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Tyvek Tarp with Catenary Ridgeline
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Nate Powell
(powell1nj) - F

Locale: North Carolina
Tyvek Tarp with Catenary Ridgeline? Need your help. on 03/25/2010 11:31:28 MDT Print View

Hey everyone. I recently got my hands on a bunch of Tyvek Homewrap for free. Haven't done much of anything with MYOG but I thought it might be fun to try and do a cat tarp made with Tyvek. Also, as I'm not ready to venture into the world of sewing just yet and I've read that sewing Tyvek isn't the best idea anyway, I wanted to try and do it using the Tyvek Tape for the ridgeline. The thing I can't seem to figure out is how one would connect the two curved pieces at the ridgeline with Tyvek tape. Any ideas? Is this even possible? My understanding is that a flat-felled seam can be used when sewing a cat ridgline. Anyway to apply this for use with Tyvek Tape? Maybe Tyvek is the wrong material for this project but I wanted to try it since there would be no cost other than a roll of Tyvek tape and my time. Also, any recommendations for different methods of adhering the two pieces are welcome. Please forgive my rudimentary knowledge regarding catenary ridges, seams and tarps in general. Hopefully the description of what I'm trying to do makes sense. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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John Addleman
(Jaddleman) - F

Locale: Boulder
Tyvek tarp on 03/25/2010 18:13:18 MDT Print View

Here are my thoughts. I haven't worked with Tyvek myself but I have been reading about it.

Tyvek isn't 100% waterproof, so maybe not the best tarp material for the weight. It will take rain for a while, but taking a zero day because it's raining might not work out. Sewing Tyvek is ok, as long as you use a low stitch count (6-8). You might try stitching the cat ridgeline, then felling the seam with the tape. Should be best of both worlds.

Good luck with the project! Post pix when you're done, if possible.

Edit: Apparently I was wrong about Tyvek's waterproofness. I was going by what I had read about the TT Sublite.

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Vick Hines
(vickrhines) - F

Locale: Central Texas
Re: Tyvek Tarp with Catenary Ridgeline? Need your help. on 03/29/2010 11:53:54 MDT Print View

1) Tyvek makes a great tarp: highly water repellent (functionally waterproof) and very breathable. It will keep you dry in conditions that leave the insides of other tents/tarps soaked.

2) I would discourage you from making a catenary ridge on your first try. Tyvek does not stretch - which is one reason (but not the only reason) for using the catinary cut on conventional fabric tarps/tents. A flat Tyvek tarp will still set up reasonably taut.

3) If you just can't live without catenary, do it on the sides, not on the ridgeline. Taping a ridgeline is tricky, but curving the hems is easy with Tyvek. Don't roll the hems like a regulat tarp, just slap tape over the raw edges - one row of tape on one side of the tarp - and cut the cat curve through the tape. Add another row of tape in the middle of the curve after you mark the curve and go off the first row of tape. Keep it simple.

4) Tyvek tape works for joining pieces. If you rough the surface up with sandpaper, you can bond pieces with Barge's Cement or Duco Household Contact Cement.

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Nate Powell
(powell1nj) - F

Locale: North Carolina
Re: Re: Tyvek Tarp with Catenary Ridgeline? Need your help. on 03/29/2010 13:57:25 MDT Print View

Thanks for the info Vick. I like the idea of curving the sides instead. Would this idea still work if I shorten the width at the foot end of the tarp? I was think of having a 7' width at the front (head) and 5' at the back (foot). Also, one more question - any suggestions for guyline tie-outs on this type of setup? Thanks again.

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