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b willi jones
(mrjones) - F

Locale: NZ,,, best place in the world !?
HOW LONG IS A PIECE OF STRING? on 03/10/2010 12:14:40 MST Print View

kia ora, i was wonderin what length tie-out line yall use on your tarps? do you keep them attatched or just hook em up depending on the type of pitch? 2 long on the corner, one long at the center edge? i just got a mld monk tarp which came with one length of line and dont know if i need to carry the full amount. thanks for any input.

Roger B
(rogerb) - MLife

Locale: Here and there
Re: HOW LONG IS A PIECE OF STRING? on 03/10/2010 14:18:28 MST Print View

Others who have a Monk Tarp may be able to give a better suggestion, for tarping I carry a selection of lengths, something like 4 pieces 0.5 m long and 4 pieces 1 m long, though it does depend on the type of tarp you are using.
With the Monk Tarp you may even use some very short lengths for the ground pitches (say around 0.3m) I usually pre tie a loop in one end unless the tarp has linelocs.

Willie Evenstop
(redmonk) - F

Locale: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
HOW LONG IS A PIECE OF STRING? on 03/10/2010 14:47:45 MST Print View

Depends on how you want to be able to pitch it.

It can be pitched with just one long guyline, and five pegs.

high corner pitch with one long line, and a few short ones.

A frame needs longer lines. With the spectralite version I use sticks to achieve a wider, flatter pitch. I think the other versions provide a bit more coverage. I don't know how long they are, maybe 7-8 foot for the long ones, and 3-5 feet for the shorter ones. 5 feet seems really long, I haven't measured. I set my tarp up with some cheap kite string to figure out what I like, and then cut the real lines to match.

Edited by redmonk on 03/10/2010 15:01:42 MST.

Jay Wilkerson
(Creachen) - MLife

Locale: East Bay
How long is a piece of string? on 03/10/2010 14:59:32 MST Print View

Nice pics Cameron- Now were talk in!

b willi jones
(mrjones) - F

Locale: NZ,,, best place in the world !?
as long as i want it to be on 03/25/2010 14:33:25 MDT Print View

thanks for that,Cameron those photos are cool. ive tried a few things out and have got it under control. if i look hard enough i see i have spare cord all around me anyway, on a jacket, the draw cord on my pack ...