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Sub 5 lbs
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David Lewis-Gever
(dgever) - F - MLife

Locale: Brooklyn
Sub 5 lbs on 04/17/2010 11:43:03 MDT Print View

My average base weights generally average around 10 lbs +/- which allows for lots of comfort. I have never really felt the need to go lighter, but thought it would be nice to put together a sub 5lbs list for 2 day trips in north east warm weather. Any comments would be much appreciated.

todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Sub 5 lbs on 04/17/2010 12:39:38 MDT Print View

Nice list!

No pillow?

Other than that have a great hike! Congrats on getting the weight down so much.


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Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"Sub 5 lbs" on 04/17/2010 13:04:53 MDT Print View


Wow, looks really good! What are the typical weather conditions for you? Lows: 60's? Highs: 80's? The 5 items that could maybe be tweaked or replaced:

OR Celestial- (10oz.) Could you use a windshirt (3-4oz. vs. 10oz.) or even consider picking up a Driducks jacket in the event of rain? I'll assume you need the OR Celestial shell for those northeastern shower possibilities. Do you hike in the rain? If not just nix it and use a windshell and wait out showers under your tarp. I could see you saving 6-7oz. right there if you swap out the shell for a lighter option, the Celestial jacket seems a little too bomber for warm summer showers.

REI Long Sleeve top- 7.7oz. I don't know your expected lows where you hike or if you sleep cold or warm. But if the summer time lows don't dip below 60 just lose the REI long sleeve top and sleep with a shell on over your Synthetic T at night. I would think the Arc Edge conservatively rated @ 40F and your T-shirt paired with a rain/wind shell would be sufficient.

Snow Peak LiteMax- (6oz. = 1.9oz.+ 4oz. fuel canister) The 1.9oz. weight of the Litemax stove isn't bad at all, however the necessity of carrying the +4oz. full fuel canister is the only setback. A Caldera Cone setup for your MLD 850 pot would be lighter and depending on how MUCH you cook you wouldn't need more than 3 oz. of fuel (esbit or alcohol) for the 2 days. You could switch to a TiTri cone for your MLD 850 and not bring any fuel and use wood as well.

Leatherman Micra- (1.8 oz.) If this is all you have then it's what you have. The Micra isn't exactly overkill but could a single razor be sufficient for cutting open food packages, first aid dressing, etc.? I've never found the need for a nail file, screwdrivers, scissors and bottle opener out on the trail typically, especially a 2-day.

Platy hose (hands free)- (2.375 oz.) I have the Evernew bitevalve and tubing for my containers. Like you I enjoy the handsfree factor, however you could easily just reach back and grab a bottle out of your Burns side pockets. Since you've gone to great lengths already to cut weight and make a real streamlined summer kit you could just use a 1L Aquafina bottle or use 2 Gatorade bottles and lose the Platy hosing altogether.

Just some ideas. Great list. I really like your Burn and Arc Edge. Cheers.


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David Lewis-Gever
(dgever) - F - MLife

Locale: Brooklyn
5 lbs on 04/17/2010 14:12:59 MDT Print View

Eugene I agree on the wind shirt and long sleeve shirt. My original list had a Houdini instead of the full rain jacket, but since my goal was to just be below 5 lbs I had a few oz to spare and added some things.

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"Sub 5 lbs" on 04/17/2010 15:57:02 MDT Print View


Ahhhhh, I see. Very nice then! I thought you were looking to scalpel out a few more ounces. If you're posting to make sure you have your bases covered then it appears you're set. It is nice to have some wiggle room in your pack to add some comfort items, like that Neo Air pad, at 9 oz. not the lightest, which is why I didn't even comment on it, I figured it was your luxury item. You might want to list some more info though, otherwise you'll likely just get the "Sweet list!" style responses and little practical feedback. You've further inspired me to work at a Sub 6lb. list, baby steps, baby steps. Cheers.

Expected weather conditions? Temperatures? Solo trip? Water availability? etc.

Jamie Shortt
(jshortt) - MLife

Locale: North Carolina
re: Sub 5 lbs on 04/18/2010 05:34:19 MDT Print View

Dave, Nice list indeed. I think you will really enjoy your warm weather trips with a sub 5 lb base weight. I might have missed it, but what are the min and max temps you expect.

Here are misc comments/thoughts....

* do you need BPL tights if min temp is >40?
* instead of LS T you could take a Montbell down inner, you would actually save weight and add a nice insulated piece.
* as pointed out a dri ducks jacket would save several ounces over current rain jacket (this is my summer jacket). Also it can be used in morning to keep your arms warm allowing you to take just a SS T.
* Im guessing you are sleeping in the LS T and tights. If so then you might want to leave as is. I don't change clothes, saves time and weight.
* didnt see any stakes or line for the tarp, weight appears to be same as mine without these (i use the same tarp). Line and stakes will add 2.5 to 3.5 oz.
* bugs might not be an issue with you in summer, I use a MLD bug bivy. This would add about 5 oz over your ground sheet.
* med kit looks good, duct tape wounds, pill for anything else
* micra looks like overkill. I have found the swiss army classic (.75 oz) to be a great compromise. I have cut myself on razor blade knife so if clumsy like me this might be a good route.
* I did not see any extra socks...I have found that extra socks are really nice. Not really needed for an overnight trip though
* I go without drinking tube, but add a 1 liter platy with drink top. Its lighter and increases water holding capacity. I have found I can go through 3 liters of water in evenings.
* I prefer tablets over aqua mira in bottles, just depends on what you like
* The litemax is a real treat to use so you might stick with it. As it has been pointed out the compact caldera cone for your pot would be a lighter option and allow you to carry less fuel or just bring a few esbits.
* didnt see a map, not much weight if you photo copy and keep in a ziplock. You might not need a map
* The arc edge is going to be one tight bag for summer. It is extremely designed to save weight, but still keep you warm at reasonable temps. If you can be comfortable with a 32 inch footbox in summer then you are good to go. Another option is customization adding a few inches to footbox. I have a ghost and adding to inches to it, 36" footbox. A third option that I use is a JRB sleath quilt for summer. It can be laid flat like a blacket, is wider (48 inch foot box), can be worn as an insulating layer (poncho mode), and it can ship quickly. It would add 4 oz. If you drop the LS T and tights you would save weight.
* the neo air is comfy I'm sure, not sure how well you can use it to frame out the burn. Even at 5 lbs I want want a pad to add some structure. A 3/8" closed cell pad cut to length of neo air would save about 5 oz and work great to frame out pack.

Again great list, my comments are more opinions then anything else. Enjoy the hike.


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