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Anyone make a lightweight collapsible fire grate
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Alan Moore
(Alan_In_AZ) - F

Locale: Sunny Southwest
Anyone make a lightweight collapsible fire grate on 04/04/2010 21:01:33 MDT Print View

Interested in an ultra-lightweight folding wood fire cooking grate. I know I saw a commercial folding design (in SS I think) but can't locate it now.

It had hollow side support tubes and thin rods crossways - I believe...

I'm thinking to create a similar titanium tube based set with legs and enough supports that I could even use it to grill meat on (occasionally). Other than that it is mainly a pot support. I'm thinking about approx 9" x 11" - generous for 2 small pots with the ability to drop some supports if only a pot rest is needed.

Any similar designs? ideas? failures?


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Brett Rasmussen
(ascientist) - MLife

Locale: Grants Pass, Oregon
Re: Anyone make a lightweight collapsible fire grate on 04/04/2010 21:55:00 MDT Print View

I assume that a titanium grill would outlast a steel grill given it's heat tolerance properties. I sure would like to find one.

After looking at small wood burning stoves for a while I decided I would rather have an open fire with a grill for cooking for several reasons.

I first tried a Coghlans Folding Pack Grill (Weight: ~ 375 grams) which worked, but I really did not like the folding style. It does not allow much in the way of adjusting the height of the grill and does not lock open, so is prone to folding and spilling your food if you are not careful.

I next tried a Coghlan's Tri-Pod Grill without the tripod. Just the grill and part of the the chain attached to a rope I suspend from an overhanging tree branch. It works well but at 18" and almost a pound it is much more than I need.

I then made a similar hanging grill using the grill from a cheap ($15.00) walmart charcoal stove and a little small chain from Lowes. The grill is 11" in diameter and the whole thing (chain, grill, rope, homemade bag, and a stake) weighs about 5 oz. I use the stake to tie the end of the rope to at the ground for convenience. The bag is essential as any grill becomes rather dirty.

I find the hanging grill system very convenient in terms of stability, and being able to adjust grill height. I also like being able to cook meat directly over the fire. Compared to wood burning backpacking stoves it is not limited by the size of wood used and has more room for cooking several things at once. On the other hand it does leave a burn spot on the soil. I guess I could add a floor like those used with the Ti-Tri system. Depending on where I am, I usually don't feel to bad about leaving burnt spots.

I have never had a hard time quickly finding a suitable branch for hanging it. Some people may also criticize having a fire near a tree. This does not seem like a system that could sell commercially, but it's what I use and I really like it.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
RE:Anyone make a lightweight collapsible fire grate on 04/04/2010 22:00:37 MDT Print View


Alan Moore
(Alan_In_AZ) - F

Locale: Sunny Southwest
Yes thats it on 04/04/2010 22:59:43 MDT Print View

Ken - yes the Grilliput was exactly the design I was thinking about.

So a similar design in titanium - but ideally with adjustable height legs. I have some titanium tube already - but will need to get more - this will not be a cheap proposition due to the cost of titanium...


Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Anyone make a lightweight collapsible fire grate on 04/04/2010 23:03:15 MDT Print View

You could easily modify the Grilliput to have adjustable legs with some threaded rod and nuts.

Mark Andersen
(MarkA) - F
Supercheap on 04/05/2010 10:07:42 MDT Print View

I was in Albertson's (grocery store) yesterday, and noticed that in the front of the store, with the other seasonal things (kiddie pools, tabletop grills, etc.), they are selling some kind of disposable grill toppers. They appear to be made of aluminum, have a diamond mesh with holes about 1/4" dia., and are around 10x13", I believe. Very light, and cost $1.59. I guess the idea is that you use them in place of aluminum foil to keep food (veggies and such) from falling through the grate on a normal gas grill. They seemed relatively sturdy, so I think you could easily jury-rig some tent stake legs for it, or even use rocks. I don't think you could roll them, since the edges are turned upward to keep food contained, but they could easily be lashed to the outside of a pack. I'll probably try to pick one up next time I'm there to experiment with. Seems like a perfect thing for grilling trout over a twig fire.

Dean F.
(acrosome) - MLife

Locale: Back in the Front Range
Grilliput weight on 04/05/2010 12:17:03 MDT Print View

I have a Grilliput- they weigh a TON!

Have you seen the Zia Fabrications grill that BPL sells? It's not the Grilliput-style tubular construction, but I've been considering one. Of course, they are currently out of stock... Grr.

