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Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use
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Matt Sanger
(IPARider) - MLife
Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/24/2010 13:38:28 MDT Print View

No $40 Ti bottles here...

I'm wondering if folks have a favorite reused plastic drink bottle (smartwater, gatorade, aquafina, etc.) for trail use, that has a wide enough mouth for a steripen?


Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/24/2010 13:48:32 MDT Print View

If you are using an Adventurer model those you listed won't work. I've been using a Nalgene canteen and have been happy. Depends on what you are using.

John Whynot

Locale: Southeast Texas
Re: Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/24/2010 13:52:27 MDT Print View

I bought the Opti several weeks ago, and I haven't found any reused bottle it will fit into...

Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Re: Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/24/2010 13:57:45 MDT Print View

The journey works with a Gatorade bottle, but the adventurer doesn't. I am not sure about the original steripen.

Kevin Lutz
(mtntrailrunner) - F
Re: Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/24/2010 14:24:35 MDT Print View

I use a 32 oz. Gatorade bottle with my original 4XAA Steripen. Works great.

Matt Sanger
(IPARider) - MLife
wide enough? on 04/24/2010 14:49:10 MDT Print View

hmmm...I thought that more of the wide-mouth bottles out there would work.

REI says the dimensions are 6.1 x 1.5 x 1 inches, which would mean you would need an opening of about 1.8 inches in diameter (if my math is correct (don't bet on it)).

I'll need to take my tape measure to the supermarket.

Dan Fleischman
(Fleischd) - F
Steripen Adventurer on 04/24/2010 15:30:46 MDT Print View

I have been thinking about picking up an adventurer model so I stopped by youtube to find a review. In this one, pacowarabi shows that the adventurer does work with a gatorade bottle. Tight fit but it works, would imagine the opti version would work too.

Ted E
(Mtn_nut) - MLife

Locale: Morrison, CO
steripen on 04/24/2010 15:38:07 MDT Print View

i find my steripen adventurer works in the widemouth gatorade bottles. you can't stir it though, so i would be cautious if the water isn't clear.

my current water bottles of choice is the camelback podium bike bottle and my 2+L platty bottle. the podium is only a .7 L bottle though, but its not very expensive and it wont leak. i wish it was a full liter though...

John Whynot

Locale: Southeast Texas
Re: Steripen Adventurer on 04/24/2010 15:50:19 MDT Print View

My concern with the Gatorade bottle is you can't stir the water very well.

Right now, I'm thinking I'll use my cooking pot, and then pour the water into my reused Propel bottle...

Edited by jdw01776 on 04/24/2010 15:59:30 MDT.

Jeff Patrick
(callmeammo) - F

Locale: Sacramento
Steripen cups on 04/24/2010 15:56:39 MDT Print View

I use a large plastic up, kinda like the ones you can get at mcdonald's but I think its a little bit thicker.

It weighs about an ounce I think, but I also use it to hold my caldera cone and alcohol stove. This is what makes it the most versatile for me. Also, I can use it as a bowl if need be.

It has a large open mouth so its pretty easy to use. If i want to filer the water I can use a bandanna or something.

I forgot to add that I just use this to treat the water, then I transfer it into a platypus if I'm going to be hiking. If I'm camping by a water source I can just leave it in the cup for the night.

Edited by callmeammo on 04/24/2010 15:58:02 MDT.

Barbara Karagosian
(Barbara) - M

Locale: So Cal
steripen receptacle on 04/25/2010 16:44:16 MDT Print View

I have an Adventurer. I use the ziplock "twist n lock" 4 cup container that came with my Caldera kitchen. This also serves as my cup for coffee and soup, and cos it has a lid, it also serves as a water bottle. And I can steep my re-hydrating dinners in there too. I bring a platy 1L as well, and fill that up from the ziplock after the water has been steripenized, if I need to carry more than 1L.

