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GG Vapor Trail $79 +more fathers day deals
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Jason G
(JasonG) - F

Locale: iceberg lake
GG Vapor Trail $79 +more fathers day deals on 06/10/2010 10:15:58 MDT Print View

The clymb is have a fathers day sale!

Looks like a pretty good deal on the Vapor Trail


Salomon, leatherman, swiss army, SOL sun products

invite link here

as you probably know i get a $10 kickback when if you place an order, thanks

Kendall Willets
(KWillets) - F

Locale: San Francisco
went for it on 06/11/2010 01:02:00 MDT Print View

I just went for a size Regular (I have a 19-20" torso); I hope it fits.

Thanks for the tip.

James Taylor
(Stahl) - F

Locale: Montana
How is this pack? on 06/12/2010 16:08:48 MDT Print View

I'm really really tempted. I'd like however to have the option for 40lbs if I needed it. I'm still transitioning from Anvilweight to lightweight and don't have my gear fully picked yet. I plan on about a 22lb base weight and then about another 10 lbs of consumables. D'you think this pack would stand up to 35ish pounds for the inroad trip?

Jason Lee
(jasonthelee) - F
GG Pack on 06/13/2010 06:54:00 MDT Print View

Definitely handle 35lbs. Tons of people (including myself) have used this one on AT/PCT/CDT Thruhikes.

James Taylor
(Stahl) - F

Locale: Montana
Now it's just down to waiting... on 06/13/2010 08:25:59 MDT Print View

Ordered. Enjoy the 10$ Jason.
Thanks for the feedback, Jason. This will lose me almost 4 1/2 pounds of sheer pointless backpack weight. Wheee!

Luke Moffat
(alaska_lanche) - MLife
Sweetness on 06/13/2010 11:05:36 MDT Print View

Thanks guys, I had gotten out of the habit of checking the clymb. Just picked me up a reg torso GG Vapor trail and my wife one in small torso.

Jay Campbell
(gohawks) - F

Locale: SE Iowa
could not resist on 06/14/2010 08:08:36 MDT Print View

curiosity got the best of me at that price. I'm in for 1.

James Taylor
(Stahl) - F

Locale: Montana
Holy tomatoes! on 06/18/2010 12:06:35 MDT Print View

Well, the pack is awesome. My (rustic, newbie, anvilweight) gear is not so awesome. Packing this thing up is going to be a real bear. I think I will have to acquire some new packing/lashing skills.
Thank goodness 12lbs of it is consumables.

Any special location for packing tips and general elephant-deflowering-the-mosquito type information?

Jeff Antig

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: GG Vapor Trail $79 +more fathers day deals on 06/18/2010 19:23:59 MDT Print View


That sure ruined my day! I practically bought one USED for $120 lol! Dang that is a good deal

Andrew Meeks
(Growler) - F

Locale: The NorthEast
??? on 06/25/2010 12:21:10 MDT Print View

Ok, dumb question,

Is there only one sale going on at a time? Is there a catalog I can look through? Im confused.

Jason G
(JasonG) - F

Locale: iceberg lake
over on 06/28/2010 13:22:10 MDT Print View

andrew, yea the clymb is one brand or a few brands at a time. it changes every few days to a few weeks.. there is always some pretty good stuff on there though..