-Nix the fleece and purchase a down jacket.

-For three days, you could go without the extra socks and underwear.

-Nix the bath towel. Use the tea towel or bandana
-Penkife is heavy.
-Torch and a lantern? Nix both and get a headlamp.
-FAK/Pocket survival is heavy-- you could probably combine both to make 2 ounces.
-7.1 ounce of toiletries seems excessive to me.
-Cell phone can be left at home or in the car.
-Spare batteries? You are gone for three day-- put fresh batteries in your devices before you leave.
-Nix the mallet-- use a rock.

Dont Wantto
(longhiker) - F
30 oz sleeping bag + 3 oz pad? on 06/20/2010 20:36:10 MDT Print View

Something seems off with the 3 oz pad given the rest of your weight..

1. If it really will be cold enough that you'll need more than 4 lbs of clothes and a thick sleeping bag, you need a better pad -- the pad provides insulation from the ground and a few extra oz in the pad can let you cut down the sleeping bag / clothing weight.

2. If a 3 oz pad is really good enough, I'd usually think it is a warm summer night .. in which case you don't need so much other stuff.

ross erickson
(themaestro) - F

Locale: colorado
anthony green on 06/20/2010 21:23:27 MDT Print View

love the new album! ;)

Andrew Mazibrada
(cohenfain) - F

Locale: UK and Western Europe
Re: Re: UK 3 day gear list on 06/22/2010 14:40:12 MDT Print View

I agree with Chris - also consider Gossamer Gear's Gorilla at c.700g. The rest of the Big Three seem good.

As far as the kitchen is concerned - look at the Evernew Titanium DX system or Caldera Cone with an MSR Titan kettle which you also use as your mug. You only need one pot/mug.

Down jacket - Montane Fireball Smock or Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover are both light and warm. Two pairs of socks - one for hiking and one spare and for sleeping in. On pair of boxers - try HH Lifa.

Petzl E+lite headtorch at 27g. Toiletries? Are you going on the pull each evening? Wash at the end of the hike.

Take your mobile phone - it could be useful if you get into a tight spot and it's nice to make notes and send texts while you're on the hill sometimes.

Fresh batteries is good advice.

You should be pitching your tent on soft ground otherwise the ultralight materials will puncture or rip - if that is the case, you won't need a mallet as the pegs will go in fine with your hand only (or carefully with your boot).

Anthony Green
(antgreen) - F

Locale: Reading - UK
Lighter already!! on 06/23/2010 11:33:56 MDT Print View

Hi guys, thanks for your advice - some good quick wins there!

The 3oz mats are surprisingly comfortable, I sold my Thermarest prolite, as it didn't give too much additional comfort for the extra weight.

I'm going to keep the Gregory Z55 - I really like it - I knew there were lighter options when I got it.

I'm going to get rid of the fleece and windproof in favour of a nano puff jacket: -10oz

I'll ditch the zip on trouser bottoms, waterproof gloves and spare underpants: -12.7oz

I'm going to use a clikstand, instead of the Trangia base/ windscreen (I like to do more than boil water), but I'll nix the tea-towel and the Trangia kettle: -10.7oz

I'll ditch the lantern and the mallet: -6.3
I'll ditch the spare batteries : -3.2

So that's a saving of over three and a half pounds!!

I have no idea why my toilteries are so heavy!! but I do share the Contrail with the girl, so I'll let her decide what I leave behind!!