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3 day pack weighs..
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Nino Lorenzo
(neanYOe) - F

Locale: Bay Area
3 day pack weighs.. on 06/03/2010 22:35:30 MDT Print View

my pack i just finished pacing with food but Without water is 32lbs. i know that is nothing close to BPL weights but its my first time and hey.. i didnt go UL.

So is 32lbs without water heavy? keep in mind, im 5'9, 140lbs.

joseph peterson
(sparky) - F

Locale: Southern California
3 day pack weighs.. on 06/03/2010 23:04:09 MDT Print View

Yes I would say 32lbs is way too heavy for me. Get that weight to 20lbs or less and you will be a MUCH happier hiker.

The quickest easiest way to do that is to simply don't carry what you don't need.

32lbs is a good start though, and probably much better than my first kit.

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David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
"3 day pack weighs.." on 06/03/2010 23:06:31 MDT Print View

Nino - I know you're leaving soon, but post a quick list here and you'll get lots of good advice right back on how to cut the weight.

I bet you can lose quite a bit pretty easily, and not even miss it.....

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: "3 day pack weighs.." on 06/03/2010 23:12:25 MDT Print View

How much of that 32 pounds is food?

Nino Lorenzo
(neanYOe) - F

Locale: Bay Area
leaving at 6am tmrw on 06/03/2010 23:42:38 MDT Print View

so no time to type out a gear list.

when i wake, ill run through my sacks and cutdown on the 'what if' 'just in case' stuff.

as far as food weight, i packed the heck out of my bear canister. david lutz rented me his contender 101. variety is good i hear..esp for my 1st trip.

idk how much of the 'little' stuff i take out will actually give me 10lbs but ill try my best. thanks for the quick replies guys.

Unknown abc
(edude) - F
"3 day pack weighs.." on 06/04/2010 00:53:44 MDT Print View


If you post a list of what you plan on bringing, including food and water, and sort in categories (Clothing Worn while hiking, shelter, extra clothes, sleeping gear, consumables, etc.) you will get a ton of useful advice.

hope that helps!

Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Re: "3 day pack weighs.." on 06/04/2010 05:42:32 MDT Print View

Yes, I think 32 lbs is way too heavy especially for someone your size. I did a 3 day trip this past weekend and my weight including 3 days of food and 2 liters of water was just over 15 pounds. This was for warm nights (50's) but rainy, wet, and buggy. You can check out my gear list in my profile for ideas, or like others said post a gear list.

Scott Lehr
(lehrscott4) - F

Locale: Louisville - KY
Good Luck on 06/04/2010 06:57:18 MDT Print View

Since he said he was leaving at 6am, that means he's already on the trail. Hope you have a good trip!

Nino Lorenzo
(neanYOe) - F

Locale: Bay Area
just got home! on 06/06/2010 22:25:07 MDT Print View

Ok so, we climbed to the top of the chilnualna falls, in wawona yosemite. upon the morning departure my packs weight distribution wasn't laid out properly so I had some lower lumbar pain, after pumping 2 liters of water i resolved that problem BUT the weight only grew!

It was my first backpacking trip and the climb was relentless. finally arriving to the top of the falls we hiked to find a camp spot. from the rainfall and following sun we just had the falls were enormous!

gear list coming tomorrow, weight.. when i can a good scale LOL

thank you all for the input btw, i did take some things out in the morning before i left because of all the info.

Edited by neanYOe on 06/06/2010 22:26:31 MDT.