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Packa vs Packa
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Ike Mouser
(isaac.mouser) - F
Packa vs Packa on 03/18/2010 15:20:06 MDT Print View


hey everybody, i am deciding whether to get a packa in sil or Event, also open to other items as well. Since the packas are now made in Event(more breatheable but heavier-17oz vs 11-11.5oz silnylon version) it makes it even harder to decide. I have been trimming down my weight in everything, even making bubble wrap ductape camera cases and using cuben for my gravity filter(i hope to switch to a cuben tarp when it gets cheaper). So i ask myself, whats the point of picking up another 5oz or so in weight if i don't have to? Here is the dilemma: the sil packa would be bad in the summer due to its poor ability to vent as a material, while the Event would vent better for summer. The Sil i guess would be better for winter when you need the vapor barrier and the event would be better for summer when you need to breathe.

So anyone who has experience with the packa in Event or sil please ring in, and say which seasons you have used it in.

Also do you guys think i could ditch the waterproof liners/contractor bags since the packa will do their job now? Possibly more weight savings. thanks!

sidenote: i had previously used military ponchos, lightweight ponchos, driducks, and froggtoggs. The driducks and froggtoggs failed due to tear/abrasion, the pnchos leaked around the large openings and are generally too heavy. Strangely i still have the froggtoggs ul rainsuit top, but am fearful to trust it in the backcountry after seeing what happened to the pants. Im looking to scrap and cut it, possibly to make gloves or some other item. If anyone has any ideas on what i could use it for, let me know.

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Allison Sayre
(TeamAlli) - F

Locale: PNW
Packa on 03/18/2010 23:06:32 MDT Print View

I have used my Packa in extremely hot weather, and due to the massive pit zips it isn't terrible, although it's not amazingly comfortable.

Added comfort probably wouldn't be worth 5 extra ounces. I was a bit warm with the Packa on but I didn't have any major condensation issues.

Misfit Mystic

Locale: "Grand Canyon of the East"
RE: Packa vs Packa on 03/18/2010 23:49:20 MDT Print View

Hi Isaac, I have both an eVent Packa and a MYOG version that's similar. I haven't owned the eVent version for long, and have only used it a few times, so not enough for a full assessment, but here's what I've found so far:

The eVent version is nice when you are wearing it all day and you have to seal it up. I've used it a bit in conditions where I had to completely zip it up and tighten the drawstring in the hem. It's really comfortable in this mode compared to silnylon. I bought it for this reason, for use in cold, windy, wet conditions where it would be worn pretty much all day. That and because it's eVent, which can't be purchased for MYOG projects.

The silnylon "mountain poncho" is much lighter, weighing about nine ounces in my version. The sil version will be much easier to deploy, and will stuff to a much smaller package when not in use. Using the 2-way zip and the pit-zips, it can be worn as a cape to mitigate the fabric's lack of breathability. It will be uncomfortable during warm heavy rains when you have to seal up the front and hood. I think, because you are less likely to need to seal it up for sustained periods during warm weather, and because it is more likely to be packed than worn, that the sil version is more appropriate for warm conditions.

my 2 cents

Misfit Mystic

Locale: "Grand Canyon of the East"
RE: Liners on 03/18/2010 23:56:35 MDT Print View

Also, I still use a trash compactor bag for two reasons. One, it's cheap, light insurance for my bag and maybe down pants and booties, spare socks, or anything else that's much better dry than wet. Two, it's a habit that's been beaten into my brain since my first backpacking trip years ago. Don't ask how many years ago; the only thing I habitually lie about is my age. ;p

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Rob Lee
(roblee) - MLife

Locale: Southern High Plains
Re: RE: Packa vs Packa on 03/19/2010 14:41:49 MDT Print View

I have a sil-Packa. Used it once in 50F on moderate uphill hike. The Packa has lots of venting options and they worked for me. My experience is that if you're hiking hard, in warm temps, in the rain you have 2 options: get wet from the outside or get wet from the inside. A WP barrier will reduce evaporation from your body, thus reducing chill factor. The warmer it gets the more willing I am to use The Packa as a very functional pack cover only. Even so,I still use compactor bags to keep the essentials absolutly dry.

My only issue with the Packa is the hood. It's not a well fitting design IMO.

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Raymond Estrella
(rayestrella) - MLife

Locale: Northern Minnesota
Packa on 03/20/2010 10:10:06 MDT Print View


I have a sil Packa I will let go cheap. I will be in and out of airports the rest of the day and then in Cleveland NF until Monday.

ray AT backpackinglight DOT com