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Philmont Gear List *FINAL*
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Jace Mullen
(climberslacker) - F

Locale: Your guess is as good as mine.
Philmont Gear List *FINAL* on 06/11/2010 18:54:34 MDT Print View

First off, this is the final gear list of what I plan to take to philmont (northern New Mexico) on Sunday the 13th. It will be a 7 day trek with OATC. We Will be camping in campsites with water or staffed campsites, possibly one or two dry camps. It will be with a group of ~10 people. I am still looking for suggestions and comments on what I can lose or what I can drop so please feel free.

Lets get started then shall we?

ULA Rain Wrap (3 Oz)
DriDucks Ultralight2 Jacket (5.5 Oz)

WM Flash Jacket (9 Oz)
smartwool Heavy socks (5 Oz)
Smartwool mid socks (3.5 Oz)
REI Fleece Pullover (~11 Oz)
Smartwool Top Base Layer (7.5 Oz)
Patagonia Cap. 3 leg base layers (6 Oz)
wool Beanie (2 Oz.)
BD Glove Liners (2 Oz.)
PrAna shorts (6.5 Oz)
Mountain Hardwear Shirt (4.5 Oz)
REI hiking shirt (5.0 Oz)
prAna Pants (14 Oz)
Extra Boxers (3 Oz)

GG Mariposa w/ pack liner ( 25 Oz)
Stuff Sack For Clothes (3.5 Oz)
Ditty Sack (.5 Oz)

Field Notes (1 Oz)
bandana (1 Oz)
EZC2 Cord (.5 Oz)
spoon/fork (.25 oz)
Pencil (.25 Oz)
Aqua Mira Drops (1 Oz)
Dr. Bronner's (.75 Oz)
Chap Stick (.25 Oz)
Tooth brush (.25 Oz)
Lighter w/ duct tape (1 Oz)
sunscreen (1 Oz)
TP (.25 OZ)

UVPE Nalgene (3.75 oz)
2x 1L Platy (.8 OZ ea.)

GG Squall Classic (30 oz) (Includes Stakes, seam seal et al)
2x GG Polycro groundsheet (~1.5 Oz ea.)
GG Nightlight Torso (~5 Oz)
WM Ultralite (29 Oz)

Henry's Bowl (less then .5 Oz)
Camera / Bats (6 Oz)
Lighter w/ duct tape (1 oz)
Bandana (1 Oz)
Headlamp (3 oz)
compass (.75 Oz)

**EDIT**: Total weight is just about 13 lbs, but after taking out the clothes im taking out it is going to be less**

Re: The clothes:

I will be up there for a week before my trek even starts so there is a good chance that I will drop some of them, as I am just realizing how much weight they add. We have a stove and pot set issued to us when we are up there as we are each coming kind of as a delegate from our lodge so we have never met before.

Thanks guys!


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Gregg Martell
(gmartell) - F

Locale: Mid Atlantic
Re: Philmont Gear List *FINAL* on 06/11/2010 19:37:38 MDT Print View

It does seem like a lot of clothes for a week hike. I'm taking less for a 10 day trek starting on June 26. The OATC trailwork before the trek will get you dirty, so maybe it's good to have a more clothes and drop the extra before the trek.

I'd take the following on the trek:
* WM Flash Jacket (9 Oz)
* Smartwool Heavy socks (5 Oz)
* Smartwool mid socks (3.5 Oz)
* Smartwool Top Base Layer (7.5 Oz)
* Patagonia Cap. 3 leg base layers (6 Oz) - Cap 2 would be sufficent
* wool Beanie (2 Oz.)
* BD Glove Liners (2 Oz.)
* prAna Pants (14 Oz)
* Extra Boxers (3 Oz)

and take one of these - whichever has long sleeves:
* Mountain Hardwear Shirt (4.5 Oz)
* REI hiking shirt (5.0 Oz)

I'm assuming you'll use the Smartwook adn Patagonia baselayers as sleep clothes.

They should provide TP and Micorpur water treatment tablets. If you haven't been with the other particpants, I would take a 2L platypus bottle for dry camps, since you won't have any idea on everyone else's water carrying capability.

Oh and your rain gear too.

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ross erickson
(themaestro) - F

Locale: colorado
philmont on 06/14/2010 11:50:40 MDT Print View

hey man, have fun at philmont! ive been there twice and fell in love with backpacking. i did the regular 10 trek and came back the next summer to do the rayado program, hard to believe its been 6 years since ive been there. your gear list looks pretty stellar! just remember with all the clothes and with them getting dirty, the majority of the staffed camps will have wash boards and water bins to wash your clothes.
have a great hike!