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Titanium Goat Bivy
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Don Meredith
(donmeredith) - F

Locale: SouthEast
SOLD SOLD Titanium Goat Bivy SOLD SOLD on 04/19/2010 19:07:58 MDT Print View

Sold to Morgan.

I'm selling my never used (shame) TiGoat bivy. This one is a unique model with the full net hood, omni-zip and extra wiggle room for a Neo. All of this added up to a $145 price tag but I'm willing to let it move to someone who will use it for $110 shipped. I'm just not a bivy guy as much as I'd like to be.


Net Window




Don Meredith

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David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
"Titanium Goat Bivy" on 04/19/2010 19:37:03 MDT Print View

Sounds like a custom, or customized, piece.....

What does it weigh?

What is the fabric?

Don Meredith
(donmeredith) - F

Locale: SouthEast
Titanium Goat Bivy on 04/19/2010 19:42:15 MDT Print View

Yes, its a custom with all of the work done at TiGoat. Weight is 9oz even.

Don Meredith

Morgan McWilliam
(morgofborg) - F
I'll take it! on 04/19/2010 20:46:06 MDT Print View

Just sent you a PM.



Backpack Jack
(jumpbackjack) - F

Locale: Armpit of California
RE TIGOAT on 04/19/2010 20:48:00 MDT Print View

Man I want this bag bad!! But no funds until I sale something else first, by then I'm sure this will be long gone. :(

Jed Augustine
(jaugusti) - F

Locale: Appalachians/Rockies
Re: Titanium Goat Bivy on 04/19/2010 20:52:05 MDT Print View

I will gladly use it! PM forthcoming!

Morgan McWilliam
(morgofborg) - F
On the way! on 04/19/2010 20:53:35 MDT Print View

Payment sent.


(onthecouchagain) - MLife

Locale: Sunny SoCal
gold bars sent on 04/19/2010 20:57:40 MDT Print View

can you say, "competition?"

I sent payment, gold bars, my 401K balance and some Olive Garden bread sticks!

mine, all mine! JUST attempt at humor....

(just kidding of course...I don't need ANOTHER bivy)

Edited by onthecouchagain on 04/19/2010 21:49:34 MDT.

Don Meredith
(donmeredith) - F

Locale: SouthEast
Titanium Goat Bivy on 04/19/2010 21:00:06 MDT Print View

Maybe I should have put this on ebay and let you two battle it out... ;)

Morgan has first dibs. When we get payment details worked out its on its way for the listed price. If it falls through I'll use PM & post time to set priority to buyers.

Don Meredith

Tad Englund
(bestbuilder) - F - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Titanium Goat Bivy on 04/20/2010 23:44:05 MDT Print View


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