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Yosemite's Snow Creek Cabin
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Ryan Commons
(RyanCommons) - F

Locale: Bay Area, California
Yosemite's Snow Creek Cabin on 05/03/2010 23:55:39 MDT Print View

The Snow Creek Cabin does not seem to be well known among the outdoor community that frequents Yosemite. I though I'd share it with you all via a 10 minute video from a trip my brother and I did earlier this year. Full details are available on this video:

The Snow Creek Cabin has been a treasure for the likes of Ansel Adams and many a winter adventurer. The cabin welcomes all with plenty of wood for the fire and warm memories dating back to 1929. All are welcome during the winter months and you do not need a permit, a reservation, a key. Yosemite's Secret is your home away from home.

This video shares a three night trip my brother and I took on the last days of February 2010. We parked in backpackers parking in the valley (free and no permits required during the winter), sauntered to Mirror Lake, hiked up the 108 switchbacks of the Snow Creek Trail, crossed the footbridge over Snow Creek, telemark skied until the reflectors crossed the creek (turn right before the creek), and then followed the creek upstream for 0.5 miles until we hit a flat clearing. We walked across the clearing towards Mount Watkins and about 50 yards into the trees we found the Snow Creek Cabin. The cabin hides in the trees; if you cannot find it immediately, patiently walk the perimeter of the snow clearing and you should have luck spotting a manmade structure after about 20 minutes.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Yosemite's Snow Creek Cabin on 05/04/2010 00:13:25 MDT Print View

There's more.

Before the Badger Pass Ski Area was built, they were looking to build a ski area on the south-facing slopes of Mt. Hoffmann, so the Snow Creek Cabin was constructed as a scouting shelter. Since that ski area prospect was abandoned, the Snow Creek Cabin fell abandoned as well, and that was around 1930. A black bear had found a collapsing wall and had made that cabin its den, so I guess some cleanup had to happen afterward. In the 1960's, a seasonal ranger was working in Yosemite Valley, and he started a commune with this rustic cabin as their home. You know, two guys, three gals, and four dogs. NPS management found out about that, so they had the commune chased out and had the door padlocked. At the last time that I stayed there in winter, a Yosemite park master key would open it. The commune's kitchen was intact, including the cooking spices. There was a huge one cubic foot tin of cayenne, a large tin of cinnamon, and then smaller tins. So, backpackers, next time you need to spice up your freeze dried meals, you will know where to head, at least if you can pick the lock. NPS uses it as a rescue cache now.