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Synthetic Hoody for Camp
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Gabe P
(Gabe) - MLife
Synthetic Hoody for Camp on 05/17/2010 10:55:01 MDT Print View

I’d like a warm jacket, for relaxing around camp. I most often backpack in western Montana, three seasons. I was first thinking I would buy a WM Flash Hoody, but I’m beginning to worry that on multi-day trips it would get wet, becoming a liability. The Thermawarp Parka is too thin for light exertion in 25 to 35 degree temperatures, which is the range in which I’d like to be comfortable without much layering.

What I’m looking:

a. Hoody that will keep me warm relaxing in 25 to 35 degree temperatures
b. Synthetic insulation
c. Under one pound

Any suggestions?


Gabe P
(Gabe) - MLife
Synthetic Hoodie on 05/17/2010 19:14:06 MDT Print View

Anyone have experience with the Montbell Eldo? It lacks a hood, but if it can keep me warm while inactive at 30F, I could make due

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Morgan Rucks
(rucksmtr) - F
... on 05/17/2010 19:45:49 MDT Print View

Go Down
and don't let it get wet
warmer lighter longer lasting

Jason Knecht
(distortedaxis) - F

Locale: Earth
Suggestions on 05/17/2010 20:04:21 MDT Print View

After trying both, I to would recommend down as well.I started out with a Mountain Hardwear hooded compressor jacket as my go to jacket of choice for years. Shortly after purchasing it I decided i didn't like the hood much. Just extra weight that I didn't always need. Its a bit over 1lb though ~ 18oz One thing to keep in mind is that I find my body has no problem generating heat, so this jacket is quite warm for me at the temperature ranged you have suggested. I simply layer with a bodyfit 150 LS shirt and this jacket. YMMV

I switched to down insulating layer two years ago and never looked back. Lighter & more efficient. I've managed to keep it dry and have been through a lot of nasty weather with it.

I also recommend against a hoody. Instead, I'd suggest this: just for flexibility, this way you don't need the hood. Food for thought.

David Franzen
(dfranzen) - F

Locale: Germany
Down vs Synthetic Hoodie on 05/17/2010 20:15:04 MDT Print View

the following is only theoretical lab testing, and real life may vary, of course. But check out the following table on warmth of down and synthetic jackets. (Iclo = 'unit for warmth')

Tom Kirchner
(ouzel) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest/Sierra
Re: Synthetic Hoody for Camp on 05/17/2010 20:20:07 MDT Print View

"Any suggestions?"

+1 on the down. Assuming you're wearing a good cold weather base layer, e.g. mid weight wool or Cap 2, a WM Flight Jacket plus a Powerstretch balaclava should do the trick nicely for ~14 oz. Another possibility is a combo of a Montbell Extremely Light Down Jacket(~5.7 oz Med) underneath a Montbell UL Down Inner Parka(~9 oz Med). This should keep you warm and give you a lot of flexibility in layering and augmenting your sleep system. A New Balance Fugu Jacket(~13 oz Med) plus a Powerstretch balaclava is another option. I could go on, but further ideas would be along the same line. My 2 cents

Jason Elsworth
(jephoto) - M

Locale: New Zealand
Cocoon on 05/17/2010 21:57:05 MDT Print View

I have been pleased with my BMW Coccon Hoody, but I am not sure when they will be available again. You maybe able to get one via Gear Swap. It maybe a bit cool at 25F.

Most people seem to go with down, but some people report a problem with down loft degrading in damp/wet conditions on multi-day trips. I've got both, as sometimes I like to have at least one piece of insulation that isn't down. Also I find synthetics better for rest stops when it is wet, as I can use them without worrying about getting them wet.

carlos martinez
(gokyo) - F

Locale: west coast
new balance fugu on 05/20/2010 00:04:04 MDT Print View

go with a new balance fugu...I also have thermawrap parka but find that the fugu breaths better with light to moderate exertion.

Serge Giachetti
(sgiachetti) - M

Locale: Boulder, CO
synthetic on 03/02/2011 02:16:51 MST Print View

I have the WM flash and like it a lot. The shell fabric on mine is light enough and there is little enough down that I suspect drying it out would not take long. I think the wet down problem is over stated and people are a bit paranoid about it. Exceptions being long trips in wet regions without many town stops like Skurka's Alaska trip. I also have a MB thermawrap Parka and there is no comparison. The WM is in a different league of warmth, but the Th is 4 oz heavier.

That said, I realize you were asking for specific advice, which no one has really given you yet. For a sub 1lb synth jacket hoody, I'd look at the Patagonia Nano Hoody. These jackets are surprisingly warm. After testing out the pullover, I bet the hoody would be good to about 30 doing chores. Not toasty, but good. The latest MH compressor is about 16 oz and this jacket felt quite warm to me for a synthetic. A lot warmer than the thermawrap or nano for the weight. Thats what I'd go for if I were you. However if you are looking to layer over down, then go with the nano since its got a baggier fit and won't compress the down.


Wow, just realized how old this thread is. Tossing my suggestions out into the ether.

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