Ralph McNall
(rumps) - F

Locale: SF Bay
Smartwater on 04/25/2010 21:37:09 MDT Print View

Smartwater is my favorite - 45g for the liter. I use it with the mUV. I never found much info on the mUV, but I got it last year, and I've used it a couple of times without problem.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Cut bottle for purifying? on 04/26/2010 09:28:55 MDT Print View

Reading through this thread gave me the idea to take a typical recycled bottled water container and just cut the top off for use with the Steripen. Cheap enough and light. It could be used for stowing the Steripen, spare batteries, Caldera Cone, cooking utensils, etc.

With a little grocery store research, I'll bet you can find one container slightly large in diameter than another. Cut the top off the larger one and slip the smaller bottle inside for stashing in your side pocket. Dunk the big bottle in your water source, purify and decant into the small-necked bottle for storage and drinking. A one quart milk jug with the top lopped off would do the trick.

FYI, I've been using the HDPE Nalgene bottles which are a couple ounces lighter than the Tritan/polycarbonate ones and a couple dollars cheaper too. They make a 48oz "Silo" model that is taller and the same diameter and cap.

Edited by dwambaugh on 04/26/2010 09:31:30 MDT.

Charles Grier
(Rincon) - M

Locale: Desert Southwest
Cut bottle, a good idea. on 04/26/2010 16:38:29 MDT Print View

That is what I have used for the past three years. I cut the top from a 2 liter pop bottle about 1" above the 1 liter mark. It makes a good scoop, provides some extra camp water storage, has a really wide mouth for stirring, can be pinched to form a pouring spout and weighs about a half ounce. I carry it as a slip on cap for my rolled Thermarest Prolite-3 which is carried vertically on one side of my pack. This way the "cup" is handy and takes up next to no space. I added 0.5 and 1.0 liter marks on the outside so I know how much water I have scooped.

Scott Bentz
(scottbentz) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Opaque Container on 04/26/2010 18:03:14 MDT Print View

I used a 1 liter soda bottle with a wide mouth. Not as wide as the Gatorade bottle but it worked fine. It doesn't stir that well but I just shook it a bit.

Has anyone seen the suggestion, by Steripen, that you do it in an opaque bottle? Everyone I see with one seems to use a clear bottle.

Willie Evenstop
(redmonk) - F

Locale: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/26/2010 18:34:42 MDT Print View

All the standard CHEAP bottles work perfectly with the Journey version of Steripen, as well as the Standard Steripen. That rubber stopper on the end is DESIGNED to let the steripen Journey and Original treat water inside of soda bottles.


Edited by redmonk on 04/26/2010 18:39:05 MDT.

George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
Re: Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/26/2010 19:33:24 MDT Print View

So far I have only used my SUL-1100 pot with the Opti.

The smallest pot I have for most of my solo hikes is the Trappers Mug about ( .5 L) This would work for the 1/2 L zap.

Tad Englund
(bestbuilder) - F - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Re: Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/26/2010 20:01:35 MDT Print View

I use a Gatorade bottle with a modified top- (This comes up about every 9 months)

This picture is turned, my hand is on the bottom of a full bottlebottle upside down

in bottle upright

Cap from different anglessdie view of adapterSide view of lids

Edited by bestbuilder on 04/26/2010 20:04:19 MDT.

Tom Kirchner
(ouzel) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest/Sierra
Re: Re: Re: Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/26/2010 20:32:17 MDT Print View

That's a pretty cool idea, Tad. What is the material? It looks like some kind of foam.

Matt Sanger
(IPARider) - MLife
Re: Favorite CHEAP bottle for Steripen use on 04/27/2010 13:01:39 MDT Print View

Thanks for clearing that up cameron...I was all set on getting an Adventurer Opti, but this tips things toward the Journey a bit. The video with people inverting their bottles and swirling makes sense to to me, although I'm not sure how that might work with a platy bottle, but it seems like one could make it work.

The specs say the journey is 7.3 inches, and the Adventurer is 6.1 inches long, is the because it has a longer element?

I also see conflicting numbers on weight reported, some places say the Journey LCD is 4.5oz. with batteries, other places say 3.6oz.

Edited by IPARider on 04/27/2010 13:03:12 MDT.