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Quilt Ideas
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joseph peterson
(sparky) - F

Locale: Southern California
Quilt Ideas on 04/20/2010 17:03:29 MDT Print View

I would like to build a blanket, and I am tossing around many different ideas.

I have zero sewing experience, but never afraid to try anything new.

I would like to build a down quilt or a down/synthetic hybrid quilt.

There are a couple reasons behind the hybrid idea. I am a little intimidated by baffles for my first attempt at a quilt, and would like to build a sewn-through quilt. A hybrid quilt could cut down on cold spots, be cheaper, easier to build, and be plenty light.

Can anyone point me toward a discussion on this? The search function on this website leave some to be desired.

One design I am kicking around uses 3 yards of 1.1 oz ripstop per layer, using 3 total layers. Bottom chamber is filled with 3 yards of 2.5oz/yd of climashield xp, and the top is filled with either 9 oz of 800 fill, or 12 oz of 750 fill sewn through.

Shell would weigh 10 oz and cost around 40$

climashield would weigh 7.5 oz and cost 30$

800 down 9 oz 75$
750 down 12 oz 64$

hybrid w/800 down and 2.5oz climashield would weigh a total of 27oz before thread and cost around 150$.

hybrid w/750 fill and 2.5oz climashield would be overstuffed a couple ozs and be warmer. total weight would be 30oz and cost 140$.

Both quilts should have a finished loft of 2.6".

I would like this bag to keep me warm in the sierra in the summer.

Does anyone have any comments on this idea? Is it dumb? Could I go with a lighter/thinner synthetic layer?

I could just build an all down sewn through blanket with 2.5" or 3" of loft that weighs around 18-20oz, and costs 100-120$ (give or take) Anyone have comments on how bad the cold spots can be in a sewn through bag at 20 degrees?

I could also put on my big boy pants and just sew the dam baffles!!!

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Tim Marshall
(MarshLaw303) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Quilt Ideas on 04/20/2010 19:31:53 MDT Print View

sewn through at 20* isn't so hot
(really it's not, its actually cold)

Baffles are intimidating and time consuming but actually very easy to do. I use a washable pen (or a bic on my cuben quilts) and draw the lines for the baffles. Sew the baffles along the lines and they will be straight and line up well. Baffle one side of the quilt first then sew the baffles to the other side. I fold the raw edges in before i baffle leaving clean edges that i just top stitch closed on 1 side leaving the other open to stuff.

In the long run you will most likely be happiest with a baffled all down quilt (best weight, compression and loft) But if you want to make something that isn't the norm give your idea a try, it will work but the added weight of a 3rd piece of nylon is a big downside for me. Also the synthetic is much less compressible also stealing one of the best things about down.

Have fun, don't be afraid, use the force!