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tropical gear list
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Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: tropical gear list on 05/02/2010 21:31:31 MDT Print View

Isn't that just about the best way to get a group tumble?

Tom J. Hart
(harttj) - MLife
Tropical Kit on 05/03/2010 00:44:10 MDT Print View

Having hiked in the jungles of Thailand, my experience has been a little different to others. As a matter of fact it started me on my lightweight crusade.

I had wet kit, and dry kit. I wore the wet kit all day. At night, in a hammock to be off the ground, I changed into dry kit. In the morning I got up, and put the cold wet kit back on. It did not stay cold for long.

As for sunblock, well I was in a jungle and not a lot of light gets in. Not that it is dark, just that your in the shade as the canopy blocks the sun.

This canopy also means it will be wet all the time. Even when it is not raining, it is raining as water drips off the canopy. Plus the fact that you are sweating all the time as well.

You need hydropel or a petro jelly of some kind for chaffing. Long sleeves and long pants for the bugs, plus a head net, plus DEET. Make sure your hammock is bug proof, as some mosquitos can drill through some materials.

Footwear and clothing needs to absorb as little moisture as possible and drain easily. If you kit is light enough, mesh trail shoes should be fine. Synthetics worked great for me, but your mileage may vary.

Rain gear, for me, was a waste of time. If you are not following a trail, then most stuff gets shredded. If you are, you just sweat in it anyway. As I said, I just had wet kit and dry kit.

Hope this gives you another other perspective.

For me, the jungle was an exciting place to be. Lots of wildlife, seeing wild elephants and the kind of hills they could climb just blew me away. I hope you enjoy you trip just half as much as I enjoyed my time in the jungles and you will have a great experience.

Nick Lagos

Locale: South Australia
tropical gear list on 05/03/2010 06:27:20 MDT Print View

hi tom

do you think the poncho is a waste of time?

any suggestions from anyone on what sort of hammock would work? - never used one before

check on all the other suggestions



Rod Lawlor
(Rod_Lawlor) - MLife

Locale: Australia
KT26 on 05/03/2010 06:42:58 MDT Print View

Don't forget that a pair of KTs is still under $30. Better than trashing your boots. Or for around A$100-120, you can get a pair of Salomon or Inov8s including shipping to Oz from

Tom J. Hart
(harttj) - MLife
Other Hints For The Jungle on 05/03/2010 07:46:33 MDT Print View

>do you think the poncho is a waste of time?

Everyone hikes their own hike. I did not mind constantly wet clothes ands water running down my body while in a monsoon. Others wore a poncho. They needed the poncho to keep their kit dry. I had packed my kit so that it would stay dry without a poncho. You really have to be religious about that. Either way, you will have to decide about the poncho.

>any suggestions from anyone on what sort of hammock would work?

If you want to know about hammocks go here:

Both are two good places to start. While in Thailand I just used what the locals used. Cost about $20 USD and came with a tarp. Go to your local Army Navy store (I lived in Toowoomba for a year, but forget what you call the places.) and see what they have to offer. Hennessy sells in Auz, but you might not want to spend that much.

Have fun looking for new gear! ;-)

Lucy Nguyen
(cloudswinger) - F
Shoes on 05/07/2010 13:56:15 MDT Print View

I don't know if you can get something like this:!%20bossa%20nova
or this one:!%20rust

Teva has something like it too:
but they started out as water sports shoes, so I think it may be skewed more towards water sports with a little hiking.

I have something similar that I used to hike in Costa Rica. You can wear socks to keep out the leaches, but we didn't have that problem. Your feet dry out so much better. I did a swamp stomp through the Everglades with regular leather hiking shoes and they took forever to dry, certainly not overnight.

Daniel Kiely
(farmerdan) - F
tropical gear list on 05/25/2010 03:12:42 MDT Print View

Have you been on your walk yet?

Where are you in Australia?

I work in an outdoor store in sydney and may be able to help with a different pair of shoes. Otherwise use the XT Wing.

Check out these sock savers, suggestions by the author of one of the guide book on the walk.

As for hammocks on the track. I am sure there are plenty of trees but it is pretty well sign posted these days where the tents will be set up etc so it may be tents only not sure.

Oh and the cotton/ poly discussion. I use the best quality business shirt that i can buy from vinnies before i leave for my trip cost about $5. I am supposed to tell everyone that cotton is not great and they should buy all the hiking clothing that we sell, but i sweat a lot and have tried the other stuff but always find it uncomfortable. Poly cotton pants are wise (single layer of material, no extra reinforcement)