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Alan Moore
(Alan_In_AZ) - F

Locale: Sunny Southwest
Grilliput on 04/05/2010 12:29:01 MDT Print View

Yes grilliput weight is too much - I had held one (unassembled) in my hand ages ago and immediately concluded (as with many things) that it wasn't a good trade-off.

Zack h
(want2belite) - F
Re: Anyone make a lightweight collapsible fire grate on 04/05/2010 13:21:39 MDT Print View

Purcell grill

Any particular reason it has to be collapsible? I have one of these...granted its not SUL nor MYOG, but maybe by looking at these designs you could get creative with something laying about. i'm not sure i see the need for legs if you can just span the grill from 2 rocks.

Just some thoughts...

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Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Anyone make a lightweight collapsible fire grate on 04/05/2010 13:36:38 MDT Print View

I found one good store source for lightweight grills in the neighborhood of 1-2 ounces. Some are made from steel, some from aluminum, but none (so far) of titanium. They tend to be very inexpensive.

Daiso is the name of a Japanese "dollar store," also called a "hundred yen store." Unfortunately, the product labels are impossible for me to read (Kanji).


james johnson
(audax) - F
packable grill on 04/09/2010 06:02:45 MDT Print View

I made a simple, light grill out of 1/4 inch aluminum square tubing (smaller in diameter than an arrow shaft), and ultra butted bicycle spokes w/ aluminum nipples. the whole set up is pretty darn light, although I have not weighed it by itself (just in conjunction w/ my whole cook kit).

Assembly takes a minute or so, as you have to thread it all together. However, when it is packed, it is quite small and can just be shoved any old place with a few rubber bands around it.

Adjusting the height is accomplished via ever effective cave man technology: put a bigger pair of rocks under it, or a smaller pair.

There is a horrible picture of it here:bad pic of the grill in action.  note: ultra light beers.

Scott Lehr
(lehrscott4) - F

Locale: Louisville - KY
nice grill on 04/09/2010 06:15:30 MDT Print View

Nice idea on the that the new SUL beer bottle i heard about? :)

james johnson
(audax) - F
SUL beer bottles on 04/09/2010 06:38:01 MDT Print View

Ironically, I added that as a caption for the photo, but it didn't show up.

I made the grill for s24o bike camping trips, so lighter weight gear that packs smaller means we can take more beer!
I usually pack in the Dale's cans, for additional weight savings, though, not a glass bottle like that fella has!

Jason L
(Jason_Loose_Arrow) - F

Locale: Yosemite
titanium grill on 07/13/2010 21:24:07 MDT Print View

Ah, I've just made a titanium grill to go with my tin can downdraft inverted something wood burning stove.

I started with a bunch of 1/16" grade 2 titanium rods, but that sucked, so I bought 1/8" grade 5 titanium rods.

I started with four rods, then three then two, then three again, which give me the stability for what I want to use it for.

The grill weighs 3 oz. with three rods and 3.75 oz. with four rods. It measures 7" X 14.25" total, 6" X 13" usable grill space and 14.25" X 1" collapsed.

The water filled pots in the photos weigh:
1) small titanium pot: 1.25lbs. about as much water as two of us use for tea and coffee preparation.
2) large titanium pot: 2.5 lbs.
3) skillet: 1.25 lbs.

small pot1small pot2
large pot1
large pot2
tit grill1
tit grill2

Nancy and I have taken it out on a 3 day trip and will be taking it out on next week's 9 day trip.
I also did a little anodizing, which was pretty fun. I'd like to make the pieces pink or something bright. I just need more DC power than I could muster this week.

Edited by Jason_Loose_Arrow on 07/13/2010 21:45:25 MDT.

M Stein
(a.k.a.) - F

Locale: Northern California
Purcell Trench Grills on 07/15/2010 22:00:55 MDT Print View

+1 for Purcell Trench Grills.

Edited by a.k.a. on 07/15/2010 22:03:20 MDT.

Daniel Goldenberg
(DanG) - M
Re: Purcell Trench Grills on 07/15/2010 22:23:59 MDT Print View

The packer, at just over 3 oz is great. Super strong, and at 15 inches long fits in a pannier, on a bicycle rack, inside your pack (can even add load transfer to your pack).

Great product.

JR Marlow
(id10t) - MLife

Locale: Middle of America
Purcell on 10/14/2010 18:45:39 MDT Print View


Great grill that fits all my outdoor needs, Kayaking/River Camping etc.

I have a Grilliput and have never used it its to heavy. Need to sell it.grill

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