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ID eVent tents pulled from the market!?
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Jason Shaffer
(pilgrim) - F
ID eVent tents pulled from the market!? on 02/14/2005 16:35:54 MST Print View

The Integral Designs website now states that "Due to a change in licencing agreement, MK tents are no longer available in eVENT fabric for consumer use." What's up? Is there anyway I can get an eVent MK1 Lite now?

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kevin davidson
(kdesign) - F

Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson
no more eVENT tents ? on 02/14/2005 17:25:52 MST Print View

quelle horreur ! Is this something to do with the
parent company of eVENT being bought up by a larger entity
I fired off some emails to find out more.

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Alan Dixon
(alandixon) - MLife

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
No more eVENT tents ? on 02/14/2005 19:51:22 MST Print View

Am checking on what's up with Integral.

We have a Big Agnes Sarvis 2+ with eVENT fabric on its way to test. Should be here this week. One of the things we talked about with BA at the show was the price break on the tent due to their getting a better price on eVENT fabric.

>"MK Tents in Tegraltex fabric are not available for retail sale in Canada or the following US States: CA, NY, NJ, MI, MN, LA, MA"

Sounds like a fire retardance issue with the Tegraltex fabric and state codes in the US. Tents can be regarded as dwellings and subject to such codes. This has been an issue with other tent fabrics.


Bryan Redd
(lucylab) - F
e-Vent & GE on 02/14/2005 22:01:21 MST Print View

As you may know, the innovators of e-Vent were purchased by GE. This is hearsay, but I've heard from two OEMs that GE has put a hold on new licenses and is reevaluating existing licenses while they assess what they want to do with this product/technology and how they want to position it in the market. There may be no truth whatsoever to this, but I've heard it now from 2 unrelated companies.

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kevin davidson
(kdesign) - F

Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson
eVent and tent use on 02/15/2005 10:16:01 MST Print View

I received this from Integral Designs today(note that GE control of eVENT is confirmed):
"Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your email. The decision taken by GE is similar to the one taken by Gore many, many years ago. Unfortunately we live in an age where too many consumers and their lawyers blame the manufacturers of products for their own mistakes. GE have done a risk assessment and decided that it was not worth having their product used on a non fire retardent tent.

It is a pity, but it is time to move on.

Thanks for taking the time to write.


Evan Jones"

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Jason Shaffer
(pilgrim) - F
Review Staff re: eVent ? on 02/15/2005 11:36:16 MST Print View

As always, ID was very responsive to my own inquiry, so by now I've already read as much. Too bad. Thanks all for the added insight.

Product Review Staff: It is clear, then, that there's little meaningfully greater fire hazard with eVent over other high-performance tent fabrics? From a user standpoint, of course. I for one avoid cooking in tents except in dire emergencies anyway (i.e.-never have).

Edited by pilgrim on 02/15/2005 11:55:04 MST.

Colin Thomas
(fullofadventure) - F
RE ID eVENT tents on 02/15/2005 12:09:50 MST Print View

I too have an email confirmation from Evan that they will no longer be making eVENT tents. This is too bad as I was hoping to get one for winter use someday.

I bet ID is very disappointed with GE right now and so am I.

Edited by fullofadventure on 02/15/2005 12:10:45 MST.

kevin davidson
(kdesign) - F

Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson
re eVent tents on 02/15/2005 14:31:38 MST Print View

Bibler ,which originally used gore-tex in their shelters until the lawyers pulled the plug,did an end run (I don't claim to know the whole story) and developed a PTFE substitute (todd-tex) which they use to this day. Perhaps ID,Bibler, or anyone else
who believes in the promise of single wall waterproof/breathable tents will do the same with
eVENT-- only it will be called (drumroll please) eVENbetter.

Mark Verber
(verber) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
event tent: time to buy.. or will something come out later? on 02/15/2005 18:10:37 MST Print View

The Integral Design eVENT Mk1 has been on my wishlist since I first heard about it. This season I didn't have enough winter trips to justify purchasing one. But with this tent being pulled from the market I find myself thinking that I should buy one before they are all gone. So what are other people thinking. Is this the time to pick one of the tents, or do you expect that we are likely to see a tent like this return to the market in the next year or two?


Colin Thomas
(fullofadventure) - F
Re time to buy on 02/15/2005 20:17:05 MST Print View

It is on my mind too Mark. I am trying to justify shelling out the money for such a shelter because I mostly do 3 season backpacking. I hope to take up winter backpacking in the next few years or so, so it could be worth it especially when the tent only weight 3lbs 3oz min. That is lighter than most double wall 3season solo shelters.

The thing for me is, at my local retailer in Canada it would cost like 530CAD plus tax (he usually gives me a deal too) but if I order online from the US it will be 530US (653CAD) plus shipping and duty ect so it would be quite the investment.

