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Buying Tarp and Quilt advice
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Joshua Thomas

Locale: SE Michigan
Buying Tarp and Quilt advice on 03/14/2010 23:07:24 MDT Print View

I am planning to thru-hike the CT and into Montana next year, I am looking and attempting to buy good quality 3-season gear that will last me for years to come. So far I have purchased the MLD Superlight Bivy. The next two items I plan on buying are the tarp and the quilt. Here have been some items I am debating which to get... Looking to see what you recommend from your experience. Thank you and please feel free to advise me of other products that you would recommend besides the listed...
MLD Pro Cuben Tarp $159 3.8 OZ.
MLD Cuben Fiber Grace Tarp $255 5,6 oz.
MLD Grace Solo Spintex EXP $175 7.5oz.
.Also as far as the MLD tarps, do I need the CF poles? They are an extra $25 along with $25-35 for the stakes...

Gossamer Gear SpinnTwinn $175 8.6 oz.
- The Gossamer Gear looks nice because it has the extra room for my pack, where MLD tarps just all look very good quality. I don't have the experience to tell much of the difference between the three MLD's.
MLD Spirit Quilts 30 Large $215 21.5oz.
;Also I wanted to know if the eVENT will be worth it?, eVENT Head and foot strips adds $ 35 to the bill

Jacks R better No Sniveller $270 22 oz.
I have just heard so many good things..

BPL UL 180 @240 19.6 oz.
I read somewhere that is downs better than Sierra.
Anyways thank you for all your advice. I am excited to buy this gear so I can start going on some weekenders here this spring/summer/fall.
Thanks again, Joshua

Joshua Thomas

Locale: SE Michigan
Tarp on 03/14/2010 23:11:45 MDT Print View

MLD Pro Cuben Tarp $159 3.8 OZ. Is brand new check it out at

I will be doing almost all solo backpacking. So no need to accommodate for two people. Whats the main difference between this and CUBEN FIBER GRACE TARPS? a $91 difference. Any suggestions please

Evan Chartier
Joshua on 03/15/2010 07:50:54 MDT Print View

Hey there-
I see the main difference, besides the price, between the MLD tarps is that the Solo Pro Cuben is a lot less wide than the Cuben Grace tarps. This is to cut the cost considerably by using only the width of one roll of cuben fiber. I am sure its an awesome tarp, brand new. With the superlite bivy you will be very happy, and it is the lightest and cheapest piece you have listed. Assuming you have tarped before, correct?
In terms of a quilt I would suggest making your own. It will be a great project, much cheaper, and likely lighter than what you listed. Kits can be found at Thru-hiker.
Not sure if you already knew any of this. If you did, please disregard this post! Anyway, good luck!

James Castleberry
Buying Tarp and Quilt advice on 03/15/2010 08:28:44 MDT Print View

Spirit quilt seems a bit cold, probably better for AT. The New Mexico mountains can be quite cold, to say nothing of San Juans in Colorado
Consider a JRB Rocky Mountain Sniveller or Old Rag Mountain or a Western Mountaineering bag. Even then, probably will be plenty of nights when you'll be wearing all layers.

Ike Mouser
(isaac.mouser) - F
years to come on 03/15/2010 09:22:01 MDT Print View

Josh if you are extremely careful you may get years out of the gear you have mentioned, but be careful. watch especially for ground abrasion on your bivy, would not hurt to have a pad that is a little too wide if your looking to get as much use out of your gear as you can. If you want things to last for a long time look for more durable materials(dyneema, etc) and stronger construction, that is if you don't want to buy new versions of gear every couple years.

drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: Buying Tarp and Quilt advice on 03/15/2010 09:39:30 MDT Print View

I'm with Evan. Build your own quilt.

There are also Zpack cuben tarps. I'd go with a larger tarp every time, so long as the weight doesn't get out of control. It'll protect your gear and give you more protection from the weather. You should be able to reuse trekking poles with those tarps.