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Seek another hiker to do JMT
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Roleigh Martin
(marti124) - MLife

Locale: Moderator-JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group
Seek another hiker to do JMT on 03/24/2010 21:25:43 MDT Print View

Seek another hiker to do JMT

July 18, 2010, a group of us, myself (who will be doing my 3rd JMT hike and my 10th year hiking in the High Sierras), are doing the JMT (North to South) with two experienced JMT (one mail/one female) hikers (age 55 and 62) at an average pace of 10 miles a day (although we are taking 3 days to get to Toulumne Meadows, so the average pace of 10 miles starts at TM. (I am 60 year old and am a Mlife member and very active in the JohnMuirTrail@YahooGroups.) We have a permit reservation for 4 -- one of the group’s original four just canceled. We now have one opening. We also will be meeting an experienced JMT hiker female (Barbara Karagosian – active here on BPL and also very active in JMT@YG and her daughter), at Toulumne Meadows. Also, for 1-2 weeks (not yet definite, a brother of one of the thru-hikers and a longtime friend will join us midstream on the hike.

I wish an additional, experienced hiker to join the group at the start for the whole hike.

Do you want to go with us? We have a very free-spirited hiking philosophy. Each is free to hike at his/her own pace, the only group commitment is to strive to meet up with the group at the end of each day where we camp. If someone doesn't make it to that point, the group awaits the straggler until mid-day the next day at which time help will be sought. We do have a Spot Messenger. Each is encouraged to be geared to be self-sufficient but obviously brothers or sisters or mother/daughter or husband/wife gear to be dual-dependent. Despite this, we typically hike in pairs finding someone who hikes our pace but such is not mandatory. Some of us have expressed the desire to hike alone on some days. No problem.

We have a booking at Muir Trail Ranch for the night of the 30th but plan to get there the night of the 29th unless weather emergencies slow us down (were you in the high sierras around August 4/5 2009? -- we got slowed down 1 day then during that "100 year storm"). So we are planning on the 30th to be a down day at Muir Trail Ranch. We have 3 cabins booked, room for this additional person. We also are scheduling 4 resupply points on the hike, which includes one at Onion Valley Trailhead. If no weather emergencies slow us down, we will finish the late afternoon of August 11 at Whitney Portal. We plan to meet at Yosemite Valley July 16 evening. Two cabins in the village are reserved and ready for us all, as well as reservations at Reds Meadow near Mammoth Lakes, CA for the 7th day on the JMT.

Respond offline, please to [ roleigh ] [at] [pobox].[com]. Provide a short bio of any lengthy hikes you’ve taken and what is the base weight of your pack (everything but food and water) when you hiked these lengthy hikes.

So you feel more comfortable, a DVD slide-show with cool special effects (for photo transitions) and neat background music of the 2009 JMT hike can be mailed to you so you can see how well the 2009 group hike went (which started out with 8 hikers but only 5 finished—that group was 4 females and 4 males, ages 55-63 plus one 40 year old).

Robert Richey
(BobR) - M

Locale: San Luis Obispo
Hi Roleigh on 03/29/2010 22:42:27 MDT Print View

Hi Roleigh. I have a SOBO permit for 8/14, but only for myself, and I am tired of talking to myself on long hikes. (Generally I do not talk to myself.) I also have started several times, but have never finished the JMT on a thru hike, only section hiked it over 2000-02. Truly I would love to join a group of dedicated JMT hikers. At 61 I try to hike 15 miles a day and need to scale it back to something more reasonable. I've read your posts over the years and appreciate your thoughtful approach to hiking. It sounds intriguing! Are you planning on taking about 21 days? What are you thinking of doing from MTR southward as far as resupply is concerned? Any side trips or lay-over days? The mosquitos will be in full force for the fist half of the hike with your anticipated start date I suspect. Let's discuss this! Feel free to send me a PM or on the forum. Best, Bob Richey