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GSMNP: Cosby Backpacking Trip
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Richard Rini
(rarini) - MLife

Locale: Southeast
GSMNP: Cosby Backpacking Trip on 06/11/2010 11:40:39 MDT Print View

This is my first trip report and I dont really consider myself to be very gifted on the side of journalism. My wife and I planned a little three day two night trip to GSMNP over the Memorial Day holiday. The weather, well at times it was great and at others not so much but we had a great time!

Black and White

Park Map showing the location of our hike:

Park Map

The Squall 2 at Cosby Camp ground Basecamp nice job from Tarp Tent. Luckily we decided to seam seal the tent and that proved to be one of the smartest things we did on this trip!

tarp tent at base camp

Shana messing with the camera settings:
Black and White

Foot bridge accross small stream. There were not that many stream crossings and we never really got our feet wet. All the crossing could easily be rock hopped:

A bunch of weird beattles pigging out on some fungus!
Here are our packs for the trip. I have the Golite Jam 2 (2009) and Shana has the Dueter:
The start of our short adventure, the trail head for Gabes Mountain Trail:
Gabes trail head
Trail head sign:
Trail head sign
Heading to Maddron Bald Trail:
Maddron Bald trail Sign
Group Photo (small group):
Shana and I

Really interesting root formation on rock outcropping:
Small waterfall:
Another cool root formation. Can you tell me what you think it looks like??
Panther Root


Moving along:
Sign again

Up to this point we had been having great weather, that will change:
Tree stream crossing
Here comes the rain:
Rain Coat on
Trying to dry our things:
Drying out
Our Squall set up at camp site 29. It was raining when we got there and we had fears of a wet night. But things changed and the sun finally decided to show itself. It really saved the day!:
Tarp tent set up

Campsite no. 29:
Me and Campsite
Bear Hang
Time for Bed!:
Bed time
The second day the weather started off great:
vista view
Shana and I AT
Almost to the AT:
Almost to AT
Finally on the AT:
Shana on the AT
AT sign
Vista Mountain
Mount vista again
shana self
Still on the AT
We never had an issue finding water on this trip and it ended up being pretty abundant:

Water again
Food break:
Food break

We are finally getting closer to Lower Mt. Cammerer Trail and campsite 35. Our second day Hike was suppose to be 17 miles but ended up to be about 21. That makes for a long day:
Mt Cammerer
Big Rock
Nice View
Cool Rock
Shana I on big rock
Campsite no. 35 and then much awated base camp (Cosby):
No. 35

We actually did not stay at campsite 35 the second day. When we got there the bugs were just incredibly annoying and since we only had about another 4 miles to base camp we decided to head out. That actually ended up being a great decision as the second day it did nothing but pour rain the entire morning. Our morning would have been nothing but soaking rain. So we finished with about 31 miles in two days, not what I originally planned but a very enjoyable trip. So here is a recap of the trails: From Cosby campground to Gabes mountain trail to Maddron Bald trail to Snake Den Trail to the AT to Lower Mount Cammerer Trail and back to base camp. Can't forget a thanks to Bradford Rogers who gave some great advice!

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Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Re: GSMNP: Cosby Backpacking Trip on 06/11/2010 13:44:39 MDT Print View

I’m glad you guys had a good trip. Thanks for sharing your pics, contrary to your view on your journalism skills; I think your trip report told the story very well. Did you make the side trip to either Albright Grove and/or Mt Cammerer Fire Lookout?

BTW: It looks like a mountain lion to me with the head on the right turning back to look behind him.

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: GSMNP: Cosby Backpacking Trip on 06/11/2010 13:51:25 MDT Print View

Enjoyed the report. To me the picture looks like a giant lizard or maybe an alligator.

Eddy Walker

Locale: southeast
Re: GSMNP: Cosby Backpacking Trip on 06/11/2010 14:06:01 MDT Print View

thanks for the trip report. Campsite 29 looks a lot better than the last time I stayed there. We found a huge cabin tent laying on its side, fishing gear everywhere, folding camp chairs and coolers hanging from the bear cables. There was way to much to carry out. We told the rangers about it and he had said there had been a lot of bear activity at that campsite.

Ike Mouser
(isaac.mouser) - F
crowds on 06/11/2010 14:18:11 MDT Print View

how were the crowds?

Rick Horne
(Rick778) - M

Locale: NorCal - South Bay - Campbell
Re: Re: GSMNP: Cosby Backpacking Trip on 06/11/2010 14:19:55 MDT Print View

Nice trip report. Enjoyed reading it.

Eddy Walker

Locale: southeast
Re: crowds on 06/11/2010 14:53:54 MDT Print View

I can't speak for his trip but on the one I did there wasn't anyone on it. Now there are some tourist on Gabes Mtn Trail trying to get up to Hen Wallow Falls but after that nothing.

Richard Rini
(rarini) - MLife

Locale: Southeast
Re: crowds on 06/11/2010 19:33:49 MDT Print View

I only saw some folks near some trail junctions on the At but after that it was pretty sparse. I really expected more people for the Memorial Day holiday.

Richard Rini
(rarini) - MLife

Locale: Southeast
Re: Re: GSMNP: Cosby Backpacking Trip on 06/11/2010 19:35:56 MDT Print View

We did Albright but not the lookout. I regret that we did not hit the lookout. I guess it gives me an incentive too return!

I'm with you on the mountian lion/panther root.

obx hiker
(obxcola) - MLife

Locale: Outer Banks of North Carolina
"GSMNP: Cosby Backpacking Trip" on 06/11/2010 19:45:41 MDT Print View

Komodo Dragon. The "legs" are so muscular. Hemlocks all gone?