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Forum Newbie Hiking Trails Advice
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Nathan Harris
(iamnaeth) - F
Forum Newbie Hiking Trails Advice on 03/15/2010 16:25:06 MDT Print View

Hi all, this is my first post. I did my best to search for my question before posting but didn't have any luck.

Long story short, I'm looking for good trails to go hiking and camping within solid driving distance of NYC (6-8 hrs is okay). Want to take the girlfriend for her birthday because she loves hiking. She suggested trails near Charlottesville, VA but I don't have the foggiest where to go. Any advice would more than welcome. Thank you in advance!


b s
(smyth) - F
Re: Forum Newbie Hiking Trails Advice on 03/15/2010 17:10:23 MDT Print View

Hi Nathan. Welcome. Eight hours from NYC could put you anywhere from northern Maine to North Carolina. There are so many options it's tough to even start giving advice. Can you give maybe a little more info - when would you be going? how many miles do you want to do? how many nights?

If you want to stay fairly close to home, I'd start with Harriman State Park (NY), Delaware Water Gap (NJ), and the Catskills. Lots of other choices in the area though. Check out the maps from the NY NJ Trail Conference.

Nathan Harris
(iamnaeth) - F
Reply on 03/16/2010 07:04:44 MDT Print View

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess if I had to add some additional context, we'd be looking for something more visually appealing than difficult to hike. Additionally, maybe something with a local camping ground nearby so that we could use that as a base camp. I realize 8 hour drive gives us a large range but we're really open to any recommendations!

Nathan Harris
(iamnaeth) - F
Followup on 03/16/2010 07:05:52 MDT Print View

Oh, and given that we'll be doing this at the end of March, warmer is better than colder but that's not a hard rule.

James Stewart

Locale: New England
ADK's on 03/29/2010 05:48:13 MDT Print View

Hi Nathan,
If you are in NYC why not explore your home state a bit, the Adirondacks are an amazing area. The park is huge and there's wilderness aplenty, some easier hikes and some pretty difficult ones as well.
The Catskills are also a very nice area, and closer too. The mountains are a bit smaller, and the park less vast so it could provide some easier hiking. I can't speak too much about campgrounds, but I'm pretty sure both parks at least have a few.
I'm from CT, and while there's even some pretty nice hiking on the AT in Conn and Mass, I do most of my serious hiking trips in the White Mountains in NH. I think anyone will agree that they're phenomenal.
I think you're in a pretty decent location, I mean I don't know much about hiking in the southern states, but you are in close relatively close proximity to some really nice ranges in New York and New England.