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ULA Arctic 1000 pack
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Greyson Howard

Locale: Sierra Nevada
ULA Arctic 1000 pack on 06/22/2006 19:39:43 MDT Print View

I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread on this yet (I appologize if there is and I missed it), but how freaken cool is the ULA drybag set up being used for the Arctic 1000? If they produced it, I know it would be on my short list.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: ULA Arctic 1000 pack on 06/23/2006 04:04:51 MDT Print View

Brian at ULA posted on arctic1000 site that you should email him if you are interested. He is considering making a small number if there is enough interest. I would like to see a version for a smaller POE drybag like the 25 liter bag.

Brian Frankle
(bdf37) - F
ULA Artic Dry Pack on 06/23/2006 08:16:48 MDT Print View

I am considering offering a one time run of the Artic Dry Pack as a "Special Edition" of some sort.

Not sure how much the pack would change from what Roman, Jason, and Ryan are using. Ryan's pack was a bit different than Roman and Jason's, so depending on what the majority prefer (options will become clear if/when I decide to sew some up)some consensus as to design will be come to. Feedback from The Artic Crew post hike will also be of obvious benefit before I get to sewing.

In the meantime if you are interested, please e-mail me: and I will get your name and contact info on file. Artic Dry Pack in the subject line would be appreciated.

Lastly, I will be heading out for ~2 months of hiking again this fall, so delivery on these packs (should I decided to do 'em) would not likely happen until winter '06.

Thank you again for your interest.

Channing Sze
(eeyore) - F
DryComp Summit Sack? on 06/23/2006 09:09:03 MDT Print View

what about something like this?

David Passey
(davidpassey) - F

Locale: New York City
Re: ULA Artic Dry Pack on 06/23/2006 09:11:04 MDT Print View

Could one harness hold more than size of dry bag?

Brian Frankle
(bdf37) - F
ULA Artic Dry Pack on 06/23/2006 09:21:50 MDT Print View

The harness system can accomodate other size drybags. It can be compressed or expanded as necessary. Another option for folks can be seen at:

The ULA version would be more $$$, about a lb less weight, an external mesh pocket, as well as hipbelt pockets.

kevin davidson
(kdesign) - F

Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson
Dry Pack on 06/23/2006 10:19:56 MDT Print View

email ULA----done. I'm patient.

Jim Colten
(jcolten) - M

Locale: MN
Re: Dry Pack on 06/23/2006 11:08:17 MDT Print View

It's maybe a bit pricey but I would expect that a Gearskin might work with a dry bag and also work without a drybag for those times when you don't think it's necessary.

I haven't used a gearskin but Sgt. Rock sure liked it.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: ULA Artic Dry Pack on 06/23/2006 11:58:48 MDT Print View

Are there photos on line? I have one of rhe Exped dry packs wich is a mesh bag and shoulder straps with a waterproof stuff sack in it. It is great for day hikes, but too small to be practical for multi-day trips. When I first saw the Equinox Katahdin pack I thought it was a harness-and-bag system. I remember Dana or somebody making a harness and bag system, but not in the UL realm. I like the idea of being able to use whatever size bag is appropiate for the trip and the ease of repair-- if you rip it, you can just drop another dry bag in the harness and keep going. A heavier stuff sack could be added outside the waterproof bag for those trips you know will have some bushwacking.

Mark Verber
(verber) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Re: ULA Artic Dry Pack on 06/23/2006 22:35:24 MDT Print View

The ULA artic dry pack is very cool. Somewhat heavier, was the dana designs racer-x. 2lb 2oz with a 25L drybag. The harness could easily accomidate a larger drybag if you wanted to swap them out. I though the harness was pretty comfortable carrying 30lbs.


Brian James
(bjamesd) - F

Locale: South Coast of BC
sign me up on 06/24/2006 01:15:16 MDT Print View

I'll take one please!


Brian Frankle
(bdf37) - F
Racer X Dry Pack on 06/24/2006 08:57:13 MDT Print View

The Dana Racer X can still be found on a few close-out sites. When discussing the Artic Pack with the Roman, he mentioned that his main beef (in addition of it being too heavy, too complicated, etc) was that using a Dry Bag larger than 25 L, the compression on the Dana was woefully inadequate as the upper compression straps angle and would be positioned only half way up a 50 L Dry Bag...not very stable for MONSTER loads. So, we went with 3 compression straps.