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Tenkara Hane Line/Tippet Length
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Paul Vertrees

Locale: Southern Colorado Rockies
Tenkara Hane Line/Tippet Length on 06/04/2010 13:31:10 MDT Print View

I just got my Tenkara Hane rod from BPL! It came with the 10'6" braided line. I'm wondering how long my tippet should be. What length tippet are any of you using with this rod? Why do use a particular length, and is there an ideal length line/tippet in relation to the rod?


Locale: Pacific Northwet
Re: Tenkara Hane Line/Tippet Length on 06/04/2010 14:09:57 MDT Print View

Hi Paul,

I used a tippet length of about 5 - 6 feet on my Ayu. That seems to be a typical length. This makes the total line length about 15 feet for the rod that is about 13 feet long.

This is in the tenkara website:

"The length of the tenkara line plus tippet is usually about the same as the rod. Having an overall line that is much longer makes it more challenging to land a fish. We have found the best line length to be 10ft 6in, which allows for longer tippets to be used, and will go well with any of the rods we offer."

You can go longer if you need more reach. I think a general guideline is to not make the braided line plus tippet significantly longer than the rod length so that you can land a fish easier.

Congratulations on having that new shelter named after you!


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Paul Vertrees

Locale: Southern Colorado Rockies
RE: Tenkara Hane Line/Tippet Length on 06/04/2010 19:35:01 MDT Print View

My braided nylon line is already slightly longer than the 9'10" Hane, so perhaps I should only have a 3-4' tippet? I'm going out tomorrow morning for the first time, so I'll try that length tippet. That's a LOT shorter than the 9' tapered leader I have used with my western fly rod.

RE: The Kifaru Sawtooth...thanks! It's an awesome shelter, and it was a huge honor.

Kevin Kelleher
(softouch333) - F

Locale: Blue Ridge Mountains
Hane on 06/13/2010 05:13:56 MDT Print View

The Hane is a stout rod and needs a bit a weight in the line to load in my view. I liked a 15 lb. level line of fluorocarbon. This allows you to lengthen or shorten depending on stream conditions too.

With the stock furled leader. Three feet of tippet should be fine.

A fluorocarbon furled leader is preferred by some.

A furled leader, in general will turn over a longer tippet easier.

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