I can not stop thinking about it. Could this be my last chance ever for such a tent or will it be like others have said and a knockoff membrane might be out in the next few years. Ah the agony.

Alan Dixon
(alandixon) - MLife

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
Big Anges plans eVENT Sarvis tents for 2005 on 02/16/2005 14:25:55 MST Print View

1) We have a Sarvis 2+ Tent with eVENT panels in house for testing.

2) The follwing is a response from Len Zanni at Big Agnes:

Subject: RE: eVENT in tents?
From: "Len Zanni"
Date: Wed, February 16
To: "'Alan Dixon'"

Thanks for your message. We recently learned of GE's change of plans for
eVENT and its use in shelters and we're in contact with them. Our Sarvis
eVENT tents aren't scheduled to arrive until early April - our web site
indicates that to consumers - so we're researching our options. We have
every indication from eVENT that they are 100% behind producing the product
through 2005 and supporting it. We'll keep you posted as things progress.

Richard Nelridge
(naturephoto1) - M

Locale: Eastern Pennsylvania
eVent and tent use on 02/17/2005 15:46:35 MST Print View

It is official that the Integral Designs eVENT Tents are discontinued. I spoke with Evan Jones of Integral Designs directly. He indicated that GE had taken the same position that Gore had taken earlier (for Goretex products) about not using eVENT as a tent fabric because of no flame retardancy.

I personally know of no flame retardant tent fabrics used in this industry. I suspect that almost no participant on this forum would consider cooking or using a candle or oil lantern inside a tent.

While speaking with Evan, I asked other questions particularly regarding the eVENT MK1 Lite tent. These included the use of the Fibraplex Carbon Fiber Tent Poles (as suggested by Ryan Jordan here on Backpacking Light in his review article on the tent) to replace the Easton Aluminum Poles in order to lessen the total tent package weight. Evan indicated that there should be no problem using the Fibraplex Carbon Fiber Tent poles in less extreme conditions. Evan indicated that Integral Designs had sent an older MK1 Lite tent to Fibraplex just for the purpose of having such a Pole set made up and for Fibraplex to get the dimensions of the Poles.

I also asked about substituting Titanium stakes for the Aluminum stakes and again Evan indicated no problem.

It seems therefore that even though the eVENT Integral Designs tents are discontinued, ID has given its blessing to the modifications mentioned above to lower the package weight of an eVENT MK1 Lite to about 2lb 14 oz.

Evan also indicated that he had heard the eBAY price of an eVENT MK1 Lite tent for about $800.

With a lot of reluctance, I ordered my eVENT MK1 Lite earlier today from Pro Mountain Sports. I had intended to order mine later this year.

Anyone who is considering any of the eVENT Integral Designs tents should do so quickly while they are still available.

Edited by naturephoto1 on 02/17/2005 18:15:07 MST.

Rick Dreher
(halfturbo) - MLife

Locale: Northernish California
What they're up against on 02/17/2005 17:29:12 MST Print View

I found a summary of the Canadian hazardous products (tent) regulations:

Goretex tents were pretty common until the current fire-retardant regs came into effect (mid-late '80s?). I'd hoped that the silnylon shelter cottage industry was some indication that things had relaxed somewhat, but I guess they're simply traveling under the radar.


Edited by halfturbo on 02/17/2005 17:29:54 MST.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Cooking in tent on 02/17/2005 18:59:14 MST Print View

The ID tents are known to be best in four season conditions, exactly the conditions where many definitely are going to be cooking and using candle lanterns inside the tent. Of course that's just my opin : )

Edited by jshann on 02/17/2005 19:00:05 MST.

Doug Johnson
(djohnson) - MLife

Locale: Washington State
NEMO Tenshi- the last chance for an all-eVENT tent! on 02/22/2005 16:52:48 MST Print View

Yes- this is the last year for eVENT in tents. Yes- Integral Designs is no longer selling their eVENT tents. BUT- you still have a chance!

In addition to our upcoming review of the Big Agnes Sarvis 2+, we have an upcoming mini-review of the all new NEMO Tenshi eVENT mountaineering tent.

Check out the NEMO Tenshi here (it may be your last chance to own an eVENT tent):

This tent is a similar size as an Integral Designs MK1 XL.

Look forward to that review- you still have hope but it won't last! (And NEMO says it's only making 200 of these babies!)

Doug Johnson
Shelter Systems Editor

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
eVENT in shelters on 03/19/2005 10:18:06 MST Print View

i spoke with ID two days ago (evan jones??? - didn't ask his name, somewhat deep voice - he ans. the phone).

he told me eVENT in tents is out, but that they are still able to manufacture and sell their eVENT bivies.

i know that this post is nearly a month after the last one in this thread, but i hope this info is useful.