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AT 5-days List Review Please
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James Patsalides
( - MLife

Locale: New England
AT 5-days List Review Please on 04/17/2010 20:25:00 MDT Print View

Heading out for the first 5-day of the season... next Saturday through Wednesday on the AT in Massachusetts starting at South Egremont, Mass and hiking North. Expecting high 40s overnight, high 50s daytime. Probably rain.

This will be a group trip (LNT Master Educator Course), and I think I am the only lightweight backpacker amongst the group. I want to show UL in the best possible light (!), but will have to hoist my fair share of traditional group gear, I'm sure. They have agreed to let me use my tarp instead of sharing a tent, but I will have to share group cook gear, so have not included cookset in my gear list.

Comments & feedback please, as aggressive as you like. Thanks!

Cheers, James.


Pack (21oz):
- Golite Jam2 Customized 20oz
- Garbage Compactor Bag as Liner 1oz

Sleep System (38oz):
- BPL UL-90 Quilt 12.5oz
- Custom Sleeping Pad (20" z-lite glued to 26" GG Thinlite) 5.5oz
- VAPR Quantum Bivy 7oz
- Long Johns 8oz
- Sleeping Socks 2.5oz
- BPL PRO-90 Balaclava 1.5oz
- LW Glove Liners 1oz

Shelter (12.5oz):
- GG SpinnTwinn Tarp (incl guys) 9.5oz
- 4x Ti nails 1.5oz
- 2x Vango Ti Crook Stakes 0.5oz
- 2x Easton Aluminum Stakes 0.75oz
- Tent Stake Bag 0.125oz

Hydration/Eating (no cookset, 5.75oz):
- SmartWater 0.6L Bottle w/ Evernew Cap 1.25oz
- SmartWater 1.0L Bottle w/ Evernew Cap 1.5oz
- IKEA Plastic Cup (drink) 1oz
- Lexan Spork 0.25oz
- REI Ti Cup (eat) 1.5oz
- Silicone Muffin Cup 0.25oz

Safety/Hygiene System (9.5oz):
- PrincetonTec Mini LED Light 0.5oz
- FAK (incl 2x Insulin Pens) 4.5oz
- Silva Compass 1oz
- Picardin Bug Repellent 0.25oz
- SPF 50 Sunscreen in Dropper Bottle 0.25oz
- Hydropel 0.5oz
- Sany in Dropper Bottle 0.5oz
- Dr Bronners in Dropper Bottle 0.5oz

Clothing (carried 11.75oz)
- DriDucks Jacket 6oz
- BPL Caccoon UL-60 Vest 5.75oz

Camera (18oz):
- Lumix GF1 w/ 20mm Pancake 15oz
- Converted climbing chalk bag as camera bag 3oz

Misc (6.25oz):
- Cell Phone (in ziplock) 3.25oz
- Raybans w/ shock cord 0.75oz
- Mini BIC Lighter 0.25oz
- Stanley Mini Box Cutter 0.25oz
- BPL Inka Ti Pen 0.375oz
- Write-in-the-rain Journal 1.25oz
- Laminated Photo of my Daughter 0.125oz

Worn (39oz clothes+28oz shoes+7oz poles):
- LL Bean Tek2 Baseball Cap 1.75oz (worn)
- BPL Beartooth Merino Hoodie 10.25oz (worn)
- Montaine Lite-speed Wind Shirt 5.25oz (worn)
- LL Bean Hiking Pants 17oz (worn)
- EMS TechWick Undies 2.25oz (worn)
- SmartWool Ankle Socks 1.75oz (worn)
- Dirty Girl Gaiters 0.75oz (worn)
- GoLite Storm Dragons 28oz (worn)
- GG LT4s (short) 7oz (used)

TOTAL CARRIED: 122.75oz = 7.67lbs


Ideas? Feedback? Suggestions?

John Whynot

Locale: Southeast Texas
Re: AT 5-days List Review Please on 04/17/2010 21:11:15 MDT Print View

In late April of 2008, I did the section from Salisbury, CT to Lee, MA.

The trail was wet (actually like a creek in places) and muddy. I really wished I had a pair of Gore-Tex socks to wear on the trail. At least bring some plastic bags to keep your socks dry in camp.

I had heavy rain, snow flurries, and some warmish sunny weather. My clothing list was comparable to yours, and I used all of it. Be sure to treat your clothes with Permethrin -- that's prime deer tick territory.

Since you have to camp at designated campsites, I'd bring some TP for the privys...