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Ice Climbing Liability Waiver
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Kai Larson
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Ice Climbing Liability Waiver on 05/14/2010 13:01:21 MDT Print View

I took my scouts ice climbing.

Initially, I had 12 boys that wanted to go. That seemed like a lot for me and the one other adult who was an experienced ice climber to manage. I needed to cut down on participation, and also put together a liability waiver for the event. As it turned out, after the waiver went out, I only had 6 boys who still wanted/were allowed to participate.

I reproduce it here for anyone thinking of climbing/mountaineering activities with scouts:

Permission and Liability Release for Ice Climbing

This must be read and signed by both parents and participant.

I hereby give permission for my son, _____________________________, to go ice climbing on frozen waterfalls, on ______________ in Boulder Canyon.

I understand that this will involve climbing frozen waterfalls, at great heights, using sharpened ice climbing implements. I understand that ice climbing is a dangerous sport, and that people can and do get seriously injured or killed by participating in this activity. I understand that ice climbing takes place outside, in a natural, uncontrolled environment. I understand that even when appropriate safety precautions are taken, ice climbing is not a safe sport, and death or serious injury may occur.

I understand that the adult leaders for this ice climbing activity are not professional guides and do not have professional training in ice climbing.

I understand that some of the risks of ice climbing include:

Danger of falling ice or rock; potential for collapse of the ice being climbed; possible anchor, rope, or equipment failure; danger imposed by climbers climbing above, who may dislodge ice or rocks or who may fall and hit other climbers; danger brought about by sharpened ice climbing tools and equipment, which may cut or puncture people participating in this activity; danger of falling while climbing or approaching the climb; danger brought about by exposure to cold, including frostbite; and many other dangers which are inherent in climbing on frozen waterfalls.

In consideration for being allowed to participate in this activity, I agree that I will not hold any of the leaders, the other participants, the scout troop, or the Boy Scouts of America liable for any injury or death resulting from participation in the ice climbing activity, and hereby waive and release any claim I may have which may arise from this ice climbing activity.

Signatures of Parents

Signature of Participant

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Acronym Esq
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Re: Ice Climbing Liability Waiver on 05/14/2010 21:22:48 MDT Print View

IANYL, but pretty good informed waiver. For future reference:
- Might be a good idea to specify any claim sounding in negligence or gross negligence (since this waiver probably won't work for intentional conduct).
- Might want to expand your waiver to also cover volunteers, BSA employees, parents of participants, and the charter organization (itself, employees, and volunteers).
- Climb on Safely requires you to get formal training if you are going to engage in ice climbing.
- GSS Age Appropriate restricts ice climbing participants to older scouts, venture, and varsity.
- Make sure you file your tour permit, that everyone is properly registered, and you have med forms. BSA insurance has been known to fight claims if you don't have everything in order.

acronym 5/14/2010 10:22 PM

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