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Hennessy Hammock Weight Question
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Ben Satterfield
( - F

Locale: Virginia
Hennessy Hammock Weight Question on 03/29/2010 07:31:29 MDT Print View

So myself and my brother-in-law are considering getting the Hennessy Hammocks. The Backpacker version is rated for 200lbs weight limit where as the Expedition is rated at 250lbs.

I currently weigh 195lbs, (trying to cut back on Hot Coco every morning). I'm concern that my weight is too close to the max.

Anybody else borderline on the max weigh issue that has used the hammock? I want to get the Backpacker version since it lighter, but I don't want to rip through it after a week of being a fatty. :)


Hendrik Morkel
(skullmonkey) - MLife

Locale: Finland on 03/29/2010 07:57:32 MDT Print View

Hi Ben,

I don't own either (am a ground dweller =) but you might want to consider asking the nice folks over on as they know that kind of stuff much better than we gram weenies ;)

Lori P
(lori999) - F

Locale: Central Valley
Re: Hennessy Hammock Weight Question on 03/29/2010 09:20:42 MDT Print View

Might also give a thought to height limits - I am 5'7" and found the backpacker to be rather less comfortable (tended to roll on my side and end with the face against the netting) than it was supposed to be.

This question has indeed been asked ("Big guy needs big guy hammock") and answered at

Peter Longobardi
(paintplongo) - F

Locale: Hopefully on the Trail
hammock on 03/29/2010 09:33:42 MDT Print View

I have a hyperlite and when I purchased it, I weighed 210 lbs. The weight limit on it is 200. Forunately I'm under that now, but slept in it many nights while being over the limit. They put limits to protect Hennessey, but I guarantee you if the weight limit is XXX, it can handle atleast 20% more weight. The ropes on my hyperlight have like 1300lb test strength.

Hope this helps.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Hennessy Hammock Weight Question on 03/29/2010 12:55:49 MDT Print View

You'll be fine. My son in law is 15 pound over the limit for his and it's held up for years with no signs of strain.

Jarrod Handwerk
(PA_Hiker) - F

Locale: Orwigsburg PA
.... on 03/29/2010 13:09:17 MDT Print View

but I guarantee you if the weight limit is XXX, it can handle atleast 20% more weight. The ropes on my hyperlight have like 1300lb test strength.

it's not the weight limit of the rope you worry's the weight limit of the body of the hammock...
i think the backpacker is made of 1.1

i use hammocks and make hammocks as well...i think at 10lbs over the weight limit you should be ok...i wouldn't push it much more ...
i would also look into a WarBonnet blackbird...
for the little extra you are going to pay it's well worth in in the long run

Paul Gibson
(pgibson) - F

Locale: SW Idaho
Black Bird on 03/30/2010 11:23:55 MDT Print View

I tried the HH for a wile, I am well under the recommended weight and height but had terrible fits with trying to get comfortable. Yes I also think you will be ok on the hammock holding but comfort will be compromised most likely. I switched to a Black Bird and like it a lot more. I am instantly comfortable in the BB. Just my $0.02

Lori P
(lori999) - F

Locale: Central Valley
Re: Black Bird on 03/30/2010 11:43:15 MDT Print View

Another consideration... the double layer 1.1 Blackbird will hold up under your weight easily, and weigh about the same as the Ultralight Backpacker (less if you swap out the suspension to whoopie slings). And the double layer will let you use a pad comfortably, unlike the bottom entry HH.

Also, the first thing anyone who backpacks a lot will do is buy a bigger tarp, after picking up a Hennessy - it looks like a real good deal but unless you are a fair weather camper, the stock HH tarp doesn't give you much room for anything but sleeping. So the fact that a Blackbird does not come with a tarp off the bat is a feature, not a bug - you base tarp selection on your needs. Warbonnet has a nice selection of tarps in several sizes, with optional doors for all.

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Hennessy Hammock Weight Question on 03/30/2010 11:45:16 MDT Print View

FWIW, there's a big 'hang' going on in the area in April. Lots of different hammocks and such. From what I understand, people without hammocks but interested in moving to hammocks are welcome to come, set up a tent, and see all the various hammocks out there. Friendly folk are happy to tell you all about their hammocks/set ups. Might be worth waiting and attending before buying one.

Jarrod Handwerk
(PA_Hiker) - F

Locale: Orwigsburg PA
....... on 03/30/2010 20:53:07 MDT Print View

Doug your talking about the Mahha hang April 16,17,18
there will be lots of setup to check out
i plan on going but i will know for sure that week..

if i come i plan on bringing an extra hammock in case someone wants to try one out..

and yes all are welcome

Edited by PA_Hiker on 03/30/2010 20:53:50 MDT.

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: ....... on 03/30/2010 20:59:25 MDT Print View

Thanks for the info Jarrod!