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JMT kitchen for 2
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Brian Vogt
(slickhorn) - F
JMT kitchen for 2 on 05/17/2010 16:04:29 MDT Print View

OK ... I think I'm getting close enough on my kitchen to solicit a little feedback. This is for a 3 week JMT hike with my partner. We want to minimize camp chores, but aren't going strictly freezer bag style with this. We'll do a little pan frying, a little baking, and a little simmering. But I don't want a big weight hit for packing the extra capability.

Here's what's on the list. I've had to ballpark weights from memory

(5.5oz) 2 Qt AGG Pot/lid/lifter
GSI sm fry pan (nonstick, 3oz)
(1oz) pot cozy
(1oz) windscreen
(1.5oz) Featherfire stove
(1oz ea) orikaso folding bowls (the old style with tabs, 2 of them)
(3 oz ea w/cozy) 2 Evernew Ti Mugs
(.6oz) 2 longhanded Ti spoons
(.5 oz) mindropper bottle of Dr Bonners
(.5 oz) small book of matches
(.8oz) 4oz daily fuel supply
larger fuel bottle depending on distance to next resupply
(.3 oz)fauxbaker
(.25 oz) parchment paper for baking

Thoughts? Obvious omissions or things I should ditch?

I'm considering packing an extra stove, something like T's side burner to be used as emergency backup w/o pot stand and work with both the Ti mugs as well as the 2qt pot. ~.5 oz penalty, but this way each person has a way to boil water with them.

Chris Gray
(ChrisFol) - F

Locale: Denver, Coloado
Re: JMT kitchen for 2 on 05/17/2010 17:39:53 MDT Print View

You are taking a lot of bowl/cup items: AGG pot, two bowls and two mugs.

-Could you guys get by with just the AGG pot and two bowls, or even, the AGG pot and one bowl. This could save you 6-7oz.

-Do you need the pot lifter? Could you just use a bandana? Save a further ounce or so.

-You could probably save a little extra weight by replacing the lid with a foil one.

-Do you have a link to the fry-pan you are using? 3oz is awfully light for one.

Edited by ChrisFol on 05/17/2010 17:41:51 MDT.

Brian Vogt
(slickhorn) - F
Re: on 05/17/2010 21:47:39 MDT Print View

the frying pan is the lid to a gsi set. I think it's a 1 and 2L set, HAA, with 2 pots and 2 frying pan lids. it's the smaller lid, 6-7" in diameter. Not available separately I don't think. we bought the set on clearance somewhere.

I think we'd keep the cups over the bowls, we each meditate with our tea in the am, not to mention at resupply sponsored happy hour! But I like less things to clean, so that would be a reduction in maintenance.

Foil lid is a good idea. I used to have one, have to see if I can dig it out again.

I neglected to list a 0.4 oz scraper/spatula kitchen implement.


Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Re: on 05/17/2010 22:31:57 MDT Print View

"Foil lid is a good idea. I used to have one, have to see if I can dig it out again."

Foil is OK, but it is so light that the wind blows mine away.

I find some food product that is packaged in a cardboard cylinder, and some of those will have a thin aluminum round bottom. It is roughly the same thickness as an oven liner pan, but the edges are already round, so there are no sharp edges to deal with.