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Lightweight panniers from POE
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Inaki Diaz de Etura
(inaki) - MLife

Locale: Iberia highlands
Lightweight panniers from POE on 04/14/2010 07:24:05 MDT Print View

I need new panniers to use in a multi-week trip in a somewhat remote location so reliability is a main factor but weight is too. The Ortlieb classics seem like the obvious choice and I'll probably go with those but they're heavy. Surfing the net I found these POE panniers

They look interesting in that they've been built with weight in mind which is something to appreciate but there's no big track record. Anyone here knows them first hand? Would you trust them for the described use? Apart from the fabric itself, is the mounting system reliable?

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Ted E
(Mtn_nut) - MLife

Locale: Morrison, CO
Re: Lightweight panniers from POE on 04/17/2010 23:39:28 MDT Print View

I don't know anything about POE panniers, but if you look around for a used set, people are always selling stuff like this on craigslist. i found a new old stock of some frostline canvas panniers (from the 80's) that work great and cost me $10, and the pair weighs under 3 lbs. i personally think waterproof packs aren't that great since just bagging everything in plastic or drysacks will work the same, if not better.

Arapiles .
(Arapiles) - M

Locale: Melbourne
Re: Lightweight panniers from POE on 04/18/2010 07:55:31 MDT Print View

Nice find, but no, never seen or heard of them. Must be reasonably new. Re the mounting system, it looks like standard pannier hooks which in my experience are not as convenient, adjustable or secure as the Ortlieb QL1 or QL2 systems, which are great. You clearly need a screwdriver to adjust the clips. One problem I struck with an old cheap pair of panniers I bought was that the backplate wasn't wide enough so that when the bags were full the back of them could swing into the wheel - these look a little like that.

Willem Jongman
(willem) - F
new lighter and cheaper ortlieb panniers. on 04/21/2010 07:16:09 MDT Print View

Ortlieb now also do a budget line, the City Line, that are basically Classic rollers without some of the frills, and as a result they are a quarter cheaper and a quarter lighter, but of the same rugged quality. Weight 1520 grams. I have written to Ortlieb to encourage them to offer this type but with the lighter material of their Plus series. If they were to do that the rear panniers would be something like 1300 grams. If you feel the same as I do, just write to them and who knows they might just discover that there is a market for lighter gear.
To be honest these POE panniers are not so much lighter than the Ortlieb City line that I would risk unreliability. Panniers take a hell of a beating at times.
The Polish company Crosso do even lighter ones, but I really have no information on the quality.

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Willem Jongman
(willem) - F
new: even lighter Ortlieb panniers on 08/09/2010 02:11:55 MDT Print View

Ortlieb have now just done what I was hoping for: they have introduced a Special Edition no frills Backroller, Front Roller and bar bag in their Plus Series. I think they are testing the water, because it is only marketed as a special product through one German retail outlet:
Please note that the weights on that site are the weights of the full spec bags, and should be lower. I know the special edition Plus frontrollers are 1090 grams a set, so the backrollers should be about 1350 grams. That is much better than just about anything else on the market, and still with the same rugged Ortlieb quality.
I can only hope these will be a commercial success, and not just because of their lower price. I have written to them to encourage them to persue this road even further.

Edited by willem on 08/09/2010 13:14:44 MDT.