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Hammock/Tarp Combo
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Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

Hammock/Tarp Combo on 04/29/2010 20:50:20 MDT Print View

I built a Hammock/Tarp combo today.. Quite a few people asked for this setup so I had to deliver... The idea was to make a piece of gear that could be used for two purposes.. Since I already plan to build the hammock I figured I could add 8 tie out points and viola... you get a 9' long x 52" wide solo tarp...

The added versatility only adds an ounce to the weight.. Here are two pictures of the Hammock/Tarp combo set up in A frame bad weather mode. Don't mind all the cord hanging all over the place, I had to set it up quick since it was almost pitch black outside.. I will take more pictures tomorrow with some other setup options...

All the photos with me were taken by propping my camera and using the auto timer... Keep in mind I am 6'2 200lbs...So I am much bigger then most people..



Cuben Fiber Hammock Me
















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Justin Carter
(orangebananas) - F

Locale: San Francisco East Bay
Neato on 04/29/2010 22:43:22 MDT Print View

Looks good.

I would love to see more pictures.

John Addleman
(Jaddleman) - F

Locale: Boulder
Nice! on 04/29/2010 22:56:00 MDT Print View

How much does it weigh and what is it made of?

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"Hammock/Tarp Combo" on 04/29/2010 23:11:30 MDT Print View

Killer combo item Lawson! Very cool, reminds me of the Grand Trunk ATHH that came out a few years ago, though much much much lighter.

@ John,

the material is cuben fiber.

Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

Exactly on 04/30/2010 07:01:17 MDT Print View

It actually weighs 1/4 as much as the Grand Trunk All Terrain Hammock/Tarp..

Mine 5oz
Theirs 20oz

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Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

Photos Posted on 04/30/2010 18:13:10 MDT Print View

I posted more photos at the top...

Ben Egan

Locale: The Grid, Brooklyn
tarp size on 05/05/2010 01:23:01 MDT Print View

So the photos here are of a tarp approximately 9' by 4'?

Whereas the photos posted on another thread were 9' by 9'? And I know you made a tarp that's 9' by 7', how would that work for hammocking? Because this tarp seems very small in comparison.

Rog Tallbloke
(tallbloke) - F

Doubling up on 05/05/2010 01:40:09 MDT Print View

Lawson, can you think of a good way to join two of these to use as a big tarp?

A low tech idea might be to just have edge cords inside one long hem, lash them between trees along side each other with a small overlap. and get a bit of parcel tape along the join?

Acronym Esq
( - F

Locale: TX
Re: Hammock/Tarp Combo on 05/16/2010 20:15:47 MDT Print View

Your cuben tarp/hammock idea is very interesting.

Your chief competitor is probably the Grand Trunk Nano-7. Key similarities are:
- 48" width
- 190 g weight
- $70 msrp

Take a look at the reviews for the Nano-7 at One of the recurring gripes is the narrow width.

Another resource (information, feedback, and sales leads) is Hammock Forums.

Any idea how your price point will compare to the Nano-7?

IMHO, most non Hennessy hammock users will have a tarp, so the dual use is really aimed at the people who need a solo tarp and are willing to hang as a 2ndary bonus. Along those lines, I think the tarp conversion should be an option, rather than standard.

I am concerned that the amsteel blue running through a sleeve could cause a slow cutting action that will eventually compromise the sleeve. I like the idea of a biner (Camp Nano is 23g ea) to make the link from the hammock to the hanging line.

A lot of hammock users have their own hanging rig. Perhaps the amsteel could be an option also.

I like your idea of building a bug net accessory. Another accessory to consider is a tarp.

You might want to look at testing the breaking limit of the entire system to be 2x your recommended weight limit.

If you are going to make these available to the public, you should chat with an attorney about corporate insulation from liability, warranties, instructions, warnings, and business plans.

I usually camp more than 20 nights a year. I'd be happy to help you beta test and/or talk to you more about other business related topics.

acronym 5/16/2010 9:01 PM

Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

re; on 05/17/2010 15:40:41 MDT Print View

You have made alot of good points worth considering. I will be releasing some more information in the next week or so.

I think its direct competition would be the Grand Trunk AT Hybrid Hammock but as you said, the hammock/tarp is sized similar to the Nano 7. Both have a similar price point.

As you said the Amsteel Blue or any type of thin cord is a concern and I have investigated using the CAMP Nano23 instead but as of now there are several more details that need to be ironed out.

john Tier
(Peter_pan) - M

Locale: Co-Owner Jacks 'R' Better, LLC, VA
Tree straps on 05/17/2010 17:36:27 MDT Print View

It is not responsible to hang hammocks without tree straps...UL if it risks tree damage is a bad choice...There are already too many state parks that prohibit hanging anything from trees...