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montbells on geartrade
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B Phan
(grltrvlr) - F
montbells on geartrade on 05/11/2010 12:47:07 MDT Print View

Not sure if you all would consider these to be good deals, but thought I'd post in appreciation of the help I've received here.

U.L. Super Stretch Hugger #1 for $222.04

Super Spiral Hugger #3 Down - 2 listings for $114.53 and $119.52 respectively

There's also a WM Alpinlite Down in short size (, and a WM Puma MF ( in case you're interested.

Jack Bauer
(mclovin) - F
great deal on the WM SB on 05/11/2010 22:23:31 MDT Print View

Great deal on the WM SB.

drew doty
(drewdoty1444) - MLife

Locale: Santa Cruz, CA
search on 05/11/2010 22:43:03 MDT Print View

how did u find these? i searched for these with "western mountaineering" and i got nothing. ....never mind. i guess the search engine doesnt seem to find western mountaineering as a possible result. i went through and had to page through the sleeping bag section to find them. thanks for posting them!


Edited by drewdoty1444 on 05/11/2010 22:57:05 MDT.

Frank Steele
(knarfster) - F

Locale: Arizona
Search on geartrade on 05/12/2010 00:52:41 MDT Print View

Once you find one product from the manufacturer you want, just click on the Manufacturer's name in the title and it will bring up any other products they may have listed under that manufacturer. Sorry ass search system they have.

Daniel Allen
(Dan_Quixote) - F

Locale: below the mountains (AK)
Use Google! on 07/31/2010 17:35:38 MDT Print View

I use google shopping with "geartrade" and "Brand-X" and/or "Item-X" in the search window. It isn't always updated to the latest second, but the speed and scope can't be beaten!