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Cheap alternative to the zia fabrications ti grill?
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Colin Matthews
(litebrite) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
Cheap alternative to the zia fabrications ti grill? on 05/30/2010 20:45:37 MDT Print View
Unfortunately, it doesn't list weight specs. Obviously, you'd have to remove plastic legs. Thoughts? If anyone gets to an IKEA, let me know how this seems.


Kendall Clement
(socalpacker) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
"Cheap alternative to the zia fabrications ti grill?" on 05/30/2010 23:47:30 MDT Print View

I like the price. 20 inches is kinda long. Right?
On the other hand if the weight's good, that doesn't matter.

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Weight on 05/31/2010 01:54:03 MDT Print View

The steel bars look pretty thick. I doubt the weight is in the same ballpark as the Zia one.

I just use green or wet wood when I want to cook over a campfire. It weighs nothing and you don't have to worry about a grill getting mangled in your pack.

Two nights ago:

Fish Fire

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Colin Matthews
(litebrite) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
Cut 'er down! on 05/31/2010 09:49:29 MDT Print View

Yeah, that is pretty long Kendall. I would probably try to cut it down. You could probably go right in half, as ten inches is long enough for most purposes. Plus, then you'd get two for the price of one :)

Good point, Dan. I don't think a grill is ever an "essential" piece of gear; Definitely wouldn't be on my list for every single trip, but could be a nice luxury item. Sometimes I'll cook in small foil containers, and these have to balance on something. Rocks are hit-and-miss, and usually I end up with tons of ash in the dishes!


Dutch Anderson
(Silveradodutchman) - F

Locale: Central Florida
grill on 06/01/2010 13:04:30 MDT Print View

Cheap wire rack from the dollar store?

brent driggers
(cadyak) - MLife

Locale: southwest georgia
the stick works great. on 06/01/2010 13:51:49 MDT Print View

We grew up cooking fish skin-on with a stick in the mouth. when the skin starts separating from the flesh its done. just use a good stick and dont put it too close to the heat. It works OK with real hamburger meat too with maybe 1 in 5 taking an ash dive during cooking.

te - wa
(mikeinfhaz) - F

Locale: Phoenix
Re: grill on 06/01/2010 14:57:20 MDT Print View

dollar tree. stainless wire cooling rack.
i used this full size in CO and i have since had good fortune with one cut in half lengthwise.


/A .
(biointegra) - MLife

Locale: Puget Sound
Re: Re: grill on 06/10/2010 01:37:45 MDT Print View

Mike, what's the weight on that rack?

Mike In Socal
(rcmike) - MLife

Locale: California
Multi use? on 07/16/2010 13:02:13 MDT Print View

Does the wire rack double as a pack frame?

Bailey Gin
(pugslie) - F

Locale: SLO County
Re: grill on 07/16/2010 16:17:20 MDT Print View

My cut-down grill was from a toaster-oven rack that was orginaly oval shaped. 10 x 5 3/8 inches and weighs 2ozs.
Bought at a thirft store for 99 cents.

Edited by pugslie on 07/16/2010 16:48:13 MDT.

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Cheap alternative to the zia fabrications ti grill? on 07/18/2010 08:31:52 MDT Print View

Sort of off topic, but here is my grill from the stone age just for nostalgia. I carried this thing for years.
Cooked on a fire 100% of the time. Wieghs about 3.5 oz. Cant remember who made it, but back then I was big into Sigg stuff, so its probably sigg. It is tubular SS. I do remember it was expensive
Late 70's.


Edited by tammons on 07/18/2010 08:33:39 MDT.

Fred eric
(Fre49) - MLife

Locale: France, vallée de la Loire
Re: Cheap alternative to the zia fabrications ti grill? on 07/18/2010 11:54:21 MDT Print View

looks like a purcell trench grill

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Re: Re: Cheap alternative to the zia fabrications ti grill? on 07/19/2010 19:43:23 MDT Print View

That does look like the same one.

Maybe Percell made them for sigg or whoever or bought out the original manuf.

Mine is about 30 years old.

Michael Meiser
(mmeiser) - F

Locale: Michigan
stainless steal screen as grill on 11/16/2010 22:09:11 MST Print View

Good thread, just made a post on using stainless steel screen as a wood stove top to arrest sparks around a tarp.

Wondering if anyone has tried using such a think as a grill.

Can't imagine cooking a burger on it, but on the other hand less sticky fair might work... if it holds up. If not hopefully I can find something a little less fine.

Aaron Rosenberg
(icculus81) - F
Tubular steel grill on 11/19/2010 00:59:02 MST Print View

I have the same grill. It was my parents, from backpacking together in the late 70s.


Edited by icculus81 on 11/19/2010 01:02:48 MST.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
my ti grill on 11/21/2010 19:16:37 MST Print View

myog ti grill weight 1.5 oz and nests all together- easton aluminum arrow section, ti bike spokes



brent driggers
(cadyak) - MLife

Locale: southwest georgia
Mikes grill on 11/21/2010 20:24:07 MST Print View

mike that is sweet.
Did you use two different arrow diameters for the two sides to nest them?
I am working on something similar using ti welding wire.
nice looking dinner.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
arrow on 11/21/2010 20:29:56 MST Print View

the larger diameter one is a standard easton aluminum arrow, the other side I sourced from Ace Hardware- they have a small section of tubing/square stock/etc in a display bin, I found a tube that fit perfectly inside the arrow- just cut it to length

drilling the holes to line up was a bit of a challenge, but it ended up working out great

the grill is small enough I put it in my pack rod case

Scott Ireland
(WinterWarlock) - MLife

Locale: Western NY
Re: my ti grill on 11/22/2010 04:44:45 MST Print View

Nice looking fish - yum!

Ever think of making a few of those grills to sell?

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Re: Re: my ti grill on 11/22/2010 07:26:41 MST Print View

yeah nothing like fresh fish caught minutes earlier :)

if I could find a reasonable source for ti spokes (or the like) I'd